Harvin has Childress, Vikes over a barrel

We suggested on Thursday that receiver Percy Harvin, the Vikings’ first-round draft pick who has yet to sign a contract, enjoys added leverage in his negotiations with the team.

Coach Brad Childress has done nothing to reverse that perception, projecting a hint of exasperation and/or desperation regarding Harvin’s absence as the first day of practice approaches.

“You hate to see players miss, because those reps are vital, those
meetings are vital
,” Childress said Thursday.  “We go at a very rapid pace here, and we
usually don’t go back and start to re-do those things.  There are
building blocks that have to go along the way. . . .  You just want things
to be rote.  You don’t want guys to have to think.  I just think it’s
vital that draft picks get in and practice so they can progress.”

And by “progress,” Childress means “save me from getting fired.”

As we understand it, the Vikes have big plans for Harvin in 2009 — and Harvin knows it.  And in the immediate aftermath of the Brett Favre fiasco, signing Harvin would help to change the atmosphere in Mankato — and Harvin knows it.

Through it all, Childress is embarking on the most important season of his coaching career — and Harvin knows it.

So even with the high and the low of the slotting system set by the contracts paid to the players drafted just before and just after the 22nd pick, Harvin is in a position to put his thumb on the scale — and the Vikings know it.

43 responses to “Harvin has Childress, Vikes over a barrel

  1. If he had any kind of people skills, Chilly could have turned it around on him by emphasizing how it affects Harvin’s career, especially his first year on the team, rather than just saying the word “vital” over and over. He also should have mentioned that the current team is poised to repeat as division champions with the implication that they did it before without Harvin and are moving on to do it again.

  2. Well, even in the event that Harvin didn’t know… he’s probably slightly aware of the situation now.

  3. Stay away Harvin and do a large group of Viking fans a favor. Don’t take this the wrong way. We are eagerly looking forward to seeing you play and helping us win our first superbowl (before you eventually get suspended…but that’s a comment for another day)…honesty though by staying away and having a prolonged holdout you will be helping the longterm outlook of the Vikings. Come in right now and you might just provide enough firepower this year to keep Childress around for another couple years. STAY AWAY and maybe many of us will get our longtime wish and Childress will end up finally going away at the end of the season.
    Not getting Favre was a letdown for me. Not as big a letdown as Andersons miss in 98 but honestly a bigger downer than the 40+ point loss to the Giants in the NFC-CG.
    The only thing I have liked about Childress in the past few years is that he for some crazy reason had an “inside” connection to one of my favorite QB’s of all time at the exact time that the Vikes really just needed an experienced QB. Favre (or any longtime experienced solid QB would be the perfect fit in our offense right now to either take advantage of the 8 men in the box other teams continue to show OR to give finally give Peterson the running room that will allow him to explode if the defense decides the QB is taking too much advantage of them focusing on AP)….
    Now that Childress didn’t deliver Favre (or any other solid, experienced QB) I am back to the way I’ve felt the entire time about him. No imagination, play it close and hope to win in the final few minutes of each game, cocky, horrible coach who lucked into getting Peterson or he already would have been fired coach. I’ve wanted him fired almost from the day and finally we have a legitimate chance for it to happen.
    Harvin….stay away. Long holdout! No reason to be a help to the Vikes this year. Please stay away. Cutler…please have a great season. Rogers, you too. Williams & Williams may you get suspended and may the teams we play totally take advantage of that situation and run the ball down our throats. I Hate to want what I am wanting but we really need to get rid of Childress. If all the above happens we finally will rid ourselves of this ego-maniac who w/o Peterson would have been exposed a long time ago to everyone and not just to part of the Viking fan base.
    Once Childress is gone…we can get Shanahan/Cower/Holmgren/etc…then we can finally get a QB instead of believeing that our coach is a QB GURU who can turn any turd into a superstar. Then, AP, Allen and the Williams Boys will all actually have a chance to deliver to the fans the championship they have all been craving for decades. Until Childress is gone though the Peterson years will continue to quickly slip away and we will have missed our best opportunity since the Moss years.
    Please stay away Harvin….you’ll be doing many of us Viking fans a favor. Yes, we will have to suffer through a depressing year knowing we aren’t going to win it all. But, we can still enjoy the games we do win and secretly enjoy the ones we lose helping us inch closer and closer to the Childress era finally being over….Thank You Harvin for playing your part in this opera.

