Fins, Pat White haggle over incentives

It’s unusual for a team to have its first-round pick under contract before training camp starts, but to have its second-round choice poised for a holdout.

Still, a holdout looks to be a reality for quarterback Pat White, Miami’s second-round pick in the 2009 draft.  First-round cornerback Vontae Davis already has agreed to terms.

The problem in White’s case, as we understand it based on the information we’ve gleaned, is that White has been offered the same incentives that the standard second-round quarterback would be offered.

But White isn’t a standard second-round quarterback.  He was drafted one year after another second-round quarterback, Chad Henne, and it’s likely that White’s role will be anything but that of the standard second-round quarterback.

As a result, White’s camp is believed to be looking for incentives that are more closely tied to the role that he is expected to be playing in Miami — a part-time jack-of-some-trades who’ll line up under center in the Wildcat package.

The request almost concedes that White won’t wrest the long-term starting job from Henne.  Or maybe the goal is to protect White against a situation in which he has a significant role in the Miami offense, but that the stats he generates would never satisfy the numbers necessary to get a non-traditional quarterback paid properly for success.

Regardless, it’ll be harder to White to have as much success as he possibly could if he’s not in camp from day one, and so it’s in both the player’s and the team’s interests to quickly come up with a formula to pay White a fair wage if he has the intended impact in Miami.

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  1. If this is the real reason White is not signing, then more power to him. Get what is fair, that is only to be expected.
    However, if this is not the real reason, and it’s simply a matter of money, then I (who realizes he is not the GM) would let the selfish little prick sit for a year. These rookies that come into the league really need to drop the garbage attitude that they are owed ANYTHING. These players should be grateful they are blessed enough to play in the NFL and if teams really want players’ attitudes in check, then letting them sit should be a real possibility.
    Imagine, if you will, a rookie holding out for more money (again, if it’s simply to get a fair deal, that is different), and the team tells him to “F&@k off then”. He realizes that it’s either take a deal or not play and says, “Ok, I am on board now”. The team says “So sorry, that ship sailed, maybe next year partner.” And then they actually let him sit until it was time for training camp again.
    How many rookies would pull that garbage with that team again?

  2. ugh, it felt good not to hear about your boyfriend Pat White for a while….I knew this vacation had to come to an end 🙁 ….instead, why don’t you talk about Steve Slaton, a decent player to come out of WVU…not this 3rd string bum

  3. Remember Brady Quinn’s hold out with the Cleveland Browns. His agent gave him bad advice and Brady still has not found his way
    into the starting lineup. The issue was also

  4. I believe its more thinking they better get paid now, because he will be out of the league in a few years, so this is his only chance. Bust.

  5. Since he won’t be in the league in a few years, and that WVU education isn’t worth a management job at Wendy’s, he needs to get all the money he can now.

  6. “whatever the hold up is, it’ll still result in a wasted 2nd rd pick by the Fins. ”
    The Dolphins coaching staff has proved they know how to get the most out of their players!!!

  7. This analysis actually makes sense.
    OTOH, it was White himself who insisted on presenting “his position” primarily as a QB at the Combine and his Pro Day. So if the contract incentives being offered him now are only commensurate with those for a backup QB, as opposed to those for a runner or receiver, and if backup QB incentives are typically less remunerative or less likely to be achieved by him in his actual projected role in the offense, he has only himself to blame.

  8. If he was smart he’d tie his incentives to number of touchdowns scored compared to Ted Ginn.

  9. What kind of crap is this? Pat White is nothing but Kordell 2.0. Florio hates the latter but loves the former. I love that unbiased journalistic integrity I’ve come to expect from NBC and its affiliates. Perhaps in a few years we can rename it the Whitozo line instead of the Kordozo line?

  10. INCENTIVES?, you play football, which is a GAME.
    Isn’t that incentive enough? getting paid millions of dollars to play a GAME. This shit makes me sick, and I’m a dophins fan.
    Here’s some incentive for you Pat White, either sign the paper, or go and work an hourly job like the rest of us. You prick…………

  11. They need to tell his agent, the kid needs to sign up, or they will kick his ass out on the curb and sign Mike Vick…

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