Bryant Johnson on NFI due to . . . golf cart accident

When we mentioned in the Beanie Wells injury post that the word “cart” when used in the football context rarely is a good thing unless preceded by the word “golf,” that’s not an automatic proposition, either.

Lions receiver Bryant Johnson has started his first camp in Detroit on the non-football injury list due to an offseason golf cart accident.

“Bryant, unfortunately, had a golf cart accident back in early July,” coach Jim Schwartz said, according to Tom Kowalski of  “It was something we were well aware of.  We took a couple of trips down to Atlanta to see him.

“There are no orthopedic issues with it, a lot of superficial wounds, road rash and those kinds of things.  We’ll take our time . . . with him.”

Johnson also talked about the mishap.

“In the community that I live in, everybody uses golf carts to get around.  [The golf cart] got out of control and it was on two wheels and it fell over.  I was driving, and it fell over on my side.  It slid about 10 yards.  There was a hill, but it wasn’t a steep hill.”

We suppose it looked a little something like this.

10 responses to “Bryant Johnson on NFI due to . . . golf cart accident

  1. When you mentioned the golf cart in the last post, this was exactly what I was thinking about.

  2. As an amateur golfer & a professional drinker……i can say golf carts can be very dangerous!
    Once on the 16th hole at my local course, i ran the cart into a creek(totally not my fault), & my buddy couldn’t swim.
    It wasn’t very deep, but all our beer had gone under, & my buddy wouldn’t let it go. He nearly drowned trying to save the last 6-pack!!
    The cart sank like a stone, however, & after i saved him & the 6-pack, we had to leave quickly.

  3. How the Fu^k do you wreck a golf cart? It’s not like you were going 60 MPH down the freeway!

  4. LOL……no broken bones…..just road rash….Schwartz is da man! How do you flip a golf cart??? It don’t matter how, you just ain’t really lived til you do!
    AND he’s just one of the vet’s that Schwartz is giving a break. Coach knows who to keep happy. I’m sure he would have had no problem being at camp today……..

  5. ” [The golf cart] got out of control and it was on two wheels and it fell over. I was driving, and it fell over on my side.”
    Translation: I was driving recklessly and was probably drunk.

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