Schefter: DHB deal done in Oakland, Freeman close in Tampa

Adam Schefter of ESPN Future continues to drop some periodic scoops from his Twitter-only (until August 17) existence.

Earlier today, Schefter tweeted that the Raiders and receiver Darrius Heyward-Bey, the seventh overall pick in the draft, have agreed to terms.

The development is significant, given that the team across the Bay drafted receiver Michael Crabtree three spots later — and that agent Eugene Parker is trying to blow out the slotting system with a top-five contract for Crabtree.

Our guess is that the folks at CAA became confident that the Niners wouldn’t bend, which as a practical matter would prevent Parker from doing a contract that will look better than DHB’s.

There’s also a chance that terms have been added to Heyward-Bey’s deal that would alter his compensation if Crabtree ultimately leapfrogs the seventh slot.  (We’re not sure whether such terms would even be permissible, but it would at least make sense to explore that possibility.)

The move could spark a flurry of first-round signings, since Heyward-Bey was the first of multiple CAA first-round clients (other than No. 1 overall pick Matthew Stafford) to do a deal.   

Schefter also mentions that another CAA client — quarterback Josh Freeman — is close to terms with the Bucs.

Freeman is the only unsigned quarterback in round one, and the sooner he’s on the field, the greater the chance he’ll play as a rookie.

UPDATE:  A league source tells us that Heyward-Bey’s deal, which has not yet been signed, covers only five years.  For the first sixteen picks in the draft, the maximum duration is six.  There has been a trend over the past couple of years toward five-year contracts below the top five.

15 responses to “Schefter: DHB deal done in Oakland, Freeman close in Tampa

  1. Bout time some of these kids started signing. These agents are not doing any benefit for them, they are only looking to increse their commision payoff. The kids need to get in camp on time and learn all they can.

  2. Welcome to the Raiders DHB.
    Let Cackling Chris Carter’s and the rest’s payback begin.

  3. As a 49ers fan, but otherwise rational football fan, I think the 49ers are in a tough position as far as NOT paying Crabtree a DHG-level contract, but also think that they probably should.
    The situation is unique: the 49ers believe they got the best receiver in the draft. Crabtree obviously believes that. So can the 49ers really tell Crabtree “Yes, you’re a better receiver than DHB, but we’re going to pay you less.”? This indicates a devaluing of his ability.
    I am hoping that Parker’s rumored insistence on a Top 3-5 level deal is really aimed at meeting with the 49ers in the middle, match DHB’s contract (or be slightly better). That will incentivize Crabtree to perform and give him even a better view of his team. The 49ers can just chaulk it up to a rare situation where the team feels that another team was wrong in assessing the talent of a player at the SAME POSITION as the one they drafted, and that Crabtree’s value is really at the DHB contract level.

  4. Hope its a reasonable deal. That could mean Andre Smith won’t be much of a hold out like everyone thought. For the criticism Bengals got for not making deals happen, it looks like they are starting camp with more signed then a lot of other teams. Looks like there are a lot of teams with hold outs this year. Can we get a comparison to signings to last year and the date compared to start of camp. This year has definitely been crazy. Never seen so many 2nd rounders not signed either.

  5. be quiet fool, this is the nfl not the mlb
    it aint gonna happen, and it shouldnt..if the 9ers thought highly enough of crabtree to pay him top 5 money then they would have traded to that spot to ensure taking him

  6. As a diehard 49ers fan, I’m of the exact opposite opinion of QuietFool. I think the 49ers should stick with the wage scale, and pay Crabtree what would be payed to a pick of his position. Remember, if Crabtree wasn’t there we would NOT have selected Heyward-Bay. So there is no way we should pay more because a team was foolish enough to take Heyward-Bay before Crabtree.
    Actually, the NFL badly needs (and I mean it should be top priority) a fair and balanced rookie wage scale that favors teams as an investment, not a multi-million dollar gamble…

  7. well by not remaining quiet you have removed all doubt.
    and his value will depend on who is tossing him the rock. maybe more with smith. maybe less with hill. much less if they pick up vick.
    i would suggest an incentive-laden contract. pay him very well if he and the team hit lofty goals and he stops crying.
    the niners arent going to let him break their bank or the draft financial structure.
    and why should they? they already have one vernon davis.

