$33 million guaranteed for Jason Smith

Well, Rams tackle Jason Smith didn’t get close to $41.7 million guaranteed as the second overall pick in the draft.

But he won’t be forced to follow a fast-food diet anytime soon.

Per a league source, Smith will receive $33 million guaranteed on a six-year deal that voids to only five.

The duration is the key; based on a five-year haul, his average guaranteed money per year is $6.6 million.

And that’s $600,000 per year better than the five-year deal with $30 million guaranteed that tackle Jake Long, the first overall pick in 2008, received from the Dolphins. 

The contract also has a maximum value of $61 million, if all bells and whistles are reached.

6 responses to “$33 million guaranteed for Jason Smith

  1. How exactly does an offensive lineman hit his “incentives”?
    Is it based on time he spends on his back during a play?

  2. Probably has to do with sacks allowed, and such. Who knows. He’s on the lambs, he has an uphill struggle…

  3. Most contracts include incentives for team performance, all rookie team, pro bowl selections, etc. – A lineman’s incentive structure could also include amount of times the QB is sacked – possibly linked to his passing yards and TD’s thrown, as well as the RB’s performance as well.
    Not a bad first job for a kid fresh out of college.

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