Vick-to-Pats rumor continues to pick up steam

The hot rumor today, as evidenced by 25 or more e-mails we’ve received on the topic, has been that quarterback Mike Vick was spotted on a plane to Boston’s Logan Airport.

Various versions of the rumor have been shared with us, with the details ranging from the flight occurring Thursday night to Friday morning.

The fact that the rumor was discussed on WEEI radio in Boston earlier today has done little to contain it, and the thing has now morphed into a rumor (possibly more) that Vick actually is meeting with the Patriots.

The locally popular Barstool Sports blog has ventured onto a limb on this one, reporting that Vick currently is meeting with the Patriots“He is 100% meeting with the Pats right now,” the web site states.  “That’s not a guess.   That’s a fact.”

We don’t know whether Vick is or isn’t meeting with the Patriots.  But since coach Bill Belichick didn’t rule out the possibility of signing Vick earlier today, we won’t rule out the possibility that Vick is in the building as of this very moment.

UPDATE:  As it turns out, Vick is in Newport News today.  That’s not a guess.  That’s a fact.

46 responses to “Vick-to-Pats rumor continues to pick up steam

  1. as a Buffalo Bills fan i really hope they sign Vick…..he sucked 2 years ago when he ran the “wildcat”. Yes you remember the falcons hiked it to him than he ran around for awhile before throwing it to the ground of over someones head.
    if this happens i can only hope belichick tries to run that gimmick B.S.

  2. let it be so.. what better back-up to replace Matt Cassell. Maybe Favre? Bellycheck could handle the media attention it would demand that’s for sure. And add to that potential wild-cat revenge against miami for last year.. i am liking the idea. Minus the fact that he’s a former (and hopefully stays that way) dog killer.

  3. Kraft is the ultimate hypocrite, whether in reference to spygate or in the fact here, that his wife is quite the animal activist!
    Btw Patsy-wagon, gotta love those little gillette logo on the Patsy uni’s…Kraft is deplorable!!!

  4. I think that one overlooked benefit to the the Pats signing Vick is that it would deflect virtually all of the attention away from Tom Brady’s surgically repaired knee. That’s a win for the team even if Vick never plays a down in the regular season.

  5. Can’t imagine Bob Kraft allowing Vick to play for his Patriots. Remember Christian Peter?

  6. I have a 100% fact for PFT nation…IC Light Pounder loves men!

  7. You are breaking my heart Florio. I don’t want this douche on my team. Dammit!

  8. Tom Brady, Wildcat-Vick (if signed), Moss, Welker, Galloway, Fred Taylor, Kevin Faulk, etc. Damn, that’s an offense to be wrecking with. Gonna be hard to slow that down and i’m a Saints fan to the heart. But at the same time, i give credit where it’s due!

  9. Go ahead and sign him. It’ll be even more reason to hate the Patriots. This is getting close to justification to stop paying attention to the NFL.

  10. Barstool Sports also “reported” that Jerry Remy was returning to the Red Sox Broadcast after a bout with cancer: they were wrong.
    They could be right but they are more than likely wrong. I wouldn’t call them a good source, they are more like an entertainment venue.

  11. For cheap money its worth it for any franchise to take a look at this asshole. If he makes it out of TC successfully then why not take a risk with him and if he doesnt then it was still worth the press and hype.

  12. Since that Pats are #2 on my hierarchy of teams I like, I feel like I should comment. Belichick, et al., are usually gun shy about this kind of player who brings instant distraction, so I’d be shocked if this were true. I really hope there’s no signing in our future here because I was really looking forward to rooting against Favre and Vick this year, and there’s now a chance I won’t get to do either one. Oh well, at least I still have T.O.

  13. Look for Childress to swoop in and “steal” Vick from the Patriots. Remember, he pulled a fast one on old Billy Boy through his top secret covert snagging of Percy “Pot Pipe” Harvin. Think about it…. Vick could show him how to smuggle weed in a water bottle with a secret compartment in it.

  14. Vick was in a courtroom this morning in Newport News (even shot by the local news and broadcast at noon). He must have jumped on a plain and hightailed it up north pretty fast.
    …and as if everyone didn’t need another reason to hate the Patriots, in walks Mike Vick.

  15. Florio is furiously trying to find a way to spin Vick torturing dogs into a “Patriot positive”!

  16. I bet you are quick to take him back if he killed someone. You guys are clowns. GET OVER THE DOGS….HATERS! He’s done his time….stop dragginig it on jesus h christ!!!!!