  4. Amen sportfan1234! I couldn’t have said it better myself. I thought Childress was a terrible hire to begin with.

  5. If harvin holds out then Screw him let him sit all year and loose the money he would have made this season. i am so sick of these players.

  6. “we go at a very rapid pace here”…. sure we really believe that …. I’ve seen that 2 minute offense of his in action and that is the slowest moving(witness the repeated 2 and 3 yard dump pass to the rb, usually Taylor….but it makes the qb rating better) and most confused looking (players and COACHES) group of guys you have ever seen….maybe the rapid pace he is talking about is how they scramble for a competent nfl qb…. the career back up and a guy who couldn’t make it in the UFL surely are not the way to go …. that is VITAL for you Childo in not getting your rear end booted out of town …. I CAN”T WAIT FOR THE DAY …. thanks Childo for continually being an IDIOT

  7. Sportsfans1234, another Viking fan rooting for the Vikings to lose. There are so many Viking fans with that mindset, I’m beginning to think I have the wrong idea of what it means to be a fan. Since I’d like the Vikings to win, should I start calling myself something other than a fan ?

  8. Sorry, but I am not buying this story. Harvin will get a contract within the normal range for his pick. End of story. Harvin already has issues with his PR, an extended holdout doesn’t help. Childress job will only be saved by winning a playoff game. They did not need Harvin last year to make it.
    Harvin, the real money will be your second contract if you can stay clean and healthly.

  9. Sport and Carl,
    You should be ashamed to call yourselves fans!
    How do you root for your team to lose?!
    Look I don’t like Chilly either, but I’m not into wasting a season just so the coach gets fired.
    I’m going to tak the chance now to say hi to all the new freinds on making on this site.
    I’m really looking forward to getting to know you all a lot better. lol

  10. What’s the big deal? First year WR aren’t typically impact players to begin with. Its not like the Vikings have a QB that can get anyone the ball.
    The Vikings already have a speedy deep threat in Berriman, ok , they way overpaid for his less than 50 catches but what do you really expect out of a front office that drafts T Jack Off as a QB?
    The teens of Mpls should be thrilled that Harvin is a hold-out. That means there less of a demand for the high-test weed out on the street.

  11. It’s always irked me that we have to wait till the week before training camp to get a deal done with our first round pick. Just get the deal done and get the kid into camp.
    sportfan1234, take your faded green and yellow jersey back to the closet, so you’re a bigger fan of Butt Farte than you are of the Vikings? woop de doo.
    All ChiliDog has done is improve this team each year he’s been at the helm. The only thing that’s a given in the NFL is that everyone hates you till you win the big one, then everyone loves you for a week or two, then it’s back to throw the bums out!
    We have a solid shot at going deep in the playoffs this year, if we can stay healthy. What kids like Harvin don’t realize is that many rookies who hold out end up sitting on the sidelines, wishing they had been there from the beginning. So you slid to the bottom half of the draft, take a lesson from another kid that did the same thing. Get your butt into camp and tear up the league!

  12. Percy is holding out til his sytem is flushed out and clean to pass his drug test upon entrance to the league

  13. I don’t really agree with this article. I don’t see how Harvin is in a much different situation than he’d be in as the 22nd pick for about 20 or 25 of the NFL teams out there. I mean, how many coaches are truly “safe” in their jobs. There isn’t a coach in the NFC North that wouldn’t be feeling heat if their team went 6-10 this season. Well, except for the Lions!
    I’d even argue that rookie WR’s have a little less leverage since no matter how good they were in college, WR’s typically don’t have a huge impact until their 2nd and 3rd years. Couldn’t you write this article about any 1st round pick for any non-superbowl team in the last 10 years?
    Before we jump to conclusions let’s at least see if he is signed for a reasonable contract before camp really starts.

  14. Why does Childress get so much flak anyways? The team is in better shape than when he took it over. I think that fans are so convinced that he is a terrible coach now that anything short of a superbowl win would be further evidence of his futility.
    I love the team that Childress has built, aside from the one position of QB. But everywhere else the team looks very good and if Sage provides a consistency boost this team could really go places. I’ve seen some bad QB’s on good teams win superbowls in my time and don’t see why the Vikes couldn’t be the next one.
    At least we have what appears to be the best team in the division again. Doesn’t that count for something?

