Source: AFL is indeed done

Well, if former Tampa Bay Storm COO Jim Borghesi was guessing, he guessed right.

The source who told us that Borghesi no longer is in position to know what the AFL will or won’t be doing in the future now tells us that, indeed, the AFL will be folding its tents.

A press conference is expected early this week, no later than Wednesday.

Borghesi broke the news of the impending death of the AFL on his Facebook page over the weekend.

So that’s it.  The AFL is no more.

16 responses to “Source: AFL is indeed done

  1. Sad. But I really didn’t like that game anyway. It was too gimmicky.
    Call me old-fashioned, but I like the big gridiron and defensive battles.

  2. Good news for the UFL. Do all the coaches and owners now try to move on over there?

  3. So, the Philadelphia Soul goes out as the best team in the AFL. Say goodnight JBJ.

  4. This is not good. I have been to these games and have family that are (now were I guess) players in the AFL and it was fun. Lot’s of scoring, you can sit right next to the field (like Hockey next to the glass), and the players actually cared about the game and the fans. I will miss this also because it gave us football fans something to watch football wise until the NFL came back. This will be missed…

  5. Figures. The Gladiators are the closest thing Cleveland has seen to a football championship in twenty years.

  6. Well at least I won’t have to listen to that egomaniacal owner of the Predators anymore. I’m looking at you Brett Bouchy!

  7. I can recall a game between Chicago and Denver where confetti littered the field, so a Zamboni driver named Mark Henderson cleared a path for the kicker to have a better chance of tying the game–or something like that.

  8. Hopefully these owners will see the potential ($$$) in another physically demanding team sport that is a terrific spring time alternative to football… RUGBY
    Give the people something new, fresh, and exciting. Just ask Dhani Jones…

  9. “So, the Philadelphia Soul goes out as the best team in the AFL.”
    Finally champs at something. Go Philly!

  10. Um, perhaps you might have heard of the Phillies? Last I checked, they did win the World Series.

  11. Rugby is a great idea!
    Of course the source for this story is some top level manager guy that thought he was in the loop and that the owner was out of the loop only to find out that he is now without a job and the owner still has $$$ and doesn’t need a job.

  12. Purple –
    I doubt there will be TOO many players in the AFL that are even a consideration for the UFL (Though off the top of my head I believe Dixon the qb is going to play for the UFL). The intended roster of the UFL is for players who are just on the bubble of playing for the NFL, or may even have a shot to play, but in limited/reserve role in the NFL and they want an opporunity start.

  13. 🙁
    i’ll miss the AFL. I loved watching it, but never knew when/where it was happening. they needed to focus on marketing, really.

  14. not according to the official AFL site. They have confirmed a deal between the players union and the players

  15. This could be a huge boost for the CFL. I can see it now. Mark Grieb in Winnipeg, Tony Graziani in Hamilton …

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