Lemon gets squeezed out by Andrew Walter

On Friday, the Patriots worked out a quarterback not named Mike Vick.

Cleo Lemon, as we reported Saturday, got the nod.  But Lemon isn’t getting a contract.

Per a league source, the Patriots plan to sign former Raiders quarterback Andrew Walter instead.

Walter will compete with Kevin O’Connell and Matt Gutierrez for the second spot on the depth chart, with the loser of the Walter-Gutierrez battle likely getting bounced.

Last year, Gutierrez was cut prior to the regular season, but he was re-signed after starter Tom Brady landed on injured reserve.

25 responses to “Lemon gets squeezed out by Andrew Walter

  1. that is actually a pretty good pickup. that poor bastard would get 1 second to throw the ball when the raiders gave him a chance 2 years ago. this is a solid pickup.

  2. Good luck Andrew, in spite of the fact you are with the Cheatriots.
    Hope you have finally recovered from the “Shell shocked” season.

  3. Oh no! Former Raiders and Bucs in Foxboro. My beloved Patriots are sure to go 3-13 this year.

  4. “We’re adding a little something to this month’s backup quarterback contest. As you all know, first prize is a Cadillac Eldorado. Anybody want to see second prize?
    [Holds up prize]
    Second prize is a set of steak knives.
    Third prize is you’re fired.”

  5. Didn’t see that coming. Walter may be a valid starting QB after a few years under BB and playing behind Brady. It may not be for the Patriots though.

  6. what ever happened to the lady hit by one of andy reids two druggie thug sons? I heard she was hurt real bad the NFL needs to suspend Andy Reid

  7. Can’t argue with sim448’s first sentence. The second one is not quite accurate. Walter had more than 1 second to throw the ball because it took him almost 3 seconds to make his 7 step drop, giving pass rushers a chance to get a full-speed shot after getting through the turnstiles at the line. But on those occasions when he did have a pocket, he often made poor decisions. He probably had a justifiable case of the yips, but Art Shell wasn’t his only excuse. He had time to shine and never did. It’s still a good get for the Patriots as long as Brady stays upright, but the guy with two first names is no Matt Cassell. Oakland should have packaged Walter and that little bitch Burgess to New England earlier this year for future considerations.

  8. Can’t wait to read all the forthcoming posts from all the Massholes proclaiming this signing to be the one that assures a SBXLIV title & their despicable coach a genius…then again what more could one expect from a fanbase that thinks a scumbag who dumps the girl that spawns his BASTARD, while she’s still pregnant, a choirboy???
    Andrew Walter, really? Well, one things for sure, if he can’t win here with the built in advantage of years of cheating, he won’t win anywhere, afterall that’s proven to be the case for the last 2 Patsy starting QB’s!

  9. Great for AW, he will be #2 (who does #2 work for?) by next year. NE line should give the guy a chance to show what he can do unless Moss quits on him like he did in Oak.

  10. Interesting. Apparently Walter was the only Raiders QB that Randy Moss liked during his tenure there. Strong arm, quick release, 6’6″ and 230lbs, five years younger than Brady. If the guy can be accurate in his throws and reads and handle the Pats system . . .

  11. Who cares? We’re talking about a third string quarterback. Kevin O’Connell outplayed Matt Cassel last year in preseason and should win the back up job.

  12. Walter’s got the desire, he just never got the chance. Now he might. This is a classic BB move.

  13. “then again what more could one expect from a fanbase that thinks a scumbag who dumps the girl that spawns his BASTARD, while she’s still pregnant, a choirboy???”
    Yeah, he’s really a scumbag, sixburgh! Not like the little “angel” who raped a girl in a casino!

  14. SixBurgh, are you stuck in a time machine and living in the 1940’s or something? News flash: there are people right in your very own neighborhood having pre-marital sex, co-habitating, getting divorced, and horror of horrors, some children in today’s society are even raised in a household that does not include both their father and mother.
    Aside from omitting the fact they broke up two months before finding out she was pregnant, would it really be in a child’s best interest to be raised in a household by two parents that were not in love?

  15. tmj,
    No, the 70’s, remember I’m a Steeler fan & believe it or not, there was an NFL before this millenium, even though the Patsy’s had no rightful place in it.
    Now my turn; are you Massholes stuck in a socialist society where one is condemned, before having the opportunity to defend themselves? Newsflash: there are people right in your very own neighborhood who are faced with civil complaints against them.
    No fanbase is more hypocritical than those of the N.E. teams, you call the Yanks (hate ’em about as much as I hate your Cheatriots) the evil empire while spending more on salaries than any other team but them & having as many immoral players juicing up as well. You point out false claims of other NFL teams cheating, in order to defend the only NFL team that was found to actually have cheated. You accuse others of living in the past if their team has a rich history, only because yours doesn’t.
    Hell, the Bruins were so full of themselves & overestimated their importance to the NHL so badly, that they actually tried to block the Penguins from changing their team colors to match those of the other 2 Championship teams that played in the City of Champions, NHL wasn’t buyin’ what they were sellin’…arrogant TOOLS!!!

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