No end in sight for Crabtree, 49ers impasse

Despite a rumor that emerged briefly on Monday that a deal had been done, there has been no progress between the 49ers and receiver Michael Crabtree, the tenth overall pick in the 2009 draft.

Per a league source, the 49ers presently do not intend to respond to the formal offer they have received from agent Eugene Parker.

Coach Mike Singletary briefly addressed the situation on Monday.  “I’m really not thinking about it,” Singletary said.  “When he comes in, we’ll be excited to get him.  But until that time I am just going to focus on the guys who are here.”

Offensive coordinator Jimmy Raye was a bit more talkative on the topic.  “I don’t know anymore about Michael Crabtree now then I did when we drafted him, other than what we evaluated him on college,” Raye said.  “I think you all are probably a little more concerned about him not being here than we are. . . .  I anticipate that when he gets here he will be behind the learning curve, obviously, because he had no spring and no OTA practices, or no offseason practices.” 

It widely is believed that Parker hopes to finagle for Crabtree a contract that significantly exceeds the value of the package that he otherwise would receive as the tenth overall pick in the draft.

The impasse likely has influenced negotiations between players picked in the same vicinity as Crabtree; from selections six through twelve, only one player — Raiders receiver Darrius Heyward-Bey — has been signed.

29 responses to “No end in sight for Crabtree, 49ers impasse

  1. Of course DHB signed, he considers himself lucky to be at the position. Hell, he is lucky to be in the first round period.

  2. “Coach Mike Singletary briefly addressed the situation on Monday.”
    Did he pull down his pants to show what Crabtree was trying to do to the Niners?
    Or was it what the Niners were trying to do to Crabtree?
    Either way Singletary’s pants came down right?

  3. Ok, this is stupid. I don’t even know the guy and he’s coming off as a Grade A douchebag. This is why there needs to be a rookie cap. Now.
    The worst part is how it screws everyone who drafted around him. If his deal blows the guys who drafted ahead of him out of the water, the agents representing those guys are going to look terrible.

  4. This should make the Jackass Raiders fans happy…..I mean what the hell else you have to look forward too?

  5. Pretty stupid IMO for his team. He’s on a team that’s not a contender and he’s a WR one of the least “in tandem” positions in the league.
    His leverage is minimal.

  6. all this is great I hope this hold out prolongs the hold out of Jeremy Macklin for the Philth-adelphia eagles.

  7. Here is the reason why they need to change how guys like crabtree view themselves as far as how much he is worth. I have a feeling that he will drag this out and get as much as he can so that if he has a bad year and he will. He will blame it in signing late. This guy is a bust and when is this going to stop. When a guy like crabtree who know one will remember in 5 years think they should get paid like a top 5 pick when he went 10th. I don’t care where you think you should have gone. You were drafted 10th and it should be pretty easy to figure out how much your worth. There have only been hundreds of players drafted in that range to adjust your contract for this year. Crabtree is the next jamarcus Russell.

  8. Why do you insist on making such a big deal about Crabtree when there are still plenty of other big name first rounders that are equally as far from signing.
    I mean seriously, give it a rest.

  9. Right lets blame the #10 pick for all the other picks that haven’t been signed yet. It’s not that the #10 pick is waiting on the others the ONLY explanation is that the 49ers pick is holding up everyone else…not biased reporting in anyway. Very professional as always.

  10. I’d tell his agent to go F himself and take a stand. I don’t care when you think you should have gotten drafted, you got drafted 10th. Deal with it! Shoulda…coulda…woulda….

  11. Exactly why there should be a salary cap for the first round. And memo to Crabtree– you were drafted TENTH. Just because you feel you are a top five talent (which is probably true), you were drafted TENTH. He must be worried that he’ll turn out like another player drafted tenth (see Leinart, Matt) and won’t get paid after his first contract.

  12. “This should make the Jackass Raiders fans happy…..I mean what the hell else you have to look forward too?”
    The Eagirls not winning the Super Bowl again and continuing their historical inability to develop young WRs?

  13. Eugene Parker held out Cedric Benson and wrecked his career.
    Eugene Parker is one of the worst agents out there.
    Crabtree is now moving up as a bust candidate.
    Holdouts almost always get the player injured later on.
    Crabtree will be the next laughingstock like Cedric Benson.

  14. We still have your posts to look forward to, Eskinsux. You just can’t get the Raiders off your mind, can you?

  15. Crabtree, remember what happened to Brady Quinn when he did what you are doing. Now he is a nobody.

  16. 4evrnyt says:
    August 3, 2009 8:09 PM
    Right lets blame the #10 pick for all the other picks that haven’t been signed yet. It’s not that the #10 pick is waiting on the others the ONLY explanation is that the 49ers pick is holding up everyone else…not biased reporting in anyway. Very professional as always.
    Ummm, yeah man. Take a minute and think about it. If your an agent representing a player who got picked higher than he did, and he winds up with a more lucrative contract than your client, it’s going to be bad for business. That agent isn’t likely to gain new clients and will be lucky to keep the ones he has.
    In any event, there’s a reason why Crabtree wasn’t taken higher. Instead of acting like a baby because he wants to be paid like a guy picked in a spot higher than he was selected, he ought to be grateful for the opportunity, thankful for the millions he is going to get and make the most of it. If he’s really worth the money, it will come in due time through national endorsements, future contracts, jersey sales, etc.
    All this whining over his rookie contract is only going to hurt him and his team. Look at JaMarcus Russell’s stunted development for example. Or hell, anyone else who held out.
    This sure does make the case for a rookie salary cap.

  17. Why us everyone pouncing on crabtree? Are you serious? Because the guy is asking for top 5 money and doesn’t deserve it. 9
    teams passed on this guy. He should get an increase of what the contracts are going for at the 10th pick. I’m tired of
    these players and agents trying to justify any reason of why there client is holding out for a contract that they don’t deserve, and then blame there poor play on because they were late hold out. Goodell I hope your watching and make changes by next season

  18. 49ers should offer him $1. causing the rest of the picks after him to delay their signings, creating a big issue out of the whole system so it gets fixed. make him sit out the season, messing up his career (he should be grateful to get what he is offered).
    next years players will think twice before pulling this shit.

  19. @johnnyutah…
    If he was top 5 good that’s where he would’ve been taken.
    There’s a reason he dropped
    and we can all see at least 1 of those reasons now.

  20. Did anyone else see the article on DHB? After stretching for 20 minutes, coach Cable asked DHB to line up outside and to go deep. It was DHB’s first play in a professional training camp. He went deep 3o yards and had the ball hit him perfectly in his hands. Unfortunately when the ball hit his hands, he dropped it. Get used to this Raider fans. Your boy might have all the speed in the world, but if you cant catch it aint worth nothing.

  21. DaGMen07, are you serious??? Holy Crap, I can’t believe it! You mean to tell me that a rookie that hit the practice field 30 minutes after signing his contract and immediatley started running routes dropped the first pass thrown his way. This must mean he will continue to drop every pass thrown his way for the rest of his career.
    It’s August smart guy, who cares???

  22. i think it is clear that Eugene Parker has his own interests ahead of the player.
    if he had the player’s interests in mind, he’d take the deal that is fair to where Crabtree was drafted, and Michael could learn the offense & work with the first team.
    Now, Crabtree can look forward to a Brady Quinn-style first year.

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