Kemoeatu tears Achilles tendon

After a quiet first week of injuries during training camp around the NFL, starters are quickly falling by the wayside Monday.

First the Eagles lost middle linebacker Stewart Bradley, then the Bengals lost tight end Reggie Kelly, and now the Panthers will be without starting defensive tackle Maake Kemoeatu.

Kemoeatu, perhaps the key to Carolina’s rush defense, tore his right Achilles tendon.  The team hasn’t announced anything, but he’s likely done for the season. 

It’s an especially massive loss for the Panthers because they have little depth behind him.

When Kemoeatu was out last year, the team’s rush defense fell apart.

“It’s like night and day,” linebacker Jon Beason said at the time of having Kemoeatu in the lineup.

Undrafted free agent Marlon Favorite, 2008 sixth-round pick Nick Hayden, and third-round pick Corvey Irvin could all be used in a rotation.

No matter who they use, expect teams to right right at Carolina to test them. 

There aren’t many exciting free agent defensive tackles available, and it’s questionable if the Panthers can fit one on the team anyhow. 

Julius Peppers’ big salary has the team snug to the salary cap. 

33 responses to “Kemoeatu tears Achilles tendon

  1. Now, 7-9 or 6-10. I saw it coming, just not on day 1.
    Thanks Peppers. No depth at 13 starting positions.

  2. OMG, my heart just dropped…I thought they were talking about his brother, Chris, who plays for the Steelers…whew!

  3. It really sux that these guys didn’t even get close to opening day. Just the nature of the game. Too bad we couldn’t watch the violent collisions without all the tore up knees and stuff. The freak accidents could be done away with altogether.

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  5. Another bad injury to a significant player. This is the 3rd player out for the year today? Look for changes to the pre-season structure coming for next year.

  6. Karl says:
    August 3, 2009 9:16 PM
    OMG, my heart just dropped…I thought they were talking about his brother, Chris, who plays for the Steelers…whew!
    Make that two of us, pal.

  7. This one’s for you to the guy who posted to the Stewart Bradley injury that the Panthers were now going to walk over the birds in the first week.

  8. Saw this posted earlier today:
    65 Responses to “Report: Torn ACL for Stewart Bradley”
    1. PantherPride74 says: August 3, 2009 11:56 AM
    Dang, just another excuse for Eagles fans to use when the Panthers beat them week 1…
    Hey, PantherPride74: Karma’s a bitch, ain’t it? Nice job, dummy.

  9. These Carolina Panthers fans, who run their mouths like water from a leaky tap. Who do they think they are???

  10. screaming sheep said:
    “Thanks Peppers. No depth at 13 starting positions.”
    You can’t really blame Julius Peppers for this. The Panthers FO chose to slap the franchise tag on him. He tried to get traded, which would have given Carolina more cap room, but nooooo..

  11. I was thinkin the same thing about PantherPride. Just another excuse for Panthers fans to use when the Eagles beat them week 1…

  12. This isn’t the end of the world. Jeez, some folks are willing to throw in the towel on the whole season. We just got thinner in the mediocrity department, that’s all. Mediocrity is not a hard spot to fill. Someone will step up.

  13. Panther Pride 74…Too bad about Kemoeatu…it would be more satisfying to beat the Panthers at full strength.

  14. I’m right here, sorry I don’t sit on the computer 24/7 because I actually have a life. I don’t sit around for hours waiting and waiting to think of a smart comeback to say to you losers. Anyone who actually believes in “karma” probably believed in the tooth fairy and santa claus untill they were 16 years old. Like I have said before, you people took my original comment WAY too seriously, you people are too damn sensitve.
    Eagles fans better get ready to watch a beat down of their team by my Panthers!

  15. I don’t have time to talk to you SaintsPanthersBucsSukk, I’m trying to tie this sheet up in the rafters.

  16. Looks like baby PantherPride’s got a diaper rash. Trash talk Troll in one thread, “I’m so above you internet losers” in another one.
    Waaaaaah Waaaaah Waaaaaaah.
    Eagles 28 – Panthers 14

  17. This is a terrible injury. No depth at any positions, especially DT. Its going to be hard to outscore teams all year…
    I want to blame Peppers, but in reality the front office wanted too much for him.
    The Panthers should still be able to win the South. Tampa is terrible, Atlanta was a flash in the pan and will not be able to recreate their suscess from last year, and New Orleans has no defense.
    No chance of doing much in the playoffs. Good thing the Panthers have a first round draft pick next year.
    This is just terrible news. Time to blow it up and start rebuilding.

  18. Umm King Panther, that 1st round pick is gone too. See Everette Brown via trade with the 49ers.
    They now have our 2010 first rounder.

  19. King Panther the Panthers dont have a first round pick next year. They traded it to get Everette Brown. Anyways I thing we will be ok. Panthers will pick someone up who gets cut.

  20. Carolina Panthers – Ma’ake Kemoeatu = Michael Turner/Jerious Norwood/Jason Snelling field day

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