Simeon Rice to the UFL?

Former NFL defensive end Simeon Rice recently has said, on several occasions, that he wants to continue to play pro football — and that he thinks he could still be dominant.

With no teams at the highest level of the sport interested, Rice might be ready to lower his sights a bit.

Per, Rice is in “advanced negotiations” with the New York Sentinels of the upstart league.

During an online chat with in early June, Rice said that he had been in discussions with the Jets, but that the talks did not result in a contract offer.

In May, Rice told our pal Monty of Sporting News Radio’s The Monty Show that Rice is ready to play. 

“I’m really in playoff shape right now, it’s bananas that I’m not on a
team right now,” Rice said.  “It’s great in a way but its frustrating.
  I feel like a freak of nature, like a super hero with no one to save.”

Rice was cut by the Buccaneers at the outset of training camp in 2007.  He played later that season with the Broncos and the Cots.  Rice was out of football in 2008.

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  1. I think these UFL people are pretty smart. They are getting people who wish to play pro ball, but can’t find a team.
    Plus, they are waiting until October, so they can sign folks who may get cut once the teams trim down. Therefore, the players that they get will have name recognition and can bring along some fans.
    Plus, they are starting slow… real slow. They want to grow organically. That means that not only are they growing a fan base for their teams, but also growing demand. That’s smart.
    I have been watching them and how they’re courting people from the NFL. It’s subtle (with the exception of Mike Vick, who they want desperately.)
    I don’t know, but I think that the hunger for professional football is big enough in the USA for two leagues.

  2. The Cots should win the AFC Space division this year. Their only serious competitor for the Division title will be the upstart Aliens.

  3. Tian – well said.
    In regards to Simeon – it should be noted that there is an intention of working with players on the upswing of their careers.
    In a post I made on my website, I took a bit of information already available on the UFL website and attempted to bring the common questions together. One of the things I ran across was the the fact there is almost a certain age at where they don’t want the players (based of likely being towards the tail-end of their careers) although coaches are given a certain amount of player “exemptions” that they can add players over the age limit.

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