Beanie won't be back right away

Though Cardinals rookie running back Beanie Wells indeed has a sprained ankle, it looks like he won’t be back soon, as previously suggested.

Coach Ken Whisenhunt addressed the situation on Sunday, and statement implies that Wells won’t be back until the middle of the week at the earlier — and that by the middle of the week the team might conclude that he’ll be out even longer.

“His M.R.I. revealed a right ankle sprain but at this point it doesn’t appear serious, which is obviously good news,” Whisenhunt said in remarks released by the team.  “In terms of missing time, it’s tough to say now but we should have a better idea in the coming days.”

Different types of ankle sprains entail different amounts of recovery time.  The so-called “high ankle sprain” often requires a month or more of rest and treatment.

17 responses to “Beanie won't be back right away

  1. I hope the analysists weren’t right about Wells and he stays healthy. The Cards need a threat in the backfield and if Wells can’t stay healthy then there isn’t going to be a good balance on offense..

  2. Do you call yourself a writer? I would certainly hope not, since your first sentence doesn’t make sense.
    “Though Cardinals rookie running back Beanie Wells indeed has a sprained ankle, it looks like he won’t be soon, as previously suggested.”
    Should be written similar to:
    “Though Cardinals rookie running back Beanie Wells has suffered only a sprained ankle, it looks like he won’t be seeing action anytime soon.”
    That makes sense.
    I’m not a professional, but what I wrote makes more sense than what you wrote.

  3. Awesome rb when healthy but, dude is always getting hurt- Just like when he was at Ohio State.

  4. @marshallugrad09 . . .
    actually, i inadvertently left out the word “back”.
    thanks for pointing it out.
    and good luck in your job search. if you ever get around to actually starting it.

  5. @marshallugrad09- your a douchebag. Stop bothering Florio. This is actually a busy football time and he does not have the time to respond to your dumbass. If your going to post dumb comments, do it before training camp opens. Your screen name explains why you were not able to figure out that he simply left out “back”.

  6. It is nice to know that a writer treats his readers like this. Good to know who to ignore from here on out. If ever I see another Floria article, I will skip it and tell everyone I know that Mike Florio is a dick. I only registered to comment on this. Hopefully, there will be a job open on this website soon for someone who can comment professionally.
    As a person who is not a writer, I dont feel the need to be professional and can call the writer a dick without feeling bad.
    Mike Florio and all writers should have more restraint than to lambaste a reader for correcting their mistakes, even if that reader is rude in the way they state it.
    You can tell a lot about a person by the way they treat their customers (readers). Mr Florio would fit right in at McDonalds.

  7. Oh Florio, forgot to mention in my post to Douchbaggrad09 that if you have time to respond to that moron, you certainly have time to fix my original screen name which I have asked you to do twice now.

  8. Will not read anything on PFT or NBC sports again.
    Fire the jerk and get a writer with a little less hubris.

  9. @marshallugrad09 . . .
    actually, i inadvertently left out the word “back”.
    thanks for pointing it out.
    and good luck in your job search. if you ever get around to actually starting it.
    LMAO. I got to cut you some slack considering how many articles you have to post. There are bound to be some errors.
    Im glad the Saints didnt draft Wells. He has bust written all over him.

  10. He’ll never be any kind of significant running back in the NFL. He is never 100%. It’s always something.
    He’ll be the NFL’s version of the NBA’s Tracy McGrady. Horrible draft pick.

  11. Beanie was a good running back in college when he was healthy, but he got dinged up too often to be considered great. Cardinals needed a RB and they thought he was the best left on the board. Considering the spot he was drafted, Beanie’s going to be more of a disappointment than a bust.

  12. I laugh at people who say a player a bust after one practice. Nobody knows what’ll happen. Remember when Fred Taylor was too fragile to play football?
    Besides it overlooks the main point that Arizona spent a low dollar pick on Wells, so if he’s great they have value, if he’s a bust they’re not out top 5 money on him like Chicago did with Cedric Benson.
    Not to pick on the Bears, that’s just the first player that came to mind.

  13. The Cards can only hope that “Hightower” doesn’t get hurt and go down. If this guy is always hurt, the running game will suffer.
    Maybe they can bring in Eugene Tackleberry?

  14. BrownsTown says:
    August 2, 2009 6:16 PM
    You haven’t been reading this site very long, have you?
    Good point, BrownsTown. I’ve been reading it long enough to expect at least one grammatical mistake or spelling error in every post. At this point it’s overkill to point out the fool mistakes of the authors.
    However, the volume of posts is absolutely no excuse for spelling or grammatical mistakes.

  15. @grubish
    Go tell your two friends that Florio is a dick. The guy telling him the way he did is the dick. This is a free site that Florio has never charged for. The same people that complain about the site, login here and read it everyday. If you can find a better site, go there and read it. Yeah there are some grammatical errors but there are alot of posts. Florio constantly gets his balls busted by the same A holes that read it every day and he rarely says anything back. Good for him if doesn’t want to put up with a comment like that. Now go get back to watching your ice skating.

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