Matt Jones has spoken with four teams

Matt Jones was on pace for 1,000 receiving yards on a mediocre passing attack last season before his three-game suspension kicked in.

With that in mind, the lack of interest in Jones this offseason has been surprising. 

Jones said recently, however, that his agent has spoken with the Titans, Bears, Jets, and Cowboys.

“Things are looking good,” Jones told 103.7 in Little Rock. “Something probably will happen sooner rather
than later. We just want it to be a good fit and somewhere where I can
get in there and help a team win.”

That none of the teams signed him before camp indicates that he’s not exactly a priority.  It seems more likely that Jones will join a team after they lose a veteran to an injury.

It’s not like Jones is still on the market because of lingering complications about his probation violation.  The NFL has already told Jones that he won’t be suspended again, and the felony cocaine charges filed against him last year have been dropped. 

The Jets are the most intriguing name on the list.  The New York Daily News wrote recently that they are looking at the veteran free agent market.

After Jerricho Cotchery, the Jets have a lot of question marks and not a lot of players with a high ceiling.  Signing an ascending veteran that has produced like Jones could make rookie Mark Sanchez’s introduction to the league a little smoother.

Of course, if the rest of the league thought as highly of Jones’ abilities as this post does, he would already have a home.

25 responses to “Matt Jones has spoken with four teams

  1. Cocaine? Get with the 2000’s Matt. Get drunk and kill a guy, or ask a woman to come fix your TV.
    You’re so 1980’s.

  2. Jerry Jones will look him straight in the eye and be able to tell if he will be able to help the Cowboys win a playoff game for the first time since 1996. Jerry is really good at making personnel decisions like that. That’s why he has no need for a GM.

  3. Why aren’t the ravens looking at this guy? By all accounts he’s straightened himself out recently. Doesn’t seem like too big of a risk for the potential reward.

  4. Jerry’s fallen on some tough times since the team that Jimmy Johnson put together fell apart.
    If the Cowboys go into their bye week at 0-5 Jerry will sign Matt Jones, Vick, Pac Man, Burress and the guy that just got arrested today for screwing a horse.

  5. He’s a natural fit for the Titans if they can be sure he’s put his troubles behind him. That said, the Titans are absolutely not going to want trouble given the recent trainwrecks they’ve had to deal with. They’re going to do their diligence. Which should tell you something should they not pick him up.

  6. Bears generally avoid the knuckleheads, and they need to let some of these younger WR prospects actualkly play/develop (rather than continually signing washed up re-treads) so they know what they’ve got, but of the FAs out there, I like Jones’ upside vs. risk vs. expense ratio.

  7. You know, Twitter has been around since 2006, and didn’t come into existence, just when you started using it. FFS.

  8. MJ is a tough one to figure. The talent is there for sure, but the desire never seemed to be.
    All the drug issues aside, you’d still have to wonder if he’d have any commitment to playing the game if he were ever signed.

  9. MJ is a tough one to figure. The talent is there for sure, but the desire never seemed to be.
    All the drug issues aside, you’d still have to wonder if he’d have any commitment to playing the game if he were ever signed.

  10. Someone needs to pick him up. He is a nice wideout that also have a QB mentality. He would be nice for some young QB to pass to.

  11. I’m no fan of the guy, but I think the upside is huge with him. He came into the league as a QB turned WR. It took him till year 3 to really figure out how to play WR and he was on pace for a 1,000 season.
    Someone sign this guy already! I would say the Ravens, Bears, Giants, Jets, Rams, and Cowboys could all use him.

  12. How come he isn’t being considered for that Wildcat role? Here’s a guy who can go under center AND actually split out wide as a threat. I never understood how defenses couldn’t stop the wildcat when Chad Pennington split out wide…..ATTENTION Defense – Here comes the run or a short pass!!
    If Matt Jones can lineup under center, hand it off inside to a running back or take off running outside with a leigitmate threat of throwing the ball as well and the defense can’t even game plan personnel since he is a threat at both positions, than he is a more natural fit than Vick in this sub-package offense

  13. MJ was playing very well before his suspension sunk in. He will come cheap for a WR of his class. The Jets could surely use him. They have plenty of cap room and a lot of unproven WR’s behind Cotchery. Signing Jones could help out Sanchez quite a bit. Cotchery, Jones and Keller will not keep DB’s awake at night but its not a terrible lineup with a good deal of upside that allows Clowney and Stuckey to develop as a 3rd WR option.

  14. This is a completely different tone that the other blogs I read about black players. Why isn’t everyone clammoring for the “white” thug to go to jail, or be banned from the No Fun League?
    Read the other blogs about Harrison, Vick, and Rothelisberger, and see if the tone of the comments is different from black to white players.
    Gees you’d think we’ve made some progress. I’m not even trying to be biased because I’m mixed. (White and Black)

  15. Matt Jones should sign with the Patriots. It’s a perfect fit, a dopehead to play with the leagues biggest collection of dopeheads.

  16. This is what is so hysterical about Vox’s rants regarding Plax and, according to Vox, the whole Giants organization being “turds” for ever having Plax on the team. Once again a criminal is on the market and once again Jerry Jones is there looking him over. Was ANYONE the least bit surprised to see Dallas listed as one of the teams? Would ANYONE be surprised to see Dallas go after Plax once his legal problem is resolved? And we all know Vox would be first in line to buy his jersey.

  17. Bbigj2 – are you kidding me? You are comparing what Matt Jones did to any black athlete (Vick, Stallworth, Burress)? It is not even close to being as bad. Get a clue and quit playing the victim. You can be black and white…but you didn’t get common sense from either side.
    Anyway, Matt Jones will be a beast this year if he finds a team with guts and good scouts. He was one of only two bright spots (MJD) on the Jags last year. He was really performing and had one beer with his buddies on a golf course and got released from the Jags. Watch out for him to be a top 20 WR in the league at the end of the season (there are only 32 teams in the league, that means he would be a #1 WR on a team)

  18. Am I the only person who remembers this guy violating his probation to DRINK while playing GOLF?

  19. East96, Vox is a fanboy. He’s good at getting other fanboys riled up. It’s like an internet version of a game of grabass played by latent homosexuals. Perhaps you should consider ignoring him.

  20. The Jags tried him in a wildcat type role. he was awful at it because he has a ssssslow first step. Jones says he’s talked to four teams. Who knows what the conversations were like or if he’s actually even talked to him.
    Citizen: Just like Jones looked Pacman and Tank and TO in the eye? How’d they work out for that playoff victory?

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