PFTV looks at the Vikings' prospects without Favre

Now that Brett Favre is out of the picture in Minnesota, and assuming that Tarvaris Jackson’s knee injury is, as reported, a Grade I MCL sprain, what will happen for the defending NFC North champs in 2009?

PFTV explores the subject.

Bottom line?  Whoever wins that starting job for Week One might not feel like he’s really won much of anything.  (But watch it because we say more stuff, too.)

27 responses to “PFTV looks at the Vikings' prospects without Favre

  1. For the love of God, stop using the “F” word and stop with the Favre stories.
    Favre was never even WITH the Vikings, why are you looking at their prospects WITHOUT him? Just say “PFTV looks at the Vikings’ prospects.”

  2. I think T-Jack will win the job and play good knowing Sage is right over his shoulder with a shot at taking hit spot. If you look at the way he ended the regular season last year, he played good and was less afraid to make mistakes when he knew Gus could get back in there at any time.
    After he got benched he said he was simply playing “not to lose”. If he loses that attitude and just plays like he can and has, he can be right there with a lot of good (not great) quarterbacks.

  3. Solid estimate of Sage’s age, we’ll have the carbon dating results back shortly so you can be positive for next time.

  4. Why are TV and radio analysts so into player’s feelings? It’s like watching women talking about soap operas. It is really pathetic. Carlin coined the phrase “pussification of America,” and the football analysts really are a great example of what he meant.

  5. They have no chance without Favre. Their only hope is that Sage and TJ both suffer injuries in training camp which would probably nudge Favre out of retirement.

  6. I could hardly call that words of wisdom, rather words of, I am not a huge Vikings fan and I will use my kinda, sorta, famous name to broadcast that over the net.
    As a loyal Viking fan, loyal to the point of listening to training camp on the radio every day, I am 99% positive that the this will work out for our team this year, and a playoff win is almost a guarantee.
    Notice I did not say Super Bowl win, I am not one of those fans, unless you want to count 1998. Then yes, I admit that I said we would be going to the big one and walking away with a ring.
    New member of the whole PFT thing and am looking forward to having some intelligent typefests in the future. When I say intelligent, I don’t mean junior high insult-athons, talking about Viqueens and Jay Cuntler and the Pac-Queers.
    Unless I’m drunk.

  7. If you turn the sound off and don’t watch the NFL team logos in the background I’d swear you two guys are undertakers discussing the latest in casket accessories. Ask NBC to give you a half decent set for these videos. When I did put the sound on, once more you look for a reason to deride Childress with your briliiant after the fact analysis. We all know your dislike for the Vikings coach, you’ve made that plain enough in previous posts. What I’d really like to see or hear is you and the coach going one on one for us all to get an idea of who really is the “buffoon” here! I think I’ll ask P.A. on KFAN to see if he can set that up next time you call in.

  8. Fan of Football,
    No chance without Favre?
    Same two guys we used to win the division last year.
    Notice I didn’t try to spell the hard names, I would hope you aren’t one of those guys that rips people for that.
    That would make me madd. I mean angery. See, it’s already happening!

  9. Farve is probably better than half the QBs currently starting in the league, and yet the Vikings/Childress look like bafoons for persuing him? What nonsense is that? Especially from a site that hammers on Jackson all the time. So basically the team was doing what this site was suggesting it do in upgrading at QB, yet this site still criticizes the Vikings. Interesting if you look back at all the stories for the past year on this site, the Vikings get bagged on more than any other team and this team is very solid at most positions, and made the playoffs. Why arent you bagging as frequently on the record setting Lions, or the awful Raiders?

  10. why are people still buying into the tjack hype?
    good god! the guy has proven time and time again he will screw up when the pressure is on.
    good for him he threw what, 4 tds, against the lions to pad his stats. i don’t care that he has a 95 QB rating, he is a below average quarterback and will never be much more.
    the fact that vikings fans do not raid the field when chilly sends him out there is astonishing.
    but i sure do love to watch the vikes bang their head against the wall with him.