  17. Why do guys keep talking like Vick sucked at qb? He was a 3 time probowler and rushed for 1,000 yds his last season. You name another 3 time pro bowl qb that “stinks”. Geez just cause you don’t like the guy, dont degrade his ability. If he sucked then why was he a 100 million dollar man that was the posterchild of the NFL and Nike? Exactly…I love the way people think they can change history, he wasn’t a traditional qb, but he was a winner. His accuracy could improve but so could a lot of qb’s. He still has a cannon, is faster than most wr’s and is a playmaker in general

  18. I hate the Patriots as much as the next guy, but you have to admit, they’ll do anything to win.
    A Lions Fan

  19. Actually, this is about the only potential Vick destination that makes sense to me at the moment. Because of their success, the Patriots and Belichick have the trust of their community and fans moreso than any other team in the league, so the backlash would probably me minimized more in New England than it would be anywhere else if they signed him.
    And for as much as I despise what Vick did, I can still recognize that if they can design an offensive package of plays with Brady at QB and then Moss, Welker and Galloway flanked out and then have Vick at halfback or as some sort of wingback or motioning slot WR, that’s a really scary thought because all you have to do is find a way to get Vick the ball in the open field and there’s a good chance he will do something with it.
    And I don’t even want to begin trying to tell how to try and defense an offensive package with that much potential.

  20. If most teams picked him up they would be laughed at by the media. ESPN’s boytoy (Bob Kraft) signs Vick and theyll make it into a great comeback story. Give me a break.

  21. Vick fits perfectly in with the New England sports culture. Win at all costs and kill all the dogs in the way!!!!!!

  22. Bow wow wow, yippie yo, yippie yay, pickin’ up a little help for a wounded Brady.
    Gillette Stadium inter office memo being drafted as we blog:
    “Please pull ‘Who Let the Dog’s Out’ from all stadium playlists.”
    A Ron Mexico custom jersey in Patriot Red, White, and Blue? Christ, like that organization needs any other reason for folks to take shots at them.

  23. vbeach31
    he was a terrible QB his passer rating was ass i don’t think he ever had a 3,000 yard passing season, and as for being a winner, hmm what the hell did he win??? all of 2 playoff games maybe
    vick had (maybe still has) great speed he had fantastic highlights (which is why he was a poster boy), but as a field general he sucked.
    now if you put him in a slash position he would be one of the most dangerous players in the nfl no doubt with his speed and average throwing ability, i don’t know how his hands are, but with as athletic as he is i wouldn’t doubt they are at least average. but will his pride get in the way like it did with kordell stewart??/ time will tell

  24. You Flouride, your forgetting one major aspect with the Vick to Pats rumor. The Pats are going to London this season for the NFL’s big export game. Might not look to good if one of the teams that is playing over seas has a convicted felon on its squad.
    “Hey Europe, look at OUR brand of Football, see that guy running with the ball, he just got out of jail for killing dogs, so what do you think of our game now?”
    Ya think Goodell will be OK with this?

  25. I don’t quite understand the Patriots interest in Vick. If it is stricly as a backup, fine. But to use him at all in any Wildcat or similar formation does not make any sense because every snap Vick is out there, means Tom brady is not. Sure there are some formations maybe where both are on the field – but isn’t that a waste? If Tom brady is on the field, you want him under center at QB. Do you want to use him split out as a decoy, or running any sort of pass route, or blocking for a run?
    And if Vick is interested, this shows the lack of interest in him from other teams. Why would he want to go to a team where his playing time would be limited. Wouldn’t he want to go someplace where possibly he would have a chance to start at some point?

  26. vbeach31 says:
    July 31, 2009 2:33 PM
    Why do guys keep talking like Vick sucked at qb? He was a 3 time probowler and rushed for 1,000 yds his last season. You name another 3 time pro bowl qb that “stinks”. Geez just cause you don’t like the guy, dont degrade his ability. If he sucked then why was he a 100 million dollar man that was the posterchild of the NFL and Nike? Exactly…I love the way people think they can change history, he wasn’t a traditional qb, but he was a winner. His accuracy could improve but so could a lot of qb’s. He still has a cannon, is faster than most wr’s and is a playmaker in general
    You really think so?
    I would think all that jailhouse man-meat forcibly rammed into his endzone night after night (while being ordered to bark like a dog) for the past 2 years would really diminish his overall athleticism (not to mention confidence).
    I’m thinking it might be hard to scramble when your balloon-knot’s been stretched to the size of a wishing well, don’t you think?
    But who knows? Maybe a loose as-terisk is exactly what he needed to start passing accurately.
    At least we all can all agree that he wasn’t over-rated when he was playing, right?
    And that the media has NO interest in seeing him be successful again–and not just for Rush’s reasons, but because if there’s ONE thing the media can’t stand doing, it’s tearing down celebrities, only to build them back up again, then reporting on the whole “redemption” angle throughout the whole thing in order for gullible suckers to buy into it, right?

