Birds hold their breath regarding Stewart Bradley

Eagles middle linebacker Stewart Bradley’s 2009 season might have ended not long after it began.

During the team’s inaugural “Flight Night” scrimmage, Bradley suffered a knee injury.  Our unlikely friend and NBC colleague Howard Eskin said on Philadelphia Sports Final that Bradley heard a “pop.”

He’s scheduled to have an MRI today, and trainers reportedly are concerned.

Bradley became the starting middle linebacker last year.  He’s the primary signal caller and the likely successor to safety Brian Dawkins as the leader of the defense.

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  1. If Stewart Bradley is separated from this Defense due to injury for any extended period of time, let alone the entire 2009 Season; The effects that would be felt, to put it quite simply would be – Devastating. Now some might completely agree with this statement, but most will disagree and say I am over exaggerating the situation and that they can get a piece to fill the void that Bradley left. Well, if you people think that Bradley is an easy replaceable part then you need to wake the hell up! A few weeks ago this Eagles Defense lost its Soul, it’s entire Identity once Jim Johnson lost his battle with Cancer. The heart was left and that heart was Stewart Bradley. The Late, Great Jim Johnson knew how very important Bradley was to this team, when in only his second season he gave Bradley the play-calling duties. At this point there is no one in free agency who could take Bradley’s place for any period of time until he returns, well any one who could be as successful. If Bradley is gone, opposing offenses will reap the benefits. I can only hope that Fate hasn’t taken Stewart Bradley’s potential away before it is fully realized.

  2. VoxVeritas:
    Right. Well even if you don’t know his name, I assure you that Jason Garrett does.

  3. hold these philly female’s,” just like that….. watch your teeth……there you go…. ahhh nice” Hail

  4. It wasn’t funny when you asked who Jim Zorn was.
    It wasn’t funny when you asked who Chris Cooley was.
    It’s not funny now.
    It won’t be funny the next time you say it either.

  5. And yet, it’s a guy who’s won several playoff games, something none of the Cowboys LBs have been able to do with the star on their helmets!

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