  15. It’s always irked me that we have to wait till the week before training camp to get a deal done with our first round pick. Just get the deal done and get the kid into camp.
    sportfan1234, take your faded green and yellow jersey back to the closet, so you’re a bigger fan of Butt Farte than you are of the Vikings? woop de doo.
    All ChiliDog has done is improve this team each year he’s been at the helm. The only thing that’s a given in the NFL is that everyone hates you till you win the big one, then everyone loves you for a week or two, then it’s back to throw the bums out!
    We have a solid shot at going deep in the playoffs this year, if we can stay healthy. What kids like Harvin don’t realize is that many rookies who hold out end up sitting on the sidelines, wishing they had been there from the beginning. So you slid to the bottom half of the draft, take a lesson from another kid that did the same thing. Get your butt into camp and tear up the league!

  16. good points sando.
    Wasn’t it just last year that the fans were beggin’ for them to make the move on Sage?
    We open training camp with mostly only backup positions up for grabs. We’ve got a few new faces, but mostly we have our dominating defense back from last year. The best rushing game in the league and an emerging passing game.
    The big question over most of the league, is can they make the playoffs, here it’s can we get deep in the playoffs.
    I prefer to take it one step at a time and savor the season from beginning to end. It’s finally time to start putting the pieces together, and Harvin has a choice. He can get his butt into camp now and have a shot at being a big part of this offense, or he can hold out and be nothing more than a kick returner and follow the career of Devin Hester.
    I’d prefer the former.

  17. Childress you really out-smarted Belichick on this one??? (ha ha) Kinda like the Favre situation. (ha ha) Enjoy your last year as the Vikings Head Coach!

  18. Sometimes people are so stupid…yes chilly has been conservative in his play calls, and yes he has made some bone head mistakes…but look at what he has accomplished.. the vikes have improved every year in wins, and won the north for the first time in a long time last year. He brought in AP, Jared allen, harvin, and has turned the vikes into a winning contender again…We could go back to Mike Tice, that was fun….I just don’t understand why everyone is so stuck on firing childress, when he is the best coach we’ve had since D. Green…If they repeat as NFC north champs still want heads to roll? Silly

  19. Fan – short for fanatic. Ready and willing to root for the home team regardless of the effort they put forth to win.
    Wilf: Wants the “fans” to buy him a new stadium so he can make 10’s of millions off of selling the team. (all of you fans are rooting for a lifelong Giants fan….just like you rooted for the Texan who sold Randy Moss for Troy Williamson)
    Childress: Wants the “fans” to buy into his keep it close philosophy and his “I’m a QB Guru” proclamation.
    I suppose all you “true fans” believe that is was bad to want Les Steckel fired too. I suppose you still think that Red McCombs really believed his “Purple Pride” slogan or that he was ever a true Viking Fan.
    The Minnesota team has been and is being run by people who don’t give a rats &^% about Minnesota. They like your Money. They love your blind loyalty.
    Wake Up!
    Childress was hired because of the Love Boat scandal and Minnesotas need to have it’s players represent them with a squeaky clean image. Wilf needed to clean up the image of the Vikings if he would have any chance in $%S^& of getting the tax payers to buy him a new stadium. He hired the very best guy available for that particular job. He did not hire the best guy available to bring the Vikes to the Superbowl and win it for us. Childress is just now getting the Vikings back to the same level that Tice had the Vikings at prior to getting fired.
    There are many types of fans. If you want to fanatically support your New York Giant loving Wilf and his desire to fleece the states taxpayers it’s your choice. If you want to blindly believe that Childress was/is the best guy available to bring a title to Minnesota it’s your choice.
    I for one actually want a real Super Bowl title for the team I root for. We have McNabb “light” for our QB. We have Reid “light” for our Head Coach. The real McCoys…Andy Ried and Donovan along with Jimmy Johnson won exactly how many superbowls????? Do you really believe that their paper copies in Minnesota are going to lead us to a Title????
    I am rooting for Childress to get fired. If that means the Vikings need to lose for that to happen well, that’s the short term pain I will need to go through so as to benefit long term.
    Have you ever broken a bone and needed to get it set? It hurts but it’s the best for you in the long run. If you simply keep thinking your fine when you aren’t you will never get better.
    I am a true Viking fan.
    You are a true Viking fan.
    We simply are not the same type of fan.
    You continue with your rose colored glasses with whoever is currently coaching / owning the team. It’s your choice. The ownership recognizes that you are the majority. Thus things will continue to be the same.
    Maybe if a few more of you would join up with us other fans. Fans who don’t just “drink the koolaid” that McCombs, Wilf, Childress, Hartman etc give us to drink…..maybe, just maybe we would see some real change and then a real Super Bowl championship could follow and not the pipe dream of a Super Bowl most believe will happen year in and year out.
    Wake Up……Demand Better….with your words and with your money.
    Maybe we just might get a Superbowl before Wilf picks up the team and moves it to L.A.

