Walker tries to change luck by changing representation

Javon Walker signed a shockingly huge contract with the Raiders 16 months ago and restructured it significantly in March.

Perhaps in recognition that he might need another new contract shortly, Walker has changed representation back to Drew Rosenhaus.

Walker’s run in Oakland has been tumultuous on and off the field since the moment he arrived.  The latest incident was when he underwent surgery on his chronically bad knee without informing the team.  

It’s fair to wonder if he’ll ever recover his ability to separate from defenders after so many knee problems.  Walker has totaled just 483 yards over the last two seasons combined.

Walker’s status with the Raiders is uncertain.  He’s not expected to be fully ready for the start of training camp, and there is some thought that he won’t even make the team. 

With that said, the starting job opposite Chaz Schilens is wide open.  Oakland has sunk a lot of money into Walker and a big training camp could allow them to recoup their investment. 

If not, Rosenhaus may be looking for a new deal for Walker faster than they both hope.

11 responses to “Walker tries to change luck by changing representation

  1. You heard it here first, Javon Walker is done!
    Congrats to the UFL, you soon will be receiving another quasi-big name.

  2. Thank you for commenting.
    Your comment has been received and held for approval by the blog owner. (Is this Florio or some suit at NBC)?

  3. Who are you and what do you know about Al Davis?
    Obviously not a damn thing. In my 10 years of blogging and reading poorly written sports threads and even stupider posts that accompany them, I have never read anything so stupid and inaccurate.
    I give Florio credit for knowing his stuff even though his slant is a little gay at times.
    I hope you have anotehr job because you cont possibly last at this one with that kind of “breaking News”
    Listen people I live here and I go to the games, I also blog on 2 Raider blogs and read every piece of news related to my team for the last 15 years.
    Yvonne Walker will retire in Oakland working for Al Davis the man who talked him out of retirement and has over paid him for the last two years. He restructured his contract so he could stay here and play for daddy Al who took care of him.
    Whatever this retard Gregg Rosenthal just wrote is so far out in left field that it had to be addressed.

  4. Good thing he left the packers because he wanted to be with a super bowl contender back in the day… last time i checked the raiders aren’t even close

  5. It makes sense. All washed up receivers with poor attitudes seem to find their way to (or back) to Rosenhaus.

  6. Man, I can only think that if the Pack gave him some money and kept him he would be in a better position. The guy was a freak for three years in GB….now, he’s in the abyss known as Raider Nation

  7. “The guy was a freak for three years in GB….now, he’s in the abyss known as Raider Nation”
    Your kind of slow so I will try and explain it to you like a 3 year old.
    Daddy Al paid Yvonne too much and he went to Las Vegas and got his ass beat and robbed.
    Yvonne sat out injured his first year in Oakland his second year he went and had knee surgery without telling the team and has compiled a massive 400 yards in two years For doing this great deed he has been paid about 15 Million dollars.
    Yeah poor Yvonne being stuck in Raider Nation riding the pine while injured getting a cool 8 mil a year.

  8. Silver&Black666 – You must be the most breathtaking blogger in the world. I’m in awe of the proper sentence structure, grammar and depth of vocabulary you use. I can see why you consider these writers to be second hand hacks, compared to you!
    Anyway, whatever the Raiders do, I’m sure Al Davis will have a hand in mucking about with the roster, and therefore producing yet another double digit losing season… Looking forward to it.

  9. First? Buddy, you are a ton of months late. 🙂

    RestorThaRoar says:
    July 29, 2009 10:25 AM
    You heard it here first, Javon Walker is done!
    Congrats to the UFL, you soon will be receiving another quasi-big name.

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