PFTV looks at Favre's future

For proof positive that the NFL is the dominant sport in America, look no farther than the fact that three guys who don’t even currently have jobs in the NFL (Mike Vick, Plaxico Burress, and Brett Favre) have generated so much buzz and attention lately.

And they’ll continue to do so. 

As to Favre, the PFTV crew looks at whether it really is over — and under what circumstances he might return.

16 responses to “PFTV looks at Favre's future

  1. Now……If PFT had any comedic sense, well besides the obvious Seinfeld references, (which are pretty much played out) they would have run that clip of Forrest Gump riding a tractor, and some GM running up to him in a sundress…….

  2. Speaking of Kevin Colb, I don’t think the guy deserves to be a back-up QB. He should be third-string at the most from what I have seen.

  3. Favre, Vick, and Burress are only news because no one will shut up about them. Vick and Burress are bums, and Favre just needs to stay retired and leave it at that.
    If the media would stop reporting their every move, these guys would all go away.

  4. Of course PFTV looks at Farve’s future.
    Next time you do a Farve segment, look around you and see how happy everyone is. Your cam op rolling his eyes. The stage manager trying to slit his wrists. The board op wanting to cut to black. Yawn.
    Keep it up. Really. The horse that died has kindly asked you to stop beating it.

  5. Favre’s comming back will be a story until it has been atleast 2 full NFL season since he has thrown a pass. Favre’s flirtation with comming back reminds me of something I heard Michael Jordan say when he was enshrined in the baskettball hall of fame. He said that he wasn’t thrilled about it because it meant that people had acknowledged that he could no longer play in the NBA he said that even though he wasn’t playing he still wanted people to think that at any time he could come back and play. Favre no doubt feels the same way as Jordan.

  6. Truth be told, Favre really didn’t have a future except for the sheer desperation of Col Klink and the MN Biqueens. Most knowledgle football personnel depts (that leaves out the Biqueens) saw Favre for what he truly is, a washed up INT Diva. Klink, who needs to save his job, saw Favre as an upgrade, although not necessarily even true, over his rather inept T Jag Off and Sage, the career backup.

  7. I hate changing the subject, but short of emailing Florio can anyone explain why PFTV videos don’t load for me in Firefox. I’m running the latest version. I thought I read on here last night it might have something to do with the AdBlock add on.
    Signed, confused and frustrated.

  8. Shackman, the problem is there is an ad that plays before the videos start. With the AdBlock add-on installed in your Firefox browser, the entire video stops after about 50 seconds.
    It’s annoying, because videos play on YouTube, ESPN, CNN, etc. I’ve asked about it many times but never heard back, probably because the ad revenue is more important to NBC than having happy readers.
    To get around this, disable Adblock Plus from the drop menu and refresh the page. The video will play normally.
    Or — if you don’t want to sit through a 16-second shill for Vagisil or Dennys or whatever, and you dislike the idea of advertising scripts running on your computer — don’t watch the videos. I never do.

  9. I think that Vick is and has always been an overated no good QB. Burress has still got it but no one wants him because of off field conduct. Favre is still and will always be one of the best ever to throw a ball. But Favres retirement, and the other 2s felonies are media sensasions and will continue to be for a while so Florio i wish you’d shut the hell up.

  10. i can think of about 20 teams that would and/or should consider him should their real actual starter go down at some point.
    and they might.
    but the rub is that he would want to go to a team that is quite the contender. not an also ran. he wants a ring AND all the credit.
    and he doesnt want to have to work that hard.
    bf is good for maybe 12 games tops. after that and the wheels have been coming off for years. that means he probly would only be “ok” for all 12 (and not an INT machine) if he started playing after game 8.
    an 8-0 team or a 7-1 team might be inclined to say… we can win with anyone at qb. see ya. those teams are going to the playoffs, bf or no bf.
    a 6-2 or 5-3 team might be intriguing from his and their end.
    i dont see bf hopping onto a 4-4 team unless it is obvious they have underachieved and are still pretty healthy. or a 3-5 team unless they meet those conditions and are only a game out of first in their division (or the wild card bar is way low). and he sees their upcoming schedule is weak.
    a worse record than 3-5 and there is no way bf would go there. cause he knows they wouldnt be going anywhere for the playoffs.
    at this point bf is like pullpecker was early last year. there are simply too many conditions apparent on his end to make anyone want to pick him up. until they run out of bodies.
    he ought to just go into tv. i dont think he was the BEST at reading defenses but i bet he knows who plays hard and who is a dog.

  11. Why don’t you use yourself as your own attribution when you speak? According to Mike Florio, Brett Favre is still looking to play this season. My source, which is me, is telling me, he’s looking for a Roger Clemens type…blah, blah, blah. (Nice steroids link, btw)
    Take it for what it is. He’s out of football and no teams are going to be lining up for his services, even if a player goes down with an injury. Minnesota was his only shot because all the pieces fit. Just let it go already. Let’s move on without him and maybe he will go away.

  12. Why do we want Favre to go away luigiboy? He’s been one of the most exciting players to ever step on the field. It blows my mind that any sports fan would want to see him go away. I for one am very sad that this will be the first “Farveless” season we’ve had since 1992. I find it unbelievable that so many of you are anxious to see him hang it up.

  13. I’m just saying I don’t want to see the guy embarrass himself in another system. Minnesota would have been as good a fit as going back to Green Bay. I don’t think he wants to consume yet another playbook and go down in a flaming heap flinging his arrows with a Custer’s chance of making it through the season alive.
    I was willing to see him suit up for the Vikings, but I’m tired of the media scrutiny. They need to let it go and stop blaming Favre for all the fodder. He said very little during this offseason as they overplayed every little innuendo into some build up that he was going to come back when the writing has been on the wall, just no one wants to see because newspapers need something to sell and websites know what drives traffic…big names like Favre, Favre, Favre. Google it and they will come!
    The media built up fan expectations. The media set many up for a big let down. Reebok didn’t get to sell its jerseys and Minnesota won’t get to stick it to the Packers twice this season.
    I applaud Favre for finally knowing when to call it quits.

  14. You are all forgetting Favre’s motivation for wanting to come back. He wanted to stick it to Ted Thompson and the Packers. Vindictiveness is not really a good reason to play football. Besides, Bus Cook said that the only team he would consider playing for is the Vikings.

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