  20. Harvin is lucky that we drafted him, and now he’s holding out???
    Screw this guy, if he isn’t going to show up then he can go to hell. Squabbling over a couple of million dollars may sound like a lot to the average go, but when you’re already going to make 10-14 million, it’s splitting hairs.
    Not only that, but the ONLY person who benefits from a holdout is the agent. The player and the team always lose.
    I really just wish someone would stand up to one of these idiot players and corrupt agents and make them sit the entire season without a paycheck… then come back into the draft next year when a rookie cap is in place and the player will lose millions.

  21. Florio has never liked Childress, especially since he tried to talk “Lord” Favre into playing for the Vikings. You can find similar quotes but other coaches who were “not over a barrel”.
    This is Florio making a lot out of a little, again. But when you have to generate as many posts as he does you can see why.

  22. The longer Harvin holds out, the better chance he has of avoiding his mandatory drug tests that he’s sure to be subject to since he’s already entering the league in the substance abuse program. THC takes about 30 days to clear the system. Hmmmmm……
    After his last 2 bouts of “dehydration”, do you really expect him to be anywhere on time?

  23. It’s funny that Vikings fans act like Harvin is some kind of All-Pro or something. Dude hasn’t played a down at the NFL level. You have no idea what he’ll do on the field where everybody is much faster than anybody he’s ever played with. And if he wasn’t smart enough to stop taking bong hits before the Combine, where he knew he’d be tested, then he’ll likely be one of those players who will have several drug suspensions during an abbreviated and troubled career. All the indicators are there.

  24. Mike, you know what they say “99% of lawyers give a bad name for the rest”. I bring this up because you and the other so called experts provide rumors and hope your right. I’m glad you are making a ton of money doing the rumors and your in depth thoughts because it saved some poor soul who might have discuss having you as a lawyer.

  25. The slot is set, and there isn’t any way that the Vikings are going move outside the lines and give Harvin something above the contract of the 21st pick. Even the agent knows that, although what he says to his player may be something different. The agent is trying to prove his own value on the market (his value to prospective players next year) by accomplishing something special, and it ain’t gonna happen. Get ‘er done and get on with it!
    As for Chilli, he has been learning on the job. I see a lot better work now than his first two years, so let’s give up the hate for the failures of those years and see how far he has improved at this point. There is no doubt that the defense is better than it has been in a decade and the offense may actually move from vanilla this year once Harvin is in the mix.

  26. I am a Vikings fan, though I prefer to keep up on the league as a whole, but to want your coach to have a lousy season and move on is kind of silly.
    True, he may not have the super bowl demeanor that prior championship coaches have had, but he’s not particularly bad.
    The team has actually had one of the best deffenses in the league, something that hasn’t been done for a VERY long time. Now you can atone this occurence to other player personel, but regardless it has come at the helm of Childress.
    The only thing I have a knock on him for, is being slightly dull in play calling. In contrast, I actually applaud him because he hasn’t had a brilliant Quarterback to function with. TJack is talented, but his throws are questionable come game time.
    Maybe Sage can turn things around, and actually make Childress look and ACT the part he was signed on for.
    Percy isn’t designated as a sole WR, his purpose is more like Reggie Bush’s. I just hope his college production carries over unlike the aformentioned collegiate stud…

