Hollis Thomas lands with the Rams

We recently mentioned that veteran defensive tackle Hollis Thomas would make a decision this week, picking a team from the four that were interested in him — including the Rams.

And the Rams ended up winning the contest.

According to Jim Thomas of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Thomas has agreed to terms with the Rams.

It’s believed to be a one-year deal.

Thomas is a 13-year veteran.  After a decade in Philly, Thomas spent three seasons in New Orleans.

8 responses to “Hollis Thomas lands with the Rams

  1. Thank GOD!!! The Rams have needed a 330+ pounder in the middle of their D-line for YEARS! I know he can’t catch passes to help our inexperienced WR corp, he can’t run the ball 10 times a game or so to relieve S-Jax, and he can’t stand in the pocket under pressure to complete a pass,… but its still a move in the right direction. We have to stop the run, and hopefully a defensive minded coach, a young Chris Long and James Lauriniatis, as well as a beefy DT can all combine to at least make our defense more stout at the point of attack. I don’t know just a whole lot about Hollis, so maybe an Eagles or Saints fan/follower can tell me what to expect from him. He’s an older player (and we let La’roi Glover retire with no effort to retain him) so I hope he has at least one good season left in him.

  2. Well you can explain bad shape, bad performance and a little bit humor.. He’s the stereotypical “loveable F-up”

  3. It’s easy to see who is the bandWagon Rams fans on this board…or should that be ” Bored “…yawn…when you really got heart for MY Rams,..then you’ll quit the whining and put-downs and get back to MY NFL standards…which are with the likes of Deacon, Youngblood, Warner, and Faulk !!! Go Rams Go, Smack Chick Chazzz

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