Malcolm Jenkins trying to pull a Darrelle Revis?

So we’ve been trying to figure out why it is that Saints cornerback Malcolm Jenkins, the 14th pick in the 2009 draft, is still a holdout, given that the 13th overall pick (Brian Orakpo) and the 15th overall pick (Brian Cushing) have signed contracts — and given that both players are represented by CAA, the same firm that represents Jenkins.

And then it hit us, thanks to a question we received on Twitter as to the apparent absence of six-year deals at the top of the 2009 draft. 

Two years ago, Jets cornerback Darrelle Revis finagled what essentially amounts to a four-year deal with a two-year buyback that would pay him $16 million guaranteed.

And Revis was the 14th pick in the draft.

Last year, the 14th selection (Bears tackle Chris Williams) didn’t press for the same structure.  But we’ve got a feeling that, since Jenkins and Revis play the same position, CAA will try to get the same kind of deal for Jenkins.

Anyway, it’s all speculation.  But it’s somewhat informed speculation, and we’ll leave it to the real journalists to find out whether it’s accurate.  (We know how much they like it when their editors forward one of our stories to them with a direction to confirm or debunk it.)

19 responses to “Malcolm Jenkins trying to pull a Darrelle Revis?

  1. I can clear this up for everyone. He’s a former Buckeye. They either get hurt before the season starts, or they hold out before the season starts. And in either case, they under perform and suck when they eventually do see the field. ie Vernon Gholston

  2. #13 Brian Orakpo had Dan Snyder money thrown his way like a Jake Delhomme pass to the Arizona Cardinals defense, while #15 Texans linebacker Brian Cushing was RRRRRROOOOOAAAAAARRRRRRRIIIIIINNNNNGGGGGG to get on with the show.
    Malcolm Jenkins’ status is clearly laid out above in the first comment.

  3. No one loves bashing Mangini and Tannenbaum for their amateurish dealings in the front office, but the Revis deal – aside from being out of the norm – wasn’t half bad.
    On the surface it was a 4 year deal with a lower signing bonus… upon closer inspection the team had options in year 5 and 6 – though that was a pretty big price tag.
    Still, it becomes a question of risk reward. If Revis panned out and became a premier player they could still keep him but would have to pay a premium… primarilly because Revis will have earned it and be worth it.

  4. Don’t blame Revis for his holdout. Tannendumb and Mangini dug their feet in and demanded a 6 year contract when all players at his lot get 5 year contracts. Tannendumb and Mangini tried to save face by agreeing to a 6 year with the buyout after 4 years with significant escalators if it indeed does go 6 years. While it allowed the two to save face it turned out to be a terrible deal for the Jets. If they had not tried to change the rules of the game Revis would have agreed to a standard 5 year contract and the Jets would have been better off. Then again the Jets would have been much better off if Tannendumb had not substantially overpaid Gholston last year to justify reaching for him at 6.
    But then again Tannendumb cares little about the financial mess he is creating as he will be elsewhere when its time to pay off his debt. Just like Parcells was nowhere to be seen when he with Tannendumb’s help left the Jets in financial ruins which ended up costing the Jets Belicheck as their coach as no legit coach would touch a team in as bad a financial mess as the Jets were in back in 2000. Bradway takes a lot of heat form Jet fans but he did a great job of extending Parcells/Tannendumbs debt out until the CBA wiped it out. Although it meant the Jets had to lose quite a lot in talent during those years.

  5. Yeah, those Buckeyes all suck at the pro level, huh… the Steelers are really kicking themselves over the Santonio Holmes pick, I’m sure.

  6. @Darth Ringo: For a first round pick, he still hasn’t reached 1000 yards. Great example.

  7. Dude, out of all the Buckeyes that have been drafted, you’re going to cite Santonio Holmes. Pathetic. I think you proved my point. Thanks

  8. I can’t believe you used Santonio Holmes your positive Buckeye example. He had 55 catches last year for 821 yards and 5 TDS Wow!
    Although he probably was the best example you could use, because the Buckeyes are national champs when it comes to NFL busts.

  9. OSU has had their fair share of busts, but when it comes to DB, OSU has produced some of the best. Jenkins will be a stud, there is not doubt about that.

  10. Busts like Antoine Winfield, Nate Clements, Nick Mangold, AJ Hawk, Chris Gamble, Joey Galloway, Mike Vrabel, Will Smith, Orlando Pace, Shawn Springs…gholston may be a bust, but i also remember everyone ripping apart mario williams after year one too… while not stellar santonio holmes stats are good for a number 2 receiver in a run first offense.

  11. OSU cranks out so many high NFL picks that some of them are bound to be busts. It’s not a bad problem to have for a college program.

  12. Wow, how things change. Becuase of a few bad bolw games, Ohio State players are now busts. Interesting? How can you call the Super Bowl MVP a bust? Dude, look how stupid you sound! 9 catches 131 yards and a game winning TD in the Bowl!! He could never catch another pass and he wouldn’t be a bust. You play to win the game! This isn’t fanasy!

  13. Everyone want to complain about Ohio State Players becoming bust. You have one of the greatest receivers of all time in Chris Carter. You have some of the greatest corners in today games in Winfield, Springs. You have many of todays stars who came from The Ohio State University. I can say every great program dont always make great NFL players. USC has Palmer, who is always hurt, Leinhart, who never plays, Bush who was a college stud but look at him now. Mike Williams, need i say more. Therefore, i guess you might as well say USC isnt a powerhouse collegiate team just because they have bust too. People get your facts right, there are always going to be BUST and STARS no matter here players come from.

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