  27. Here’s a sample of what some of you have been saying:
    DPR: He also should have mentioned that the current team is poised to repeat as division champions…
    Ralph: The big question over most of the league, is can they make the playoffs, here it’s can we get deep in the playoffs.
    Sando: At least we have what appears to be the best team in the division again.
    And so on. You queens fans are always peppering your comments with arrogant, cocky, presumptuous sh1t exactly like this, but then you turn around and wonder why so many people hate your team.
    It’d be one thing to talk like this if you’ve actually DONE something lately, but ONE division title in the past decade isn’t exactly “dominance”.
    You guys talk like Patriots/Steelers fans, except without ANYTHING to back it up, other than a lot of hype and some pretty statistics. I wipe my as$ with your “potential”.
    And ditto for the media.
    Why don’t you try setting aside all your pompous delusions and show a little class and humility for once…sportsfan1234 is one of the few of you I’ve heard make ANY sense on here in a while…
    Most of you will all be gone by week 5 or 6 anyway, once the USUAL disaapointment sets in.
    Christ. No wonder so many people hate you guys. And your team. And your coach.
    STFU already, until you actually DO something.

  28. Dewey:
    Youre an F’n moron!
    You are a typical Bear fan in that since you got Cutler, you think the division is all yours.
    What has your team done lately? Yeah, that’s what I thought, not a freaking thing!
    We are supposed to sit here and listen to you jagoffs badmouth our team with your lame ass attempts at humor and not say anything? Really?
    Minnesota has improved by 2 games for 3 years running. They have added another potetntial playmaker on offense a monster on the OL, will be getting Madieu for a full season and EJ back at linebacker. That was a #6 defense last year w/o 2 starters on it.
    It isn’t our fault that the bears have been sliding while the Vikes have been rising, the NFL goes in cycles idiot. When a team has the #1 rushing O and the #1 rushing D, it is cause for optimism.
    They made the playoffs last year, you hope they make the next step and win a couple. So, deride us all you want for our optimism, it makes you look the fool, you root for your team in the same way, so why castigate us for doing the same?
    You only like posters likes sports because he’s somewhat bashing the Vikes like you are. I could give a good shit what assholes like you think of me.
    Your “pussy” of a QB can’t play defense and that there my idiotic troll, is the bane of your team.
    Check out A. Rodgers and the Pack last year if you need an indication of what your season will be like.

  29. And who are you? A Packer fan? If you go out of your way to ask your team to lose for the sole meaning of a new coach (oh and by the way who would you replace him with?) so you can see players not try, fans get pissed, and your team that you are a fan of embarrassed you are not a fan. No matter how you try to wrap your twisted logic around it.
    Is the offense like the 98 team? No, do we have the same people on offense as the 98 team? No. Instead we have the #1 back in the NFL, a deep threat at WR (99 yard TD says hi), a potent O Line, a standard blocking TE that looks like a TE and not an overweight slob who jumps over people (UFL says hi Wiggins), a legit defense that we hadnt seen in YEARS, and OH NOZE FIRE CHIDLRESS!!!!!!!!!!
    Some of you make me sick, youre so pathetic, and Florio is one of them. His hatred for every move the Vikes do and the way he tosses them through the mud on here is ridiculous, and laughable that NBC would have this sellout on here. Of course now he wont talk shit about them like he does to ESPN every chance he gets.

  30. Harvin is just like every other 1st round wr who is waiting for Crabtree to sign to see what kind of money he gets and to set the benchmark. He is not trying to avoid drug tests, and he was stupid for getting smoked up before the combine, but not to long ago I remember a guy by the name of Randy Moss had issues with weed and I’d say he turned out OK. Dewey not to be cocky but the Vikes probaly do have the best shot to take the NFC North 1: G B would also be a contendor but with a whole new defense who knows? ,
    2:Bears,, Cutler can only throw to Olsen and and Forte so many times, and have Hester as a #1 wideout, not to mention an aging D.
    3: Detroit,,,, well do I have to even say anything??
    I am not saying that Minn is a great team by a longshot and I don’t think they will be a legitamite threat in the NFC without a breakout season by T Jack or an upgrade at QB, but I think that they do look like the favorites to take the North title again. Personally (even as a long time Vikes fan and it kills me to say this) I think Philly has the best shot to to represent the NFC this year. We all don’t have pompus delusions about this team, I may be too optomistic, but not delusional.

