Urlacher says he didn’t criticize Cutler

NFL_cutler_250.jpgPredictably, Bears middle linebacker Brian Urlacher denies telling Vikings receiver Bobby Wade that Urlacher believes Bears quarterback Jay Cutler is a “pussy.”

“Oh please.  I don’t think I would ever say that about one of my
teammates,” Urlacher told the Chicago Tribune.  “Look, Bobby Wade’s a friend of
mine.  He’s trying to get things going before training camp.  That’s just
Bobby being Bobby.  I’m pretty sure Jay knows I wouldn’t say that about

But Urlacher’s response isn’t all that convincing.  How in the world can he call Bobby Wade a “friend of mine” when Wade is basically telling a bald-faced lie about the bald-headed linebacker?

Per the Tribune, Wade already has apologized to Urlacher.  From our perspective, the key question is whether Wade apologized for sharing an actual statement that had been made between friends, or for flat-out making something up that one friend supposedly said to another one.

Meanwhile, Urlacher also denies a report from WSCR-AM in Chicago that he had to be restrained from attacking Cutler during offseason workouts.

“If anything, I called him a few names for zipping balls by my head with
that cannon he has,” Urlacher said.  “Me having to be restrained?  That’s funny.”

And this story will have truly come full circle if one of the “names” Urlacher called Cutler was the name that got this whole thing started earlier today.

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  1. Didn’t Urlacher once call his own bastard son a “pussy”?
    He may not have class, but he’s certainly got style.

  2. This just in… sometimes teammates don’t like each other yet still play together because they’re professionals.

  3. “CHILD PLEASE!! Why would I say that about one of my new team-mates? In fact we have slumber parties. Stay up late. Watch 16 Candles. Gossip about other Bears. Paint each others nails blue… You know the same thing all totally hetero guys do when they hang out.”

  4. So Brian Urlacher’s casual response “isn’t all that convincing”, yet today officially marks the day that PFT expressed a shadow of a doubt that one or more NFL teams may have chosen not to tip their hand and announce their desire to sign Mike Vick.

  5. “Oh please. I don’t think I would ever say that about one of my teammates,” Urlacher told the Chicago Tribune. “Look, Bobby Wade’s a friend of mine. He’s trying to get things going before training camp. That’s just Bobby being Bobby. I’m pretty sure Jay knows I wouldn’t say that about him.”
    …… Urlacher went on to add “BWAWK, BWAWK-BWAWK, BWAWK, BWAWK!!!”

  6. First off im glad Brian choose to be mature about the situation, Whats not Mature is Florio still adding negative additions to this saying he isnt convinced. The report abour urlacher having to be restrained from going after Cutler at practice is bull…why? Urlacher didnt even practice that day. People need to grow up and let NFL players play instead of getting into every aspect of their life like a pre teen gossiping about NSYNC

  7. You left out that Wade also said he’d be willing to talk to Lovie to clear the whole thing up…
    And that when Urlacher supposedly had to be “restrained” during camp, he was actually SITTING OUT and resting his groin…
    This is exactly what Urlacher said it is–Wade shooting off at the mouth to proof he has popular friends and to try to drum up drama in the Chicago camp…
    I guess he got tired of the faggy soap opera always being over in Queen county, and wanted some company for his misery.
    Now he can get back to muffing punts, alligator-arming passes, and getting cut from teams.
    P.S. Also–maybe I’m wrong here (unlikely), but isn’t the correct phrase “BOLD-faced lie”, and not “bald-faced lie”…
    Or was that just a Freudian slip, as you were already thinking in terms of “pus$y”…?

  8. He did refer to his son as a pussy. But he would never, ever call a teammate one. Especially not a prima donna QB who forced his way out of his last job, and has been cold to the fans in his new city. nah.

  9. Florio story formula:
    -lay out what was said or done
    -express distrust or disbelief of said words or actions
    -present own theory of what words/actions really mean
    -assign some deep, crucial meaning to whatever transpired
    -make sure at all times to blow all aspects of story completely out of proportion
    -rinse, repeat

  10. “Pussy”, seems to be one of Brian’s words to describe certain behavior. He accused the mother of his son for teaching the son to act like a “pussy” during one of the many custody fights they had. A slow and ineffective pussy does not describe Urlacher’s play the last 2 years but drop “pussy” and you are right on the mark.

  11. Bottom line, Bears fans: You’ve got a pussy for a quarterback. And you know it.
    Stuff that down your pie holes along with your six-inch-thick globs of pizza dough.
    By the way, uneducated Bears guy, the term IS bald-faced lie…

  12. Maybe Urlacher can make it up to him and play WR for Cutler. Then Cutler will feel like he actually has a decent football player playing wide out for the Bears.

  13. I believe Wade….you say a lot of things when you’re drunk in Vegas and Urlacher had some of that truth serum. Wade is wrong for making it public. We know Cutler’s a “pussy”, Denver shouldn’t have inquired about Cassel while Cutler was on his period.

  14. Come on Florio, you usually nail these non-denial denials.
    Urlacher never said, “I didn’t call Cutler as pussy”. He said, “I don’t think that I would ever…” and then later “I’m pretty sure Jay knows I wouldn’t … ” Never said I didn’t. At least not in the printed quotes.

  15. Urlacher is gonna kick some ass this year and he wants to get everyone mad because the Bears are going to be Superbowl champs this year. Bobby Wade knows it and wants to display his resentment at not being wanted by the Bears.

