MCL sprain for Tarvaris

A league source tells us that Vikings quarterback Tarvaris Jackson has undergone an MRI to gauge the extent of the damage he suffered today during a training-camp scrimmage.

Per the source, Jackson suffered an MCL sprain. 

Initial word is that it’s only a Grade I sprain, and that Tarvaris might be day-to-day.

If it’s Grade II or worse, however, Jackson likely would miss multiple weeks — which likely would make Sage Rosenfels the Week One starter by default.

Meanwhile, we’re still wondering why in the hell defensive lineman Letroy Guion’s body made contact with the red-shirted Jackson.

I don’t know,” Guion told Sean Jensen of the St. Paul Pioneer Press regarding the cause of the injury.  “It was the heat of the moment.  Things were moving fast.”

Apparently, the Vikings would be wise to replace the red jersey with a portable plastic bubble.

37 responses to “MCL sprain for Tarvaris

  1. Jackson is fragile. He’s been hurt every year in the league. I can’t blame Guion unless I hear he did something stupid.

  2. “StartTarvaris says:
    August 1, 2009 1:30 PM
    The Vikings need to him or they don’t win more than 5 games. ”
    That is true.
    With him, they have a 50-50 shot at winning six games.

  3. Paging Mike Vick… paging Mike Vick to the purple courtesy phone… You have a call from Brad Childress…

  4. Wait, didn’t Jackson have the same injury last season? It caused him to miss the final 2 preseason games and he was barley ready for week 1 VS Green Bay. If he is out in a similar fashion this year, were screwed. What happens if Sage isn’t cutting it at all? Booty can’t just step in there. We need Tarvaris, even if he doesn’t start.

  5. Built in excuse for Chilly to get down on his knees and beg Brent Favre to re-consider.
    Favre never wanted to go to training camp to begin with, so the longer he holds out on the Vikings, the greater the chance they sign him the week prior to the last pre season game so he can ride in on his white horse to ‘save” the franchise.
    Doesn’t matter, its still a lost cause.

  6. OK – I know enough trivia to know that John Travolta wa the boy in the plastic bubble as well as a star of Grease, so I’m up on the reference
    The question is – why is it relevant?

  7. “The question is – why is it relevant?”
    Because this is Pro Football Talk. Tavaris Jackson plays pro football.

  8. @joesixpack . . . .
    the bigger question is why is any of the crap we throw in to spice up the news relevant?
    it’s not relevant. it’s frivolous. but the goal is to give those of you with sense of humor something about which to laugh.
    or giggle.
    or chuckle.
    or tee-hee.
    or go “ha!”
    or at least smirk.

  9. bernard berrian just said via twitter that t jax is done for the season: “Sad day for Viking Football. T-Jack is out for the season. Damn!!”

  10. If this turns out to be false, then Berrian should be done with Twitter and this crap. Especially after his Harvin “sighting” yesterday.

  11. goober says:
    The viqueens have alot more problems than not having TJ
    Really? Explain.
    Outside of a new second yr center, the williams wall suspension, and a rookie RT, this team is top 5 in the NFL for talent.
    Not to mention the leagues best RB, the best left gaurd, and having a DT and DE that are the top 3 in the league. And there aren’t too many LB corps better than Henderson, Leber and Greenway
    As for coaching… Chilly did enough to win ten games, and the D was ranked in the top ten with #1 against the run three yrs in a row.

  12. Here comes Andrew Walters.
    No telling what he could do behind a real good offensive line.

  13. I bleed Purple and Gold and that is why I have to say this… Tarvaris Jackson getting injured is the only chance the Vikings have at winning the Superbowl he doesn’t have “it”, he gets hurt way too much, the man is soft. Point blank period. I was behind trading for Rosenfels, I was behind pursuing Favre and I am now pushing for Mike Vick because all three of them give my favorite NFL team the best chance to CONSISTENTLY win games.

  14. What else is new? He’s always injured. Ironically the Queenie’s seem to always call Rodgers fragile, even though all he’s done is start a full season.

  15. t-jack isnt the answer. he went 3-4 last year. gus went 7-3.
    it is amazing the junk posts that say that they cant win without t-jack at qb now. just about anyone gives them a better chance to win. including the dog-killer.
    t-jack isnt a drop back qb and he also isnt really a wildcat qb.

  16. If I were a Vikings fan I’d say start Sage Rosenfels and use Tarvaris Jackson as the wildcat QB.
    This team is very capable at making a serious run at the big game this year.
    By the way….
    I would give the return of comment ratings a 6/5.

  17. Come on, the guy probably wasn’t going to be the starter anyhow, and now Rosenfels can get all the reps, which he needs to get used to the offense. Lord Favre is waiting to ride to the rescue of the Pack after McCarthy accidently steps on and breaks Rodgers’ foot racing to beat him to the lunch line for the biggest piece of pizza.

  18. Second and third the bringing back of comment ratings.
    Also, it should be set up so if you rate your own comment, it automatically records it as a 1, regardless of what you rated it.

  19. I dont have to explain… I can be as unreasonable as I like, along with 90% of the posts on this site.

  20. Jackson is terrible QB.
    He couldn’t hit his plate with his fork.
    Most people work harder at getting a suntan than he does at learning to be a QB.
    He will soon be a forgotten draft bust.

    C’mon Vikings fans. You know you still want him.

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