McKinnie changes agents, apparently wants a new deal

Agent Drew Rosenhaus announced earlier today on his Twitter page that he has signed Vikings left tackle Bryant McKinnie as a new client.

Though McKinnie is under contract, such moves typically mean that the player wants a new contract.  But Rosenhaus said the move has nothing to do with McKinnie’s deal.

“This has nothing to do with respect to his contract or anything else,”
Rosenhaus told Judd Zulgad of the Minneapolis Star Tribune. “It’s just purely, in his mind he wanted something
different.  We’re very honored to be working with him.  It’s only a
positive situation for us and we have nothing but the greatest respect
for him.”

But McKinnie seemed to imply otherwise.

“I’m just trying to change a lot of things that have been going on with
my career, starting with my agent,” McKinnie told Zulgad.  “I’ve just watched
him over the years.  He gets a lot of things done that I want to get
done so I want to see what they can do with me.”

Per Zulgad, Rosenhaus represents six other Vikings players.  And per NFLPA rules, Rosenhaus won’t be paid a dime for representing McKinnie unless and until he signs a new contract.

14 responses to “McKinnie changes agents, apparently wants a new deal

  1. If he really wanted to “change a lot of things that have been going on with my career” he would put down the metal pipe, stop going to strip clubs till 6:30 AM in the morning and learn not to lick out of state hookers’ money makers.
    I mean, is there a bigger dirtbag on the Vikings than this guy? (Darrion Scott who puts plastic bags over his own kid’s head but he is an Ex Viking now)
    We already know Rosenpuss is an douche bag (Next question) and so it seems only fitting that a classic slimebag like McKinnie would hire the lowest of the low in agents. Since Rosenpuss doesn’t make a dime until a new contract, the only remaining question is when McKinnie is going to start his hold out.

  2. Why would the Vikings want to restructure the contract of a mediocre lineman who can’t stop whacking people with strip club poles?

  3. yeah, mckinnie is a great spot to be renegotiating his contract……. did he forget about his character issues over the past few months ???? doesn’t this guy have a court appearence coming up /??

  4. Does an agent only rep a player for new contracts? Don’t they do other things for the players too?
    Is it possible for McKinnie to want new representation in hopes of getting some kind of endorsement deals (just small stuff like local auto dealerships, etc., given his national image has zero value)? Is it a status thing with players as far as who their agent is?
    It just seems like there’s probably an underlying reason for this change that doesn’t involve a new contract.
    I can’t imagine a guy who’s already signed two big contracts in his career and has been just solid — he hasn’t lived up to his top 10 pick and large contract status, but he only gave up 4 sacks last year and helped AP lead the NFL in rushing — really expects his 3rd big contract with 4 years left on his existing deal.

  5. JimmySmith says
    If he really wanted to ” blah blah blah blah, blabablah. Blah blabblah blah.” Blah blah blah blah, biqeens blah bablah. Col. Klink blah blah blah? Blah blah blah blah, bablah blah blah. Blah blah blah, T-Joke blah.
    ——————————————- That is what most people see when you comment. Same old shit. 10-6 or 6-10. Whose better? Excuses!! Shut up!!!

  6. NEW DEAL?!?!?! This guy has been the biggest OVER-HYPE in pro football. (well that has continued to play)
    Give the new deal—play to your POTENTIAL and then get your deal. The Vikes need to draft a new tackle next year and kick McKinnie to the curb!

  7. GB full of fat peeps and jimmy smizzle!
    No fatties… JS (Jimmy-jam smith) Thanks again for everything, you make me smile…

  8. Geez Jimmy, I thought you and Boob Nelson took the day off to go and register for sconsins new program that went into effect monday. Just more drivel from you.

  9. Guys like Jimmy come on Vikings thread for 2 reasons:
    1.) The continual cutting down of a certain team means they are worried that said team is going to be way better than they are again this year.
    2.) That his own team rarely has a thread on here dedicated to them ( not including when favre is being discussed) because said team is not relevant to the NFL playoffs this year.
    Cut him and Bob some slack, they are just trying to get thier licks in while they can, come the season, you are going to hear about all the injuries they have, or how they had bad calls against them, or a car was coming, or they were on gool, or some other nonsense.

  10. Right….Rosenpuke has no intention of immediately working towards a new deal. He fully intends to sit for 4 more years without making a dime off of his new client. Right…..
    I wonder if they will start giving Loadholt reps at right tackle now or wait for the inevitable?

  11. Rosenhaus seems to represent most of the former Miami players eventually. I don’t get the new contract angle that Mike implies here though. First, Rosenhaus said the shift wasn’t contract related. Second, I’m pretty sure McKinnie has at least 3 years to go on his existing contract (signed right before he bonked the bouncer on the head with a pole). Third, with his off field behavior, last year’s suspension, and average play (despite playing next to an All-Pro), he’s in no position to make any contract demands.

  12. He’ll never get another contract with the Vikings. And not one person in Minnesota will care.

  13. jimmy bryant mckinnie will uproot a pole from the ground and beat you silly with it miami hurricanes style

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