  16. Hey realityonetwo:
    I may be a lot of (horrible) things, but “uneducated” is not one of them.
    From WikiAnswers:
    “The phrase can either be used as bold-faced lie, as in someone with a bold enough face to lie (bold meaning daring) or someone bold enough to lie to your face; it can also be used as bald-faced lie, where the older meaning of bald (meaning uncovered or unconcealed) – the more correct usage with this term is bare-faced lie.”
    While “bald-faced” is the original one and perhaps more common, “bold-faced” IS NOT WRONG (unlike you).
    Now, please do me the immortal favor of stuffing THAT particular bit of info down your own gaseous pie-hole…
    And we’ll know damn well soon enough how much of a pudendum Cutler is, when he’s slicing up the Queen-Pecker-Kitties’ secondaries.
    And keep your fantasies about “six-inch-thick-globs” to yourself, please.

  17. “I don’t think I would ever say that” doesn’t sound like, “I never said that”.
    Guilty as charged

  18. “Bobby being Bobby” is also cheap shotting Rodney Harrison while Jeff Fisher is seen on camera chuckling about it.

  19. Urlacher: old & ineffective, but accurate in his Cutler depiction.
    Cutler: pussy. Very much, a pussy.
    Bears: very average team. Boring even.

  20. Everyone’s right here.
    Jay Cutler is indeed a pussy.
    Brian Urlacher is indeed a liar.
    No one cares what Bobby Wade thinks.

  21. Why is it so hard for the ivy-leaguer’s here to fathom the notion that Urlacher and Wade ARE INDEED FRIENDS?

  22. I bet they ARE friends, and that Wade sent Urlacher a LMAO text at least once so far. I’ve been known to do worse to my friends! I’m not gonna get too specific… LOL. Good natured fun makes the world go round.
    Urlacher saying “damn u got me good bro!” and Wade replying “LMAO” is not out of the realm of the possibility.
    And what exactly is the difference between a Viking and a Bear sparring and Florio and ESPN going at it? Except the fact that the Florio thing is more like a gnat on a dog…

  23. This is all a big misunderstanding. Urlacher never said that he thinks Cutler IS a pussy. He said he thinks Cutler HAS a pussy. There’s a big difference in the two. Those without one might not understand it, but it’s true.
    In response, Cutler said, “I LIKED him. I LIKED playing with Urlacher. I don’t want to be a pussy, but from what I understand, I still am.”

  24. HA-HA-HA
    Someone actually calls himself a Bears fan!!
    And they have a pussy for a QB!!

  25. “zipping balls by my head ” Urlacher sounds like he is mad he can catch them on his chin????

  26. Bobby Wade has to look in the mirror every single day and know that he could not beat out a former Arena League player and a CB/Punt Returner for a spot on the Bears roster.
    Not even the 4th WR on that team.
    Could not even handle returning a few kicks to keep his job.
    Talk about a player being a pussy.

  27. I don’t think Bobby Wade is the type to spread rumors like that. Wade is a pretty low-key, Down to Earth guy. He’s not a guy who runs his mouth like that. I’d like to see the authenticy of that Twitter account. It’s like a poser account on My Space or Face Book I bet.

  28. Urlacher called Ray Lewis a pussy and then punched him in the face.
    An apology was later issued by Ray Lewis.

  29. BigBear123……great post! Joey Porter also called the MURDERER out, begging him to get off the team bus to throw down after a game in Pittsburgh, but GrayRay pussied out, apparently he left his arsenal in HarmCity & didn’t like his chances mano y mano after getting his ass handed to him, yet again vs. the Steelers!!!

  30. LOL!!!! @ all the jealous kiddies!!! 😀
    I’m not even a Bears fan and this reeks of BS. – The Florio bad breath type 😀
    Nice try, wishing you could stir up BS where there isn’t any. Truth is – Wade wishes he had a QB like Cutler, and so do the rest of us. 😦 Wade is known for being immature, and the Queens and their bandwagon fans aren’t exactly model adults. – So this article shoots way past stupid right into the ‘giggling at it til we pee’ category. 🙂 Sorry there, guy, but we ain’t buyin’ your bitter whimsies. My team does not have Cutler, true. But I am mature enough not to diaper-spaz about it and try to spread rumors. Too bad Wade’s millions couldn’t buy him class. *pokes tongue out* To those anti Cutler and overly anti Bear people: Grow up and try to enjoy the season; jealousy is not very becoming. 😛
    – onepostndoneIneverreturntoarticlestoreadreplies-

  31. This is just silly gossip stuff started by a former Bear who could not even beat out an ex-Arena League player and a CB/Punt returner for a roster spot.
    Stop and think about this for just a moment.
    It’s Bobby freaking Wade!
    He could not even handle a few kick returns to keep his job here and now the Bears are supposed to be in turmoil because of this?
    Are Bears fans and the local media really going to let this nobody open up a can of worms just like he intended to do or are you going to move on and look forward to the season that includes a real NFL QB wearing a Bears uniform for the first time in decades?
    Let the Vikings and their fans deal with their never ending little circus of Grandpa Favre, drunken cheap shot artist Jared Allen, the Williams brothers looming suspension, Percy Harvin and his magic bong and the possibility of the team moving to L.A. instead of trying to win the division.
    I don’t care if they don’t like each other.
    Just shut up and play the game.
    Football is just entertainment and nothing more.
    Entertain me.
    The rest of this is just dumb drama queen fluff.
    Are Jessica Simpson and Tony Romo getting back together?

  32. Dewey,
    Don’t feel bad, just listen to the grammar errors and general stupidity of the average national radio sports talk host. Dan Patrick used the term “regards to” incorrectly for years. Not to mention the butchering of the language in general. Former players are the worst.

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