Singletary encouraged by booing of Alex Smith

49ers quarterback Alex Smith, the No. 1 overall pick in the 2005 draft, is trying to remove the “bust” label that has been figuratively tattooed onto his tookis by most followers of pro football.

So far, it’s not working.

Per Kevin Lynch of the San Francisco Chronicle, Smith was booed every time he made a mistake during practice on Saturday by the 1,000 or so fans who were in attendance.

And head coach Mike Singletary believe it’s a good thing.  A very good thing.

I think it’s outstanding,” Singletary said after practice, since it gets Smith ready for the potential reception in front of more than 60,000 like-minded Niners fans.

“That’s going to happen, keep moving forward, get better,” Singletary said.

Hey, at least Singletary didn’t advise Smith to drop his pants and moon them.

17 responses to “Singletary encouraged by booing of Alex Smith

  1. I believe the word is Tuchas or sometimes Tochas, but mostly Tuchas. So get it right you silly Shikse.

  2. Tuchus is the correct spelling of the word in the first sentence.
    “That’s going to happen, keep moving forward, get better,” Singletary said.
    Translation: Shaun Hill is our starter.

  3. How long before Singletary gets labeled as a coach who can’t groom young talent?? Clashes with Vernon Davis and Michael Crabtree, along with the rough relationship between Smith and the franchise as a whole, can’t be good for the future of the organization. I know everyone likes Singletary’s old school hard-ass mentality, but at some point you have to relate to the players of today; as bitchy and whiney as they can be at times…

  4. The fans are just helping by giving practice a real game feel. He has let too many fans down for too long. He is no longer in their grace period, from now on any mistakes he makes, big or small, he is going to hear it from the niner nation. I do really hope he is strong enough to overcome it.

  5. “That’s going to happen, keep moving forward, get better,” Singletary said.
    Problem is…… This is most likely as good as it gets.
    Alex Smith will looking for a new home next year.

  6. I know I shouldn’t expect any unbiased reporting from Florio or Kevin Lynch, but Maiocco and Barrows (very respectable beat writers, unlike Lynch) actually gave details. The fans booed Smith for throwing the ball away (because that’s such terrible thing to do) and when a receiver ran a wrong route and Smith threw to where he thought the receiver was supposed to be.
    There are a lot of smart 49ers fans, but there are just as many idiots. I’d assume the latter were the ones doing the booing.
    Remember, it was the very first practice of camp and the offense always starts slower than the defense. Aside from that detail, it’s only one freakin practice!
    And to the guy who talks about Singletary grooming young talent, he should probably know what he’s talking about before he posts. Once Singletary took over as head coach, the young players began to shine and played a pivotal role in the 5-2 finish in the last 7 games.

  7. Hosstyle in Tampa:
    All due respect, but you’re wrong. I live in the Bay Area, but am not a 9ers fans. I do follow them, though, and the Vernon Davis incident ended with Davis pretty much publicly thanking Singletary for giving him the kick in the ass that he needed.
    Don’t know if Singletary will end up being a good head coach or not. I’m a little skeptical because I agree with DarthPirate that he has a screw loose. But I really don’t think he has a problem relating to today’s players.

  8. What?!?! Singletary dropped his pants?!?! Oh god! I haven’t heard that 8,000,000 times already! Get some new material, Florio.

  9. Yea i love Singletary but i think he may have some old tom coughlin in him, meaning he could be too demanding on these players. Its sad but true that like the youth of today, these athletes are babied and pampered so much that they can’t handle harsh sharp direct ctiticisim in a tone that Singletary has (The ones who can go to the military). I remember reading a story that said many people who knew Singletary when he got the job told him “dont killem” meaning they knew that he would be hard on his players. Then you hear about how hard the team is going during training camp. We will see how he does…….

  10. I think Singletary is going to be very entertaining.
    Wow – so many people on this site bash Florio. What gives? The guy is funny and the site is the best one for NFL news. Plus Florio Jr. rocks . .

  11. If he is engouraged by booing fans, just imagine how happy Singletary would have been last year had he been the coach of the Lions.

  12. I understand you cover alot of teams but if you’re gonna make a story on something please read the whole article before you write on in Florio. He got booed but he had a good practice.
    @Big M: Your thinking is exactly how I feel.

  13. Of course there’s no mention of how Smith rebounded with an excellent team session during the afternoon practice…

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