Patriots drop Gutierrez

The Patriots have confirmed the signing of Andrew Walter, a story broken by PFT’s fearless leader earlier this evening.

To make room for Walter, the team waived quarterback Matt Gutierrez.

Gutierrez made the Patriots as an undrafted free agent in 2007, and there was some belief he was set to pass Matt Cassel on the depth chart last offseason.

That didn’t happen.  Cassel is now a $63 million man, and Gutierrez is looking for work.

Josh McDaniels and Scott Pioli are two logical suitors; they are always willing to kick the tires on some Patriots castaways.  (And Pioli has waiver preference over Denver.)

Cassel can be assured Gutierrez wouldn’t challenge him this time if they wound up teammates. 

12 responses to “Patriots drop Gutierrez

  1. The Pats know what some of us suspect, that Walter can be a decent QB given a legitimate chance.

  2. I wish Andrew Walter luck. His career was doomed by a terrible offensive line as well as team chemistry during the Art Shell (part II) regime.

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