  8. Great to see that DHB will sign soon. He needs to preoccupy his mind with nothing but football now to figure out a way to make an impact this year.
    I wonder if the preasure of Louis Murphy catching the eye of the coaches has anything to do with him just getting it done so he can catch up?

  9. The difference between a DHB deal for a No.7 pick and No.10 pick deal will not “break the bank” for the 49ers, particularly with their cap room.
    Incentive-laden is all fine and dandy, but these kids want high guaranteed portions of their contracts to start.
    As for the Vernon comparison, you may very well be right. We still don’t know what Vernon can do with a good coordinator and solid QB. BUT if we draft a QB next year (which having two 1st rounders suggests we will, barring Hill or Smith lighting it up) we want the best talent around that QB possible.
    As for DCNinerFan, I agree, I want a set rookie cap. This stuff is ridiculous. My argument is just that, at the end of Years 1-3, if Crabtree has better production than DHB, which we think he will, the difference between a No. 7 contract and No. 10 won’t matter the slightest to anyone.

  10. Can you imagine if Jerry Rice would have held out for top 5 money even though he was selected #16. Hey, the 49ers thought enough of his college record breaking days to trade both their first round picks with New England to trade up and grab him at #16.
    That year there were two wide receivers that were picked before him; Al Toon (#10) and Eddie Brown (#13). He didn’t ask for their money!
    He didn’t hold out, he signed his fair deal and got into camp. Since he didn’t hold out, it allowed him to get in there and work. That type of dedication not only made him the best receiver of all time, but also allowed him to win the Rookie of the Year award.
    Crabgrass should be smart enough to recognize that he is going to miss out on a lot if doesn’t get in. Only to scrape an extra 2-3 mil for the deal, much of it that will go to his agent and Uncle Sam. He can make that money up by doing endorsements.
    DcNinerFan says:
    July 30, 2009 10:27 AM
    As a diehard 49ers fan, I’m of the exact opposite opinion of QuietFool. I think the 49ers should stick with the wage scale, and pay Crabtree what would be payed to a pick of his position. Remember, if Crabtree wasn’t there we would NOT have selected Heyward-Bay. So there is no way we should pay more because a team was foolish enough to take Heyward-Bay before Crabtree.

  11. IT’s time for these draft picks to tell their agents to get them signed! The agents work for the players, not the other way around. Nothing destroys a player’s future in the NFL than a protracted hold-out.
    Good to see Oher sign with Ravens.

  12. What if Heyward-Bey excels better with Russell than Crabtree does with Smith/Hill?
    I can already tell which speed + arm strength combo wins (DHB/JR) but I think Crabtree will end up on a team with more wins 3 years from now. Not sure if he will be to credit, or if one of the Niners receivers has a revival a la Antonio Bryant in Tampa, or if Vernon Davis gets tough and exceeds his own potential, or if it’s back to basics, and Frank Gore and his crew of RB’s pound out the clock, while Willis and his D step it up…
    In the end my point is not many Receivers affect games in a winning standpoint. Yeah sure mismatches are fun, but that’s about all they are.
    EDIT: Now in college, Crabtree defied that himself against Texas. Great catch to end the game, but that’s nothing to be relied upon.

  13. I agree with empty13 there should be a crying clause in Crabtree’s contract.
    Crabtree is soft I dont think he will make it in the NFL.
    We got the better receiver Bay Area sports fans, his stats will show it evetually and he will have less cry’s than Crabtree during his NFL career.
    Crabtree will rival Dick Vermeil for the crying record.

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