"Explosive" Bush dealing with swelling in his knee

On Sunday, ESPN’s Chris Mortensen raved regarding the “stunning” explosiveness of fourth-year running back Reggie Bush.

On Monday, Bush was held out of practice due to swelling in his knee.  Bush had microfracture surgery on the joint (but supposedly not the full-blown version of it) in December 2008. 

Coach Sean Payton mentioned on Monday that Bush had a procedure in the “spring”; unless Payton’s timeline is simply a little off, it could be that Bush had two separate procedures. 

don’t think it’s anything significant yet it’s significant
enough to where I don’t want it to become irritated and keep him out for
more than just a practice or two,” Payton said regarding Bush’s knee.

Payton also said that it has not yet been necessary to drain the knee.

It remains to be seen whether Bush participates in the afternoon session.

18 responses to “"Explosive" Bush dealing with swelling in his knee

  1. Reggie will be just fine. He’s not going to be the next Gale Sayers or Barry Sanders, but the Saints are better when he’s on the field. Payton will be cautious moving forward. Let the pot shots begin!!!!

  2. Reggie Bust is a bum, which is why the Aints drafted him and I must say he fits in nice there. I love how they used the #2 pick on that piece of trash and the Panthers were able to get DeAngelo Williams with the 27th pick! Keep drafting bums and you will keep playing like bums. Can’t wait to sweep the Aints again this season and probably keep Brees from getting Marino’s record again since we play them the last game of the season again.
    Have fun in the NFC South basement yet again Aints fans!

  3. I haven’t heard “explosive” and “Bush” in the same sentence since that picture of Demi Moore went around.

  4. The Reggie Bush hype machine AKA ESPN just keeps pumping this guy up. Meanwhile in Jacksonville Maurice Jones Drew just continues to produce touchdowns, Explosive plays and bone crushing blocks ” Ask Shawn Merriman ” . And he gets no press. That’s OK, You ESPN maggots stay away from J-Ville and keep hiding the stories about big Ben.

  5. we beat them last year & will beat them again this year, see you boys in December HAIL

  6. I couldn’t agree more with Kenneth. Reggie isn’t even the best running back in the league with the last name of Bush anyway.

  7. I have a question……..When Redskin fans do that stupid Hail thing……At the end of a 3rd grade like comment……Do they raise their arms in a mini Hitler salute?…….Hell, whats the point of a stupid ass exclamation point without a stupid ass salute….

  8. It’s not his knee that needs draining. He just needs to get a training camp girlfriend. Then he can go back to being his usual overrated self.

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