Report: Ravens may re-open Marshall talks

Thumbnail image for NFL_marshall2.jpgDrew Bennett wasn’t the answer.  Biren Ealy definitely isn’t the answer

So if Derrick Mason doesn’t return to solve Baltimore’s wide receiver shortage, the Ravens are reportedly prepared to re-explore a possible trade for Brandon Marshall, according to Jason Cole of Yahoo! Sports. 

Cole references two sources in his story, but he also notes it would go against G.M. Ozzie Newsome’s nature to give away a high draft pick.

Marshall, meanwhile, is not doing much at Denver’s training camp.  He missed his second straight day of practice Wednesday because of soreness.  [Editor’s note:  The sand tends to do that.]

The Ravens figure to allow Mason plenty of time to make a decision before they make any move.  If they are interested in Marshall, that could also give them extra time to see if he’s fully recovered from hip surgery. 

And if the price tag for Marshall is too high, perhaps the Ravens could look at another high profile receiver who isn’t doing much at training camp these days. 

18 responses to “Report: Ravens may re-open Marshall talks

  1. If I were Ozzie, I would rather look at Anquan Boldin.. Less of the field issues, and he’s a tough player, I would rather have a guy like that on the team, than a guy that “slips in a McDonalds bag”.. Douche..

  2. Marshall’s probably been sitting out the last couple of days on account of a bruised vag. Take a couple of Midol and shake it off, Brandon.

  3. Marshall just like Boldin and Edwards will stay put. Just to spite us Eagles fans no good WR’s get traded.

  4. yet has anyone in Baltimore asked themselves what do we have for trading material???? how about NOTHING

  5. Who the hell are the Ravens going to trade besides a draft pick??? We all know its going to be a high one after they SH@! the bed this year, so to some that is appealing.
    And who in their right mind would want to catch passes from a 1 year wonder.
    I mean come on without Rex Ryan coaching that D, and them having a solid inside running game (uh I think the center they were running behind is gone too) nobody is talking about Joe Flaccos great rookie season.
    Marshall does however fit the mold of criminals.

  6. Marshall probably hurt his hand hitting another woman! But seriously the Ravens if they make this trade shouldn’t give up much more then a 2nd or 3rd round pick for Marshall. He is a good enough player but the guy is liability off the field. As a Cardinals fan I am hoping this happens though it just makes it that much more likely Boldin stays put.

  7. While we are here talking about the Ravens needs for the upcoming season………the Ravens male cheerleading squad is looking for a few good men who don’t mind wearing purple. Don’t worry boys your uniforms will match the purple seats within the stadium.

  8. Tleg81- you’re right we’ve just developed an outstanding defense during Rex ryans tenure. Douche, think before you speak.

  9. I agree with ‘tleg81’ only because we both enjoy the full frontal lobatomy/full bottle in front of me experience. It’s da bomb! Go, uhhhhh, stillers!

  10. I love the idea of insulting flacco cause he had a good defense and solid running game. Sounds like someone I know… Someone who rapes people…

  11. You should go for it “I’m president charlie” considering your penchant for tight ends and all.

  12. yup marshall probly hit one of them high-cheekboned honeys… probly ruint his whole day. so he had to sit out practice.
    i have to agree with jermely… and ravens could likely unload one d player and a draft pick to get boldin. for all his attitude, u can tell he wants to win and he is tough. metal-plated, he is… and he hasnt lost a battle to a mcdonalds’ bag.
    and about those cheerleader unis…

  13. this guy is a TURD. Much as we need a #1 WR, I would much rather have Boldin. I really have no interest in Brandon Marshall, even if he wants to play for the purple and black. I’d rather have “Raven type” players like Suggs, Reed, Flacco, Ray etc. These guys are passionate about the game. Flacco was the first player into camp this year and by looks of it has picked up 10 lbs of muscle and has the playbook memorized. Really looking forward to this year. I think that there are a ton of people out there that underestimate the Ravens and specifically Flacco. While he doesn’t have Roddy White and Tony G and a big time RB, I think it will be very interesting to see the final stats between Joe Cool and Matty Ice. These guys will be the class of the NFL within 5 years.

  14. Man, just give us a good defensive player or two (Ngata) and call it a day. Everyone’s happy. Thanks.

  15. Jason Cole is an ass-hat.
    He also cited multiple sources in a pre-draft article that said the Browns would trade Braylon Edwards to the Giants.
    The guy is a rumor-monger and his act is tired and played.

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