Steelers, Vick courtship doesn't look likely

Despite the fact that Vegas regards the Steelers as 4-1 co-favorites to sign quarterback Mike Vick and notwithstanding some of the easy dot-connecting that the situation invites, we’re prepared to conclude that the Steelers have no interest in Vick.

And that’s not because coach Mike Tomlin has said that the Steelers aren’t interested.  He hasn’t, and he likely won’t.  Tomlin, we presume, wants to help the fellow Newport News native find a new team, and the vague sense that the Steelers could be in play could help make that happen.

The best evidence we’ve seen suggesting that Vick won’t be wearing black and gold comes from Post-Gazette beat writer Ed Bouchette, who has penned an unequivocal explanation to Steeler Nation that Vick isn’t in the cards.

There’s no wavering or waffling in Bouchette’s words, and one thing we’ve learned about this business is that, sometimes, well-placed sources disseminate key information with a specific instruction to “make it sound like your own idea.”

In this case, the odds are much lower than 4-1 that Bouchette’s piece was written with the confidence that comes from being given just such an instruction by someone whose last name rhymes with “Goonie.”

Bouchette simply wouldn’t have opted for such clarity if he hadn’t been provided clear assurances that Vick won’t be part of the mix.  And while Bouchette wasn’t able to break the news officially that the Steelers won’t be signing Vick, the consolation prize is that Bouchette gets to look like a svengali when they don’t.

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  1. Have they installed the Dungy rule where teams have to bring in a worthless piece of shit who is also a convicted felon to replace quarterbacks that aren’t of color?

  2. Maybe, Ed Bouchette has been around the Steelers long enough to know that the Steelers never go after high profile prayers with troubled past.

  3. Even if the Steelers could handle the media scrutiny and provide a solid platform for Vick to restart his career it just isn’t worth it for the team. Unless he wants to fill a need at CB or WR the team is already championship ready without him. The only aspect that I like is that it would keep Ben motivated. He would never lose his starting job, but, if you have a QB backing you up that is that talented it has to keep you on your toes.

  4. So, do you have any proof that Ed Bouchette is acting as a puppet of the Rooneys, like a real journalist would? Or, are you just speculating, again?

  5. WOW Big shock here…. (eyeroll).
    Who would have thought that Florio would be completely wrong with something regarding the Steelers.
    Nice job throwing Bouchette under the bus…

  6. Bouchette generally doesn’t pull punches.
    What he’s saying is the same thing every other sane person has been saying.

  7. Just write the name Vick 300 times, and that’ll summarize half the articles on this page of late. Jesus. Enough!!

  8. That’s a serious accusation, claiming that Ed Bouchette is a puppet of the Steelers. When did he hurt your feelings?

  9. i would imagine upper mgmt (above tomlin) shot this down. since tomlin has a thing for players from vick’s neck of the woods. and he already had erring brooks on the squad awhile back.

  10. “… thing we’ve learned about this business is that, sometimes, well-placed sources disseminate key information with a specific instruction to ‘make it sound like your own idea.’ “……………
    ……you are kidding, correct? Douchette has not had an original idea in his entire life!!
    ………and you ‘fellas’ that think he isn’t the Steeler’s mouthpiece – HTF old are younz? 12?
    He likes those free lunches too well to be anything but exactly that.

  11. BlackGlass,
    But you’re apparently SCUMMY enuff for Vick, since your nose is planted “where the sun don’t shine, for all those of you that don’t know what I mean, that’s his big black behind!”…what’up Holmes?

  12. “Bouchette gets to look like a svengali when they don’t”
    Are you implying he doesn’t want Vick and hypnotized Rooney?

  13. Even Raider fans have more class than Steeler fans SixTurdDude.
    Yeah its true most Raider fans are degenerates
    Yes its true that Vick is scummy
    and yes the Steelers are even more scummy than a dirty New York bum that hasn’t bathed in 6 months. Sniff the crack of his ass and that’s what the Steelers fan base smells like.

  14. @ Silver&Black666-
    What’s a-matter you still nursin’ that 70’s hangover?
    the (J)OKEtown (F)raiders
    “Commitment to IRRELEVANCE”
    Just WIN(CE) baby!
    The autumn wind is a (rectal)RAIDER!!!

  15. only 1 qb felon per team please.
    also, if you a league “darling” team, you don’t tamper with that.

  16. I pity the town whose team’s ownership decides to hire Vick. How much violence can any city contain on and off the field?
    They talk about Vick being a “public relations nightmare”; how about a nightmare, plain and thorough? His team members will consent to have him crippled and killed by the opposing teams as the fans rush the field and parking lots. Every game will be mayhem until he’s gone for good. How many faces in the stands, the restrooms, the through-ways will get broken in brawls? How many children trampled? And all this for some bucks bet on a washed-up miscreant….
    So much for Goodell’s political aspirations.
    So much for the HSUS and their asshole CEO, Pacelle (wants to be Senator–ha!).
    It’s over, people. Let’s back some REAL heroes.

  17. I don’t like Vick, dumbass. But I would rather have a dog killer on my team than a pregnant wife beater.

  18. i poop a lot and it makes me tired…
    you know what else makes me tired?..watcin the officials in the steelers last 2 super bowls hand them a victory..
    what’up holmes?

