Lemon visited Pats on Friday

A major stir was created on Friday afternoon, when Jeff Darlington of the Miami Herald reported that quarterback Mike Vick would be working out for the Patriots at 3:30 p.m. EDT.

As it turns out, it wasn’t Mike Vick.  (And we can now — and forever — say with a high degree of confidence that the only way Mike Vick ever will be in Foxborough is as a member of the visiting team.)

But another quarterback worked out for the Patriots yesterday, at or about 3:30 p.m. EDT.

It was Cleo Lemon, a five-year veteran who has been bouncing around the league of late.

Sure, both Lemon and Vick are African-American.  But Lemon looks nothing like Vick.

Meanwhile, we continue to receive e-mails from readers insisting that Vick was in Pittsburgh on Friday.

9 responses to “Lemon visited Pats on Friday

  1. “if pats get Vick, i guarentee he proofs everyone wrong”
    I think you need to proof your writing…
    What does he need to prove anyways? I haven’t really heard anyone doubting his ability. The reason people are hesitant to sign him is because it could be bad for PR. It’s not a question of his playing ability…

  2. he’s gonna proof everyone wrong huh??? I can’t wait to see that, w/e it means.

  3. he could be a model citizen and it would still be a distraction. whoever signs him will deal with massive PR issues, PETA protests at home games, etc etc…
    he’d still have teams interested if he was a good QB. unfortunately for him, he’s not.

  4. You’re correct, Mr. Florio. Cleo Lemon is two inches taller than Mike Vick and has a better career completion percentage. I’m curious where Darlington got his tip, though. You would thing he’d recognize a player who started seven games for the Dolphins in 2007, given he writes for the MIAMI Herald.

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