  31. RagnartheViking says:
    July 31, 2009 11:30 AM
    “Minnesota has improved by 2 games for 3 years running.”
    2 years running, genius. From 6 wins to 8, then from 8 to 10. Before that, they slipped from 9 to 6.
    “That was a #6 defense last year w/o 2 starters on it.”
    Yeah, but it was only ranked #13 by points. That’s pretty much in the middle of the pack.
    “When a team has the #1 rushing O and the #1 rushing D, it is cause for optimism.”
    You let us know when that happens. Vikings were the 5th best rushing offense last year. Nice, but certainly not 1st. The Giants were 1st.
    “Check out A. Rodgers and the Pack last year if you need an indication of what your season will be like.”
    Ha. Viking fan predicts 4,000+ yards passing for Jay Cutler in 2009!

  32. AllDayAP (and all my fellow Viking fans who think of me as a disloyal, pathetic fan)….our RB only has a few years left. That’s right. He’s already down to a few years left of his career as a superstar all-pro nfl rb.
    I want a HC who will have use AP with imagination.
    In 5 years when AP’s career is over I want him to have a ring.
    What about you AllDayAP? All the wishing, hoping, wanting and rooting isn’t going to get it done. You seem like a huge AP fan with your username. Don’t you want a HC who will actually bring your man to the promised land?
    Ask yourself…if Wilf had indeed fired Childress last year or the year before and hired another coach what would you be doing right now? Would you be a Childress fan? Would you be writing messages about how we need to have faith in Childress? NONE OF YOU WOULD BE DOING THIS! Not a stinking one of you.
    You are standing up for Childress because he simply hasn’t yet been fired by Ziggy (our NY CITY OWNER).
    Do you remember when the North Stars left town. You were probably the same guys who thought saying anything bad about the Gund Brothers was sacreligious too.
    The typical fan in Minnesota will give their heart and sould to the team regardless of who is running it.
    I personally would love to have any of you work for my company. You are loyal to a FAULT!
    The only reason we have AP in the first place is because Childress took over a playoff ready team (IN HIS OWN WORDS WHEN HE WAS HIRED) the promptly made a mess out of his relationship with Culpepper and his 1st year team was one of the worst in the ENTIRE NFL! Then because AP had injury concerns he slipped down to #7. (Do you see this….we had the #7 pick in the entire NFL draft…that’s because our team went backwords when Childress took over….WAY backwords)….then with the gift of AP the Vikes started to make some noise (Even then it took Childress some time to get AP in the starting lineup as he continued to hold onto Taylor being his starter long after AP showed himself far superior)
    Remember that it was Childress who traded up to get TJ and it was Childress who promised he was a QB Guru and TJ would be the next McNabb.
    Doesn’t anyone ever see that Childress never even called plays when he was with Reid??? How many O.C.’s in this league are not trusted with calling the plays. How does watching Andy Reid call plays make him so qualified.
    How do you not see this? How do you not see the need to fire Childress and get a Head Coach who will take advantage of the incredible talent we have in AP? You are supposed to be an AP fan.
    If we didn’t suck so bad in Childress first year. If he had simply gotten the same record that Tice got in his final year. Then we would never have even seen AP on our team. We got AP because we LOST and now you are thrilled with him.
    We in Minnesota can get a head coach of great talent also if we speak up loudly enough.
    Cower will be available. Shanahan will be available.
    Soon we will no longer have AP.
    Do you want to look back on your years of rooting for AP and say thanks Childress…you brought us to the playoffs one time and then you couldn’t score a single point with AP in the backfield for an entire 2nd half against the Eagles AT HOME in the Metrodome with 60,000 screaming fans. NOT ONE POINT! With his self proclaimed “Kick-*** offense” Childress couldn’t even get our team to score even ONE POINT in the second half of that game.
    You Childress lovers keep on loving. You can tell me how much I make you sick and you can cuss me out all you want. But if all of the fans like me were just like you we would have exactly what we have right now.
    On the other hand. If all of you fans cussing me out were like me we would have had ourselves a better coach than Mike Tice or Childress. We would NEVER have gotten rid of Randy Moss. We as a group would have made our voices heard loud and clear that we DEMAND excellence instead of kissing the rear ends of those in leadership and clapping for anything they do.
    I’m stuck as a Viking fan because I became loyal as a small child and even though I admire other organizations and wish we had owners like Kraft, Rooney I will always be a Viking fan.
    I cursed the day we allowed Mike Tomlin to get away. I told everyone I knew that it was a HUGE mistake. The moment I heard that the Steelers were interviewing him I knew he was gone. Why? Because the Steelers know how to hire coaches.
    I told everyone I knew until they were sick of hearing me talk about it that Mike Tomlin would bring a Superbowl to Pittsburgh long before the Vikings would see one. If we simply had fired Childress and Moved Tomlin up to Head Coach….If we had simply moved Dungy up to Head Coach…If we had even moved the ego maniac Brian Billick up to head coach we would have done better.
    I am sick of dealing with Viking fans like you. You get what you deserve. Crushed hope year after year after year. It’s the rest of us who don’t get what we deserve. We just don’t have enough of us to matter.
    It’s getting better. The Vikes are struggling to sell out. Maybe, just maybe with a few black outs and some mounting losses more of you blind fans will join me in demanding excellence from our owners.

