Report: UFL willing to pay Vick seven figures

We don’t watch much SportsCenter.  Primarily because we don’t care about the other sports they cover.

Every once in a while, however, we park the cathode ray tube on ESPN for the endless loop of sports highlights and info. 

And sometimes we end up finding out something we hadn’t previously picked up via the Internet.

On Friday morning, Chris Mortensen did a call-in during which he talked about Mike Vick.  And Mort reported, almost in passing, that the UFL is willing to pay Vick $1.5 million to $2 million for one six-game season.


We called UFL spokesperson Rachel Gary for confirmation.  But she declined to comment generally on the amounts paid to specific players — and who declined to comment specifically on whether the UFL had decided on a specific amount to be offered to Vick.

As we interpret it, then, Mort is on the money, as to the money that the UFL is willing to give Vick.

So how could he not take that deal?  Even at the low end of the range that Mortensen quoted, the per-game check of $250,000 works out to an NFL full-season salary of $4.25 million.

And no one in the NFL will be paying Vick $4.25 million in 2009.

Though we’ve consistently heard that the UFL is an absolute last resort for Vick (most recently, Adam Schefter tweeted that Redskins cornerback and former Vick teammate DeAngelo Hall reiterated that fact, which is persuasive to us since Hall and Vick are represented by the same agent), Vick might have no real choice.

He’s in bankruptcy.  So while he probably can’t be forced to do something he doesn’t want to do from an employment standpoint, we can’t imagine the federal bankruptcy judge keeping calm amid news that Vick would be willing to take less total money from the NFL to work 17 weeks instead of six.

Then again, we think that the NFL’s decision to conditionally reinstate Vick was influenced in part by a desire to keep him from playing in the UFL.  So if it looks like the UFL is in position to lasso solid television ratings and national interest by landing Vick, the NFL is more likely to find a team to take him on.

16 responses to “Report: UFL willing to pay Vick seven figures

  1. He still wouldn’t be the best QB in that league when it’s all said and done.

  2. More than the negative publicity of reinstating Vick, the NFL fears any publicity he’s addition to the UFL would garner, which, as you mentioned, fueled the “conditional” reinstatement.
    However, I feel it would actually be better for Vick if he were to go the UFL and showcase his talents for 6 games. Sure, it’s a gamble, but if he plays well teams will be in a bidding war for his services. If I were him, I’d rather go that route than sign with the Pats for 3 years at the veteran minimum with some unreachable bonuses in the deal.

  3. The way the NFL is handling Vick is digusting. It’s like your ex-girlfriend who provides great sex
    and you really no longer want to date her just
    for the great sex. Yet, you really don’t want anyone else to have her for selfish reason. If I’m Vick I take the bigger payday and move on from there.

  4. That’s what the SAY they’ll pay him. The number doesn’t matter much if the checks start bouncing in week 3.

  5. lower risk for nfl if he goes there.
    unemployable football league!
    let him prove out on his 2nd chance OVER THERE.
    this is what other corporations do. why not the nfl?

  6. “Then again, we think that the NFL’s decision to conditionally reinstate Vick was influenced in part by a desire to keep him from playing in the UFL. So if it looks like the UFL is in position to lasso solid television ratings and national interest by landing Vick, the NFL is more likely to find a team to take him on.”
    So, you’re saying that Roger Goodell would be upset if Vick played in the UFL and his team got “solid television ratings” because it would … take some viewers’ attention away from NFL games? And then Goodell would influence the ownership and coaches of an NFL team to bring Vick aboard?
    NFL teams and more specifically, NFL coaches, want nothing more than to win games, get to the playoffs, reach the Super Bowl and win it. Because of that absolute need to win and win now, NFL coaches will want the very best players in every position that they can get. And, they’ll want players who are versatile enough to play more than one position, if possible.
    If any coach thought that Vick could be an asset to the team without losing another better asset, we both know that the coach would talk to ownership about it and possibly arrange for Vick to come to town and work out for the team. But, so far, we haven’t seen a team express that interest. Not even the teams who’ve been losing a lot of games lately and who have coaches whose tenure might end soon following more losing.
    The Rams said “no”. The Lions said “no”. The Raiders said “no”. Who has said “maybe” yet?
    And, which team is going to bow to Goodell and bring Vick aboard at the cost of losing a better or more important player? Which team does Goodell control when it comes to roster moves? I can’t think of any.

  7. diehardbearsfan is on to something there… the UFL could pay Favre and Vick loads of money just to play 6 meaningless games. Maybe throw in Jeff George, and you’ve got yourself a stew going.

  8. Romo Should join the UFL.
    He’s only good for the first 6 games of the season anyway.

  9. “6 game season? Seems like Favres type of league”
    I literally laughed out loud on that one..

  10. Florio,
    You still have a cathode ray tube TV? Chrissakes, man, you’re a lawyer! Loosen up the purse strings a bit, buddy, and join us in the 21st century.

  11. My personal view of Goodell’s partial reinstatement of Vick is such that he wasn’t so much worried about Vick going to the UFL as he was worried about a potential public backlash if he were to outright suspend him for any additional length of time. Perhaps he was concerned that it would look like just more piling on. Strange as that may sound.
    Florio, for the life of me I can’t understand why you sweat Vick going to the UFL, especially for a guy that’s been out of the league for over 23 months and probably in questionable football shape. He’s nothing more than a curiosity at this point. Of course people are going want to drop in now and then and take a look to see how he performs. But no one I know has any plans to desert watching their favorite team or the NFL just because Vick may be forced to suit up for the upstart league. You’re entitled to your opinion, but if that’s what you truly believe (and I really don’t think it is) feel free to run with it.

  12. Diehardbearsfan, go die somewhere. Favre is AMAZING. And the UFL is the only place that Vick will ever play because he, well he is just not very good, and theres not much more to say.

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