T.O. Show not showing up in the ratings

It arrived two weeks ago with much buzz and fanfare — Terrell Owens’ not-so-thinly-veiled effort at launching a career in Hollywood via his own reality show, which undoubtedly was shopped initially to networks having a lot more cachet than VH1.

The quality of The T.O. Show is a subject about which reasonable minds will differ.  Some think it provides a genuine look at the “real” Terrell.  Others think it’s too convenient and contrived.  Some think it’s good.  Others think it’s unwatchable.

Regardless of whether it is or isn’t watchable, it’s not being watched. 

According to John Ourand of SportsBusiness Journal, the much-hyped debut episode of The T.O. Show tied for the No. 798 spot on the cable ratings for the week, with among other things a 5:00 a.m. showing on Nickelodeon of The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air.

To put that in perspective, if the cable ratings were the NFL draft, The T.O. Show would have been picked near the bottom of round twenty-four.  [UPDATE:  Actually, it would be the bottom of round twenty-five.]

Meanwhile, our guess is that T.O.’s “publicists” are telling their “client” that he already is drawing as well as Will Smith.

34 responses to “T.O. Show not showing up in the ratings

  1. LMAO i feel bad for the guy, But at the same time he brought it onto himself!!! and those two publicist in the show are so fake and you can tell the whole show is planned out!!! I dont think he even deserves the 798 spot!!!

  2. And the show will be canceled because of that.
    You know…. the same thing would happen here if you stopped talking about Favre and T.O. and Ocho Stinko…
    If you ignored them then they might just shut up for a change.

  3. The public is saturated with bum. We don’t want to hear about him or Favre anymore. The media needs to get this through their thick skull.
    Its just like steroids in baseball, no one cares anymore. All of this retreaded so called sporting news needs to stop.

  4. His show is a joke. Rewarding a prima donna for his antics will make others try the same thing (see M Crabtree and his potential for this).

  5. There are those fans who “ARE” interested in football. Be it college, NFL, high school and as far down as “wee pee’s”. However we’re interested in football, not the side show and the ostentatious aspects of football. Programs such as NFL Network and ESPN to name a few constantly put people like T.O. and Chad Johnson (Ocho homely) and stick them in front of the camera as if people in the audience really care about them at all-they don’t, or there are extremely few that do. You’ve been sticking with football today and it’s been very nice. Let’s try to stay with football and not parade some egotistical assclown before the masses. By the way T.O. will be in the hall of fame someday-but who will care? His personality and attitude have marked him for life!

  6. The show follows Owens and his “best friends (Monique Jackson) and publicists (Kita Williams).”
    And this is the guy who was alluding to the idea that Jeff Garcia is a homo? I think its cute that TO’s best friend is a girl and I think he smells like a rat. Obsessed about his body, calls other people “gay,” and never with other chicks besides his “best friend” shopping.

  7. As I was flipping channels this weekend, I saw the TO Show was on.
    I watched a rerun of “World’s Mildest Weather” on the Weather Channel instead…

  8. You mean it’s not fascinating to watch an old guy pretend to be a young hot athlete?

  9. I really wanna hate the guy—but there’s something about him that’s genuine—-Go Figure??????????????

  10. Maybe they should try advertising. I have no idea when the show is on, day or time, and the only reason I know the channel is because of some asinine comments on espn first take.
    If they want pple to watch, perhaps they should let pple know when and where to tune in.

  11. I think the show is way too contrived, but I find it rather entertaining to watch. If anything, it’s interesting to get a glimpse of the behind the scenes life of one of sports more controversial figures.

  12. I’d rather watch the Fresh Prince!
    Heck, I think I’d rather go to the dentist than watch that moron.

  13. When Michael Jordan played with Dennis Rodman and the Bulls , Dennis was getting more and more far fetched . Michael told him ” you are nothing without basketball, basketball opens the doors, Without it you are nothing ” . Someone needs to have a talk with T.O. and by the way his show was unwatchable

  14. “If anything, it’s interesting to get a glimpse of the behind the scenes life of one of sports more controversial figures. ”
    Your not even getting that. Like all “reallity” shows, everything is planed out for the cameras. There i nothing “real” about what your seeing, so your not even getting a glimpse behind the scenes. It’s nothing more than a “TV show”, made to attract the lowest common denominator.