  33. you guys are a little over zealous about this.
    if you think for a second that percy is dictating that his agent hold out, and that its not the other way around, you’re fooling yourselves.
    his agent is doing what agents do.

  34. Well, the one guy he doesn’t have over the barrell is Rob Brezenski – the contract and cap guy. He also doesn’t have Speilman over a barrell. And, those are the guys that make the decision on whether or not to break the slotting system on Harvin.
    They will come to an agreement within the first week, and while there may be some incentives, the guaranteed money won’t exceed the slots above him.

  35. Geez, no one reads 1,000 word posts — mellow out on the multiple versions of War and Peace there guys.
    Harvin will sign for roughly in his slot, and JimmySmith is right that first year WRs have limited impact. I still feel that with his lowered draft status and lousy public rep, Harvin is the one over the barrel here.
    Chilly may not be the answer, but he’s who we’ve got. It’s not like McCarthy and Smith are a couple of geniuses. Trash him all you want, but if you’re rooting for your team to lose, you ain’t a true fan. Simple as that.

  36. Fvckstick:
    Yeah, I mistyped and hit 3 instead of 2.
    Thought reamins the same, Bears have been on a downhill slide since 06.
    You do know the NFL ranks the defense by Yards allowed, right? #6 minus 2 starters, they will only get better, the bears added 0-16 Marinelli, yeah he’s going to turn that aging D around LMAO!
    The rushing O, you got me on that 1, guess it was 07 that that happened.
    Cuntler can have all the yards he wants, look what Rodgers stats got him 6-10.
    Cutler and Rodgers do have 2 things in common,
    neither can close out games and neither have a defense to speak of.
    How could Cuntler not lead the Broncos to the playoffs with the weapons he had in Denver?
    In that weak division? And he’s your savior?
    You come on here looking for a fight, thinking youre so original and funny. Always bringing up past crap, like your team has no criminals or questionable people. Chilly isn’t the one on the hot seat, Lovie is.
    Getting Cuntler virtually assures if they don’t win, he’s gone.
    Ballsacher is past his prime, you have no pass rush and are hoping that a guy who coached a 0-16 team is going to motivate your d-line?
    That is laughable, Manning as FS? how many times hasn’t that worked already, Tillman with a bad back? No name WRS? Keep ripping wade….
    he performed just as well as the “almighty” Hester, neck and neck in catches and yards.
    But our WRS suck…lol Berrian averaged 20 yards a catch!
    By the way, I’ll be here all year, don’t worry.
    I’ll be here to tell you I told you so.

  37. Smith may not be a genius–no argument there– but you also can’t argue with results…
    He had 3 stated goals when he was hired:
    1. Beat the Packers.
    (His first season, beat e’m twice for the first time in YEARS, since pre-Favre. 7 and 3 since he took over).
    2. Win the division.
    (Done, in his second season. Also took COTY honors).
    Win the Super Bowl.
    (Got us there at least…we’ll see…)
    Under Lovie, the Bears have more wins/better winning % than any other team in the NFC except the Giants.
    Room for improvement, but not bad. How do the other coaches in the North stack up to that?

  38. More wins, better winning % and what have they
    won recently?
    That type of arguement NEVER has worked for Vikings fans, no way you get away with it here.
    Vikings haven’t been to the bowl in 32 years and have never won.
    Bears lost one and haven’t won one in 24.
    Face it, neither team has been doing alot lately.
    All the more reason your sanctomonius Bs should stop.
    It don’t mean a thing if you don’t get the ring. That’s what I’m always told. REPEATEDLY.
    Vike are North Champs until after the season is over, if frerotte can get them in, Sag shouldn’t have a problem.
    Then “we’ll see”
    Hell, Sexy Rexy rode a Defense all the way to the SB, why can’t Parsley? I mean Rosemary…Damn it, Sage!!!!