  11. Doesn’t matter they’ll get knocked out of the first round of the playoffs if they make it that far. This year the Eagles are going to the big dance

  12. it will remain easy to game plan t jack. there are some passes he just cant hit on.
    sage is less mobile but can do more as a passer. he’s their best bet.

  13. Jeremiah,
    If I remember correctly, the game Jackson played in against the Lions, the whole team didn’t even score 4 tds. You must be thinking when he threw those 4 tds against the NFC champion Cardinals.
    Its all about the stats, buddy.

  14. touche’ moezilla,
    stats will be stats….but early,midmand late game blunders and mistakes will remain his forte!

  15. The Vikings need some kind of wonderful at QB. Yes, you won the division, but half the teams you play finished the season at .500 or below and you played the Lions twice? Would you consider that a success? If you do then you’ll get beat 1st round of the playoffs if you have a great year- the most you can ever hope for (see your avg wins over the last 5 years, one loss away from being a .500 team over that entire span). QB needs upgraded for sure- Favre may not be the answer… T-Jack never was the answer, hence can you say bench warmer?

  16. Silly Viking fans trying to make excuses for their crappy QB duo.
    You can talk them up all you want but the the truth is that they both suck and you are not fooling anyone.

  17. I think everyone has forgotten that it doesn’t matter because Brad Childress has a kick ass offense.

  18. This is for all you who thought bringing farve to the vikings was a bad idea. Get ready for another mediocre season where they might get to the playoffs or they might not. Probably the latter, considering the two QBs they have to work with. You made your bed now sleep in it. Ah yes, another average, (or below average) season is upon us. ENJOY!!!!

  19. Their head coach is a douche bag, they don’t have a real #1 WR or at least one that can catch more than 50 balls a season, their secondary is suspect and did I mention the head coach is an idiot?
    There is a reason this franchise has won only one divisional crown in 8 years and the fans will be disappointed again (that much is constant) but they aren’t going anywhere with the QB’s they do have.
    Indoor teams don’t typically fare well and especially teams that play in a glorified toilet bowl.

  20. Winning the division, regardless of the other teams is a success! Apparently you have never played sports and won anything, Chris! All the Vikes need is a QB that can manage the game under presser and than, look out! All you Packer fans will have to look for something else to complain about of the Vikes. Must be sad to go to a Vikings comment board to slap fans with garbage. Is that because your team blogs have nothing to talk about? Cant wait for the season to start………….

  21. touche’ moezilla,
    stats will be stats….but early,midmand late game blunders and mistakes will remain his forte!
    touche’ ?
    Could hardly remember what I was going to write now…
    I guess I would consider myself a loyal Vikings fan, to a fault. I can’t get over the flashes that TJ has shown occasionaly, I don’t know. I hope that he puts it all together soon because as any Viking fan will tell you…
    To keep hoping, that way lays insanity!

  22. the vikings team core is very talented and the qb job will help but wont single handedly keep this team from getting fitted for rings. i mean who remembers who the qb was when the ravens won, or the bucs…trent dilfer… lol i bet he keeps his ring up his ass at night. everyone has to figure out how to tackle number 28 thats the problem…feel bad for any 180lb d back standing square trying to takle that freak at full speed in the backfield my god…nightmares …. gluck every 1

  23. Amen phishooks.
    But you should keep your mouth shut about the whole, you don’t need a good QB to win a ring.
    Someones going to figure us out.

  24. Phishooks –
    Brad Johnson was the Bucs QB when they won the Super Bowl. Both he and Trent Dilfer are better than our current options. (A 30 year old Brad Johnson would have this team in the Super Bowl unquestionably).
    That said, the Ravens’ D was still a lot better than our D (and our D is very solid, theirs was all-tim-great great) and Jamal Lewis was about as good as Peterson.

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