Maclin's absence could limit his special teams reps

Apart from the reality that rookie receiver Jeremy Maclin’s holdout is keeping him from getting ready to crack the wideout rotation in his first season with the Eagles, Maclin’s absence is giving others an opportunity to keep the nineteenth overall pick from contributing in the return game.

Special teams coordinator Ted Daisher addressed the situation on Sunday, pointing out several solid options that the teams have to return kickoffs and punts.

Daisher said that Quintin Demps and Ellis Hobbs will handle the kick returns, and that DeSean Jackson will be the punt returner.

Daiser added that, once Maclin arrives, he’ll be in the mix at both duties.  But, as a practical matter, the longer it takes for him to get there, the harder it’ll be for Maclin to take reps away from the guys who are getting an opportunity each and every day to strengthen their hold on these jobs.

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    The picks around him have been signed, they have offered him more than the 19th pick last year, and with the exception of Crabtree, every other first round WR has been signed…..GET IN CAMP, MACLIN!!!!!

  2. It’s not like he’s going to get cut this year. Maybe he doesn’t WANT special teams reps. I’m not saying that’s the right attitude, but if he thinks he’s god’s gift at WR, and he’s enough of a stereotypical WR Diva, he may consider that news to be a positive.

  3. looks like he is going to have to settle for the 5 year deal, since the length is what was holding up the negotiations. Good, its about time these rookies and their agents get the shit end of the stick, lets not forget they are rookies they have not earned the right to drive a hard bargin.

  4. Wait so if he’s not at training camp, his reps will be limited? Thanks for the newsflash!
    Maclin will be signed by the end of this Monday, mark my words.

  5. I’m losing interest everyday he stays away. Obiously he thinks he’s a Diva before he even shows up. I’ve got no room for him anymore. The hell with him I’ll root for those who care enough about the FANS and the TEAM . He is coming on as a “me, me, me first” loser. A “for who for what”mentality. Boooooo to him. He’ll probably stink anyway.

  6. Given that in all of his interviews/workout tapes, he seems like a decent and well-grounded kid, either he’s a diva in disguise or his agent is buzzing too loudly in his ear.
    Maclin can go screw. Philly fans have an explosive go-to receiver in DeSean, who comes and works his butt off to better the team.
    Now, making big yards and TDs will be a quick way to make the fans forget about his cash-grab tactics, but it’ll be hard to do that when Andy has him riding the pine.
    Bunkley did the same thing a number of years ago, and it limited his production severely the following year. Luckily, with Curtis back our receivers are improved enough.

  7. I am so sick and tired of reading fan comments about “selfish athletes” or “me first” or “diva” when it comes to first round picks. First of all, they are called negotiations for a reason and his agent is the one who calls the shots. For fans to say these things is just ignorant and irresponsible. He has to make sure he can get every dime that he can now. In football, you can’t take the approach that “my next contract will be my big one”. Injuries are too prevelant.
    Maclin is a rookie who is going through this for the first time, he would be wise to listen to his agent and allow the professional to do the negotiations. To say he needs to tell his agent to get a deal done just shows that you are allowing your emotions as a fan get in the way of logic. Quit posting such dumb shit and think before you type. Morons.

  8. It couldn’t be Joe Banner’s fault? You idiots will be cheering for Maclin once the season starts.

  9. I didn’t know you were a former NFL player Indyeagle, that you care so much about empathizing with a soon-to-be multi-millionaire instead of a fan, the person for whom the NFL exists, and who is ultimately supplying that kid with all of that money. Who cares about him getting what he can? He hasn’t taken the field to prove a thing.
    It’s just as likely his agent causing the logjam, but thinking that the paying customer is a moron is almost as smart as calling people morons on the internet.

  10. He doesn’t have to take the field to prove a thing, that is not how the system is set up. If your post was concerning the system being out of whack, I wouldn’t have said a thing. However, your (and others) contention that Maclin is some how selfish for doing the same thing any intelligent person would do is ridiculous.
    I don’t decide who to sympathize with based on how much money they do or don’t have, I sympathize based on the situation. I have no empathy for anyone I have never met or walked in their shoes.
    As far as the moron comment, you are right and I apologize. Don’t think for a second that the paying customer isn’t a moron in a lot of cases though.

  11. Indyeagle, in theory you are right, and players do have a right to get the most money they can for their services.
    However it is tough to empathize with millionaires arguing with billionaires in these (or any actually) economic conditions.
    There are homeless and jobless people out there that would love to make a tiny fraction of what this clown will be making.

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