  19. Blackglass, how can you get on here and put down the Steelers, and talk good about the Radiers? Pittsburg won the super bowl ya know. And how did the Radiers do? Dumbass!

  20. blackglass says:
    “I don’t like Vick, dumbass. But I would rather have a dog killer on my team than a pregnant wife beater.”
    & apparently you’d rather have a scumbag who dumps the woman who spawns his BASTARD, while she’s pregnant (or so she says, she ain’t no dummy with that big contract, cause he comes off as a homo with his mug plastered all over those MetroSexual mags he so likes to pose for).
    btw FOOL, do a little research on what a stand-up guy Moss was in high school & college, since you choose to ignore it or more likely didn’t follow football at the time it went down…here’s a clue: he’s a self-admitted woman abuser.

  21. Vick – Dog Beater/Killer
    Harrison – Pregnant Woman Beater
    What a perfect combination & a great representation of Pittsburgh

  22. Wait a second (and I’m surprised no one has brought this up yet), how is Harrison suddenly a PREGNANT woman beater? His only assault charge was when he SLAPPED his girlfriend in the face and broke her phone…the argument was over his son’s baptism…his son had already been born.
    I don’t agree with what he did, but you people keep expanding on him slapping a girl, to beating a girl, to beating a pregnant woman lol. What’s next? Beating a pregnant woman with a baby?

  23. Just watched the Steelers Super Bowl DVD again ftw! If you haven’t seen it you I highly recommend watching it, if you have already seen it watch it again.
    Let me break it down for you…
    The wife beater intercepts Kurt Warner and runs it back 100 yards….LOL
    The rapist throws a touchdown to Santonio Holmes and wins the game.
    Then a shiny trophy is held high in the air.
    Everyone has happy faces wearing black and gold. The rest of the NFL and their fans = sad faces.

  24. PrezChaz,
    I just finished watching the AFC title game & found it ironic how all the RatBird fans cried about Tone’s game winning grab in the division clincher being a blown call & how close all 3 games were. When in actuality, had the refs not stolen Tone’s first TD in the title game & not set the RatBirds up for their only 2 scores with P.I. calls, the first of which was blatantly bogus, the final score would’ve been more indicative of the actual domination that took place on the field, to the tune of 27-7. That’s to say nothing of not only the Limas sure TD drop, but the early FWP drop as well, which could have been taken to the house.
    The only thing they whine about more is when we have the audacity to compare Troy to Mr. Ed…LMMFAO…Reed made one marginal play in the title game & was beaten repeatedly, while Troy dominated it.

  25. When I grew up, if I did something wrong, I was punished for it and after that, it was over….done. The way I see it, Michael Vick was punished for his acts and he did what they (the judicial system) told him to do. From the looks of things, there are many of you that want to continue to have Vick punished. I guess all of you have NEVER done anything wrong and the idea of letting him go on to resume his career sounds crazy. However, imagine this, you are now 30 something and you are still being punished for skipping class in college (or high school for those that didn’t make it that far). Or maybe your parents are still boycotting you and won’t speak to you because you got drunk and passed out as a teenager.There are convicted murderers and rapists that are going “damn, Vick got a hard way to go!”
    As for football, I say let him play. If he’s good enough, we will know it. If he’s not good, I guess we will know that too. Remember this, he didn’t become the highest paid player in the NFL by running his mouth. In the meanwhile, he’s paid his debt to society. I see that forgiveness is an endangered species around here.

  26. @ good Dr. W.
    Your comparing the torturous brutalizing of animals since they wouldn’t fight, so you could make even more money in such an unethical manner, because apparently the 8 figs. you were pullin’ down from the NFL & your endorsements, just wasn’t gettin’ it, to skipping class in college or getting caught being drunk as a teenager, speaks volumes as to your ignorance!
    In your little corner of reality doing 61 in a 55 zone no doubt equates to RayRay getting away with knifing a couple of dudes then pleading down, paid his dues, No?

  27. Dear SixBurghDude,
    I guess you will have to call me “Bus Driver” because I am going to take you to school. First of all, you totally missed the point that I was trying to make. The point was forgiveness. At what point will we say “he has suffered enough, or he has paid enough.” I guess a better question would be “Could you guys ever forgive him?” As for the legal system that created it all, I can summarize it for you like this:
    Vick, Roger Goddell, the lawyers, the media, the teams are all “players.”
    Our Judicial system (in which we created) can be called “the game.”
    As the saying goes, “don’t hate the player, hate the game!”

  28. I live in Georgia and ya’ll might want to remember that while he had moments of brilliance that were likely dulled from exhausting himself killing dogs with his bare hands, he wasn’t that great of a QB. The Falcons weren’t exactly a winning team and any team that would want someone that could lie to you straight faced knowing what despicable things he had done, is a sorry team. I don’t think anyone needs Michael Vick on their team – I wouldn’t want him on mine.

  29. Dr. Wizard says:
    Dear SixBurghDude,
    “I guess you will have to call me “Bus Driver” because I am going to take you to school.”
    Better check that GPS Ralphie, cause I don’t see no Goddamned school, TOOL!

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