  15. I can’t wait until the Cable Networks create “smell-o-vision” so we can actually breathe in the aroma of crap while we’re fed this garbage. 487 channels of what? Time to pick up a book and FEED OUR MINDS. Maybe we’ll learn from our mistakes and stop handing over millions of dollars to these steriod absuising melonheads and put it towards something positive.

  16. The only reason the show gets aired at all is that they couldn’t make new Billy Mays infomercials.

  17. We as a Band Love TO. We think he is a very r4eal person and has true feelings towards everyone. We love the show and as a matter off factcl we will stop when ever his TV show is on. He has a big heart and he is one of the geatest football players to ever live, He is always welcome to our shows. TO if your out there go to http://www.myspace.com/facelift42-request us a s friend –One of our songs called “AMERICA” is a true story about how a father who left his family to take the scary road to AMERICA”from MEXICO CITY–this is back in 1986 when it was easy to cross the boarder without a scratch on your back–but once he arrived here in the great USA he found out that it is hard to work here in AMERICA . No one is going to hand you anything—This man continuexd to drink and kept on telling his family he would bring them here to AMERICA when he was settled. The moral of the story is everyone has an AMERICAN dream to become an AMERICAN. It is hard work and you can never ever give up..When you live outside of the US you unsderstand how greatcountry is:…… from Budweiser good movies your favorite TV show your favorite way of life. “””You can have your own religion you can haveyourown special way of life–its supposed to be about your freedom and individuality so special to me–Made it to America you made it to America with out a scrach on your back.””” lyrics from AMERICA-band Facelift.
    TO has worked very hard to live that american dream and will never give up. Some can give up and be like the old man from Mexico, selfish uncaring no self sympathy.
    The Mexican never made an effirt to work…. he trulu became that drunk Amerian who did not care about anyone else but himself as he did at home: spent all his families money on hookers and alcohol. Not giving their children a dime—this is not TO—he is a hard worker. And would give you the short off his back–he had to work hard to get to where he is at today. Actualy work even harder—uphill because everyone hasbeen rying to pull him down.
    We are a band that is going to show america its true colors. However the real colos in America do not run!!!!
    Go T.O .go T.O. we will be watching every show–on and off the field! Send us amessage we want to stay in touch with a true winner.
    LOL to you all
    The michael

  18. This guy “The Michael ” is a real nutjob. Anyway, I thought the scene where T.O. arrived in Buffalo and all the fans greeted him was really cool.

  19. @The Michael
    You are just too good to be true. I am now a huge fan. I definitely am. HUGE. from Budweiser good movies your favorite TV show your favorite way of life
    The newest fan of the AMERICA-band Facelift, fan of The Michael, favorite song “AMERICA from Mexico CITY
    Yes. Me. A fan.
    LOL to you all.

  20. The show airs at weird times. I like T.O. yes he says things he should probably keep to himself, but he is a great wide receiver. I’ve watched the show and you can tell he’s had a messed up life. It definately let’s you see some of the reason for his antics. The plot is contrived, but at least he’s not acting!

  21. The rest of you can take a gander at the link the jimicos provided (damn you with your temptation), I’m not gonna watch. Hopefully this will be one of the bigger threads of all time with that plug from Mike. I’m not gonna watch. (holy crap I have to watch) I’m sure it’s something assnine. (I’m tempted, it’s getting hard(that’s what she said)). Ok, I give, I can’t wait for the comments, I’m gonna click the link! (spam)

  22. No video attached? I should have known better. Get all worked up about a drunken Mexican and I get a fly with e-mail addresses.
    “Yes Mr. Garrison?”
    Mr. Garrison:
    “Can we get rid of all the Mexicans?”

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