Ruud will show up to camp on time

Add Bucs linebacker Barrett Ruud to the list of players that aren’t happy with their contracts, but won’t hold out of training camp. 

According to Pewter Report, Ruud plans to show up to One Buccaneer Place Friday when he is required.  

The middle linebacker and sudden elder statesman on a defense that has been revamped dramatically since Monte Kiffin joined his son in Tennessee, Ruud also showed up for mandatory minicamp in June. 

He skipped OTAs to show his displeasure about his deal.

Like Roddy White and Braylon Edwards, Ruud was drafted in 2005.  So he doesn’t have as much leverage as usual for a contract year because of the uncertainty regarding the collective bargaining agreement.

The Bucs are looking for an identity for their new defense, however, and Ruud is one of the few building blocks they have.

2 responses to “Ruud will show up to camp on time

  1. Rudd is showing he is a classy guy, and the best defense player in the team, hey Dominik pay the guy.

  2. While the Bucs defense melted in the last four games of the year you could easily say the defense was getting old and ran out of gas but not Ruud.
    They wanted a younger more physical style defense and off all the one’s you do currently have who fit’s that scheme better.
    Ruud barely missed the pro bowl in both of his first two seasons only cause veterans have names that they get to ride on. leading the team in tackles in both of those seasons..
    Do something this off season PAY HIM DOMINIK

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