Bengals might have lost Reggie Kelly for the season

Geoff Hobson of reports that Cincinnati tight end Reggie Kelly has suffered an apparent injury to his Achilles tendon during practice on Monday.

He reportedly left the facility in a van, with his left foot wrapped in a bag of ice. 

If Kelly ruptured the tendon, he likely will miss the entire season.

6 responses to “Bengals might have lost Reggie Kelly for the season

  1. Terrible news for Bengals and Eagles fans…
    Hopefully a Cheatriot is next.

  2. Kelly was overrated…this gets Utecht and Coffman on the field 2 WAY better pass catchers that can be coached up how to block….Coffman is licking his chops…We also have a 270lb FB in Jeremi Johnson who is back in shape and runnin over people….he smashed mouth Rey Mauluga and someone else in the Oklahoma drill…..Kelly never caught passes he was just 1 of the best blockers on the team…THE COACHES need to do their jobs and coach up the next guy…Coffman, Utecht or J Johnson should have NO problem replacing him…

  3. Sorry to hear that, however he probably was not going to make the team anyway. We already have Ben Utecht and then we drafted a stud in Chase Coffman. Kelly is a class act though, wish him the best and a speedy recovery.

  4. Panther Pride and IC light are commenting on everything, you boys just figure out that you can do that? Love that a guy gets a kick out of anonymously claiming his apathy by leavinga comment, if you didn’t care, you would not have commented. Douche

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