  39. Ragnerd,
    I was not even addressing you, you egomaniacal windbag.
    Get a grip on yourself.
    Do you ever shut up? You must be a woman.
    Is there any group of fans in the entire NFL WORSE than Queen fans, who talk as much sh1t on behalf of a team that has accomplished so little?
    Classic Hypequeen fan–win the division one time in the past decade, and you guys act like you’ve solved world hunger and brought about world peace.
    The Bears have only gone downhill since 06 because they were IN THE SUPER BOWL, genius.
    Going “uphill” the next two years would mean WINNING THE SUPER BOWL IN BACK TO BACK SEASONS. OK, we’ll get right on that.
    (It is asking a lot, considering the vikes haven’t even broken “one” yet).
    I do understand, however, that that particular concept (winning a SB) is not possible for you to fathom.
    Queens won the divison last year. Big whoop. Not like they did anything with it. They couldn’t even get enough fans in the homodome to watch them lose.
    Maybe they’ll have better luck when they’re in L.A. in two years.
    Keep living on that and celebrating your paper championships. It’s what you guys are best at.
    And keep the Cutler-hating facade up.
    We all know you’d cream in your purple panties if he even thought about coming to Queenville. Turns out he had too much sense, and Denver didn’t think your QBs were even as good as Orton.
    Pus$y-envy, that’s all there is to it.
    Instead, Favre pulled out on Chilly and your franchise and you dumb gullible sell-out fans and left his stinking man-mess all over your faces in embarrassing fashion. I bet you loved it.
    Even the experts said it: Queens should have gone after Cutler.
    Your loss. Our gain. Your jealousy. Your loss(es) again.
    Keep talking though, so everyone can continue to laugh at what an illiterate, raving douchebag you are.
    And you’ll be here all year? Idiot. You must be even dumber than you sound, to bring that kind of punishment upon yourself.

  40. Chilly just needs to get together with Percy and have some giggles again. Later the rest of us can giggle when this trainwreck-waiting-to-happen finally goes off the rails for good.

  41. Yeah turdburglar it’s Bear fans.
    Big F’n deal you went to the super bowl and lost!!
    Go ahead and hang your hat on that, oh wait, I’m sure your hanging it on Cuntler’s coc…oh wait he has a pussy, I forgot.
    You went to the Super bowl to not making the playoffs , dumb ass. Can’t sustain a winning record in consecutive years? Why is that?
    Yeah drag out the never won a super bowl rhetoric, typical of a lame ass who has no arguement.
    So, if the mighty Bears are so great and the Vikes are so pathetic, why didn’t the Bears win the division?
    Your defense sucks, that’s why. Another year older and it isn’t gonna change.
    As for Cuntler, why is it all you Bear fans think he is the second coming? 17-20 record, 18 ints last year, 2nd to Favre. Couldn’t lead his team in a pathetic division. Pissed his pants til he got shipped out….yeah that’s the QB I want…uff!
    I wont even touch the cum splattered crap you were talking about on Favre and Chilly.
    Sounds to me like you might write for guy on guy porn, or is that just something you pulled out of your past?
    you know jagoff, you really do think you are putting me in my place don’t you? That’s funny.
    Bring on the ” punishment”. God, someone thinks very highly of themselves. You egotistical shit stain.
    Do us all a favor and STFU, it’s guys like you that get the holy shit kicked out of them in bars for running their ignorant mouths.
    Keep trolling the Vikes threads jagoff.

  42. Dewey Axewound says:
    July 31, 2009 2:25 PM
    Under Lovie, the Bears have more wins/better winning % than any other team in the NFC except the Giants.
    That’s not entirely true.
    Over the last five years, here’s how it goes in the NFC:
    1. NYG 47-33
    2. Philly 46-33-1
    3. Dallas 46-34
    4. Chicago, Carolina and Seattle 45-35
    So 3 teams have had a better winning percentage and more wins. And only 10 teams (out of 16) in the NFC have had a WORSE winning percentage.

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