Saints have "no plans" to bring in Vick

One of the teams most often considered as a potential candidate to sign quarterback Mike Vick has said that Vick won’t be joining said team.

Sort of.

Saints G.M. Mickey Loomis has said that his team has “no plans” to sign Vick, according to the New Orleans Times-Picayune.

“No plans” is a far cry from “no way.” 

So until we hear the latter, we won’t add this team to the Anti-Vick List. 

They’ve got nothing behind starter Drew Brees, and all tickets for 2009 already are sold.  Besides, the Saints can do no wrong in New Orleans, a city that knows first-hand the potential that Vick possesses.

Throw in an arguably desperate head coach with a soft spot for cinematic story lines, and Vick could get his chance to but his sins behind him as a member of the Saints.

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  1. I think this would be a perfect scenario for both parties. The city of N.O. needs some feel good stories, which is what I think will happen with Vick’s career. Vick needs an environment where they will just appreciate his play and not be critical and judgmental of his recent issues, which is what he will get here.

  2. Florio how about saving us 31 useless posts and just report one if and when a team picks him up?

  3. By cinematic story lines do you mean those that contain headings about fictitious tax credits?

  4. Hell, I could have told you this – wait, I have been saying this on this blog for weeks.
    You see, I actually read the NO article where Sean Payton stated that he didn’t want Vick. That was weeks ago.
    So, Florio, either you don’t pay attention to comments posted to your blogs or you don’t read the city papers of NFL teams. Shame, shame!
    Next time just give me a call! lol
    Oh, and Loomis stating “no plans” along with Payton stating “no” really does mean NO!

  5. Have the Cowgirls said NO yet?……..I mean he can give Homo pointers about how to win a playoff game at least, or a playoff deciding game…..

  6. “New Orleans, a city that knows first-hand the potential that Vick possesses.”
    How is that? Are there a lot of dog owners there?

  7. @Jeff W
    The city of N.O. “needs a “feel good” story, and you think that feel good story is VICK??!?!?
    Thanks for perhaps the 2nd best laugh I’ve had all day.
    (The first is still the carryover from Favre pulling out on the Queens but leaving his man-mess all over their faces…)

  8. Vick on a one-year deal for the veteran minimum would be an absolute steal for any team at this point.

  9. How many times do you have to make an Anit-Vick list? Isn’t this the third time you’ve posted “______s wont sign Vick” 5 times a day for a few weeks?? give it a rest, let us know when he goes in for a workout with a team.

  10. Agree totally.
    These are the 3 hot bed landing locations for Vick, and we don’t need to look anywhere else. Jacksonville, New Orleans, Washington. One of those 3, and who knows which one.

  11. I hope no team signs him. It won’t be the Redskins – thank God. If he really wanted to be part of the National Football League and not the National Felons League he would not have arrogantly participated in the felonious torture and fighting of dogs. He snubbed the honor of being an NFL quarterback not to mention 10 million dollars to do it. He does not deserve to be part of any team. And I do not want my kids watching an athlete that drew pleasure slamming dogs’ skulls on to concrete because they didn’t “win” for him. I wonder what Vince Lombardi would have thought of this scum bag.

  12. “New Orleans, a city that knows first-hand the potential that Vick possesses.”
    Really? i thought that was exactly the reason why they said no, they have seen a lot of Vick to know he sucks.

  13. Check out this site dedicated to encouraging NFL players to make life rough for Vick once he returns.

  14. The Saints GM said he had no plans on signing Derrick Brooks. He said he had no plans on signing E. James. The Saints haven’t signed either of them. The Saints WILL NOT sign Vick! Take the GM seriously when he says he has no plans. Coach Sean Payton has already said the same thing about Vick too. Add them to the list.

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