Roddy White holdout continues

The sense of restrained jubilation engulfing the Falcons and their fans has been tempered by the ongoing absence of receiver Roddy White.

The fifth-year wideout, a first-round pick in 2005, is still absent as of Monday; the team was required to report to training camp on Friday.

White is entering the final year of his rookie contract.  Absent a new Collective Bargaining Agreement, White would be a restricted free agent only in 2010.

That reality could be keeping the two sides from properly gauging his value in light of his total leverage.  Per a league source, another potential complication arises from a perceived personality conflict between key members of the Falcons’ front office and White’s agents, Jonathan Feinsod and Neil Schwartz. 

As another league source told us, if there’s any issue between the team and the agents, it’s from the team’s perspective and not the agents’ perspective.

White faces daily fines during the holdout, which by our calculations exceed $17,000.  (We’re checking that, since the Atlanta Journal-Constitution puts the number at $15,888.)  White also faces the potential forfeiture of 25 percent of his 2009 signing-bonus allocation. 

And if he skips out on any preseason games, he can be fined the amount of a 2009 game check for each exhibition contest he misses.

7 responses to “Roddy White holdout continues

  1. Roddy White is a very good receiver but he’s not worth the money he thinks he’s worth. It’s great to see a Falcon holding out and hurting his team, there needs to be more of this!

  2. @ Pantherpride
    Roddy is that good. Don’t know who you’ve been watching the past two years.

  3. if you sign a contract , then you should have to honor it. if you sign a contract that gives a team life or death of your career then you or (same thing) your agent are not reading the fine print. last advice , never, never never sign in blood.

  4. Abe Froeman, yeah I know exactly who I’ve been watching when the Panthers play the Falcons. I see a guy who isn’t half the WR that Steve Smith is, you better hope he doesn’t get that money because then he’s just going to get lazy like all those Atlanta crackheads.

  5. PP74,
    Come on now, I can agree that Steve Smith MIGHT be better than Roddy White, but to say that he isn’t half is just flat out wrong. Steve got 1421 yards last year and Roddy got 1382 yards…. by my calculations, that makes him about 97% of the receiver that Steve is. And that 3% difference is probably made up by the 6 extra points that Roddy had over Steve last year. So quit being such a homer and be a fan of the game as well as your own team.
    Loyalty is commendable, but ignorance inexcusable.

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