  27. I have my doubts about this rumor. First, Vick schedules a vist with the Patriots on the same day as a bankruptcy hearing? Doubtful. Second, all these rumors seem to be based on the sole fact that New England has not publicly stated they are not interested in Vick. Since when does not saying anything mean that you are interested? Belichick is well known for not giving away any information, so he never has said anything along the lines of “we’re not interested in this player”; why would that change now?
    Third, why would New England want to take the ball out of Tom Brady’s hands? The wildcat was initiated by Miami to make up for an ineffective offense; that is hardly a problem the Patriots face. Fourth, if you want to counter a team using the wildcat you adjust your defense, not your offense. Going out and signing a player like Vick because somebody else ran the wildcat against you is like saying a team should draft a running back because their defense ranked last in rushing yardage allowed.
    Finally, how does Vick fit in with the patriots offensive scheme? Their offense is predicated on the QB quickly making the correct read based on the defensive formation, and then delivering an accurate pass. Vick has never shown that reading an opponent’s defense is a strength of his, and passing accuracy may be his biggest weakness on the field. Why would New England want to take one of the NFL’s best offenses and either bring in somebody that doesn’t fit that system, or scrap what has been an effective system and install a new plan to suit Vick?
    Time will tell but I just don’t believe Vick is going to new England. More likely it’s a smokescreen to get Brad Childress to over react and sign Vick.

  28. Well, the pats are the only organization that would be immune from the political fallout from signing that dirtbag.

  29. Okay….in todays world of technology why did not someone get a picture of Vick in the airplane or at the airport? Seems as if before they dialed their cell phone, they could have clicked it first. How much money would the average fan get it he made the scoop of Vick flying to Boston? I’m sure some agency would pay for the picture. Makes me want to fly to Boston…so I can get the picture of him leaving.

  30. he killed those dogs, so that looks more like hate than anything one can merely say about him.
    vick supporters are confused. they think words they dont like are hate. they think actual bad things their guy did are merely mistakes and not hate.
    ghetto public schooling is getting lousier by the day, apparently.
    and he was punished for interstate racketerring / gambling, not killing dogs.
    his fellow nubian buster poindexter made sure he didnt serve a day in jail for killing dogs.
    the steelers also would not be criticized. likely the colts too.

  31. Vick is a sadist, a felon and a compulsive gambler with a mountain of debt. However, that in itself isn’t why he shouldn’t be signed. The real reason is because he sucks. End of story.

  32. Funny that Vick is being reported as in Boston seeing how last night he touched down in Seattle to speak with the Seahawks. True fact!

  33. Am I the only guy on here that knows Mike Vick was in Seattle Thursday night talking to the Seahawks?

  34. Why would any coach say that he is not interested in Vick? Vick was never very good to begin with, so I can’t imagine why anyone would be interested. But, if I were a coach, the only time I would say that I wasn’t interested in him would be if I was interested in him. Or maybe not. The whole point is to keep any GM or coach who may want him guessing about my intentions.
    Note to Mr. Flurio – add to your summer reading list Sun Tsu’s The Art of War
    Chapter 1 – “All warfare is based upon deception.” Do you think that might be applicable here?

  35. You guys are really funny! Y’all are much like my husband.
    Ok, I work at a dog shelter. I’m petite. Grew up with sporting dogs, so was afraid of Pit Bulls. However, I’ve gotten to know a few –they used to be considered “nursery dogs” before and during the Civil War. The ones I know love me to death. They get up on their hind legs and put their front paws on my shoulders. They have guard dog personalities unless they’re with their people, and some are friendly to strangers.
    Anyone who is cruel to animals–and I know this for sure–has major psychological problems. Picking on animals and defenseless people is very serious. Is winning the game worth employing sadists?

  36. Big Stretch-
    If you’re a Buffalo Bills Fan and you watch their games. If I’m not mistaken….Didn’t he and the falcons beat you at HOME? Vick was a guy that was lazy and played in the “NFL” based on talent alone. He wasn’t a student of the game, never stayed in the film room or after practice to better his ability to pass, and now he gets a second chance to make it right. If someone like Coach B get’s him you can only imagine what he would be like on that field. You might as well kiss your playoff dreams goodbye for the next 6 years or so.

  37. i will say that NE is one of the few places vick could go and not get away with starting some locker room shitstorm about how he should be starting over the not-ghettoized incumbent.
    but i dont think they would bother with him.

  38. The guy did his time get over it.. There are people that have done alot worse and they have gotten second chances.. what about the juicers the fakes of football hmmm.. That’s ok right WRONG.. They cheat and get paid big money.. So people get over Vicks..

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