Vikes won't do a lottery deal in 2009

Reversing a current trend featuring NFL teams embracing the opportunity to rake in a little easy money via partnerships with state lottery commissions, the Vikings won’t be involved with such revenue-generators in Minnesota this year.

According to the Minneapolis Star Tribune (via SportsBusiness Daily), Vikings V.P. of sales and marketing Steve LaCroix said that there won’t be a lottery deal in 2009.

But LaCroix also says that there could be a deal in 2010, when the Vikings will be celebrating their 50th NFL season.

The decision to wait at least a year might have something to do with the tenuous efforts of the team to land a new stadium and/or to sell tickets to its current home.  As to the former, the general local reluctance to devote public funds to help finance a successor to the Metrodome might get even stronger if/when the Vikings are getting a piece of the Minnesota lottery pie. 

As to the latter, the franchise currently is behind last season’s 55,000-member season-ticket base.  So maybe the Vikes prefer that any discretionary fan income be devoted not to buying lottery tickets, but to buying game tickets.

32 responses to “Vikes won't do a lottery deal in 2009

  1. I am baffled at why whether a team does a “lottery deal” was/is/or ever will be news.
    Why is it relevant exactly? Don’t teams sign dozens of partnership/marketing deals every year? Is the only thing that makes these deals stand out is the new rule permitting them and the link to “gambling”?

  2. Don’t these NFL lottery prizes customarily include game tickets, merchandise, and/or “privileged” access on game days…stuff like that?
    No wonder Vikings opted out–they knew there’d be no interest. No one would buy.
    I mean, a team can only deal with SO MUCH EMBARRASSMENT in one year, right?
    Besides, why not just wait a year or two until they can make the lotto deal for the Los Angeles Biqueens?

  3. The big news isn’t the lottery deal (or lack thereof) but rather that the Biqueens are off last year’s season ticket totals, down despite “winning” last year’s NFC North divisional crown.
    Perhaps we are not giving the Viking fans enough credit. They look at this team, weak QB and weak WR corp in a pass happy league and draw the same conclusion the rest of us do, that they better have a strong coaching staff to overcome those liabilities. And considering that Bevell is still wiping the Favre nut-juice off his chin, it doesn’t look good.

  4. Dewey Assclown
    So much embarrassment in one year? What’s embarrassing? The best RB in the game, a NFC north title, and a shot to repeat this year?? What’s embarrasing is the bears, packers, and lions fans that keep thinking they have a shot this year. Have fun bending over for your boyfriend…

  5. Smart move……or not. Dumbass front office and Marketing team overthere. Lottery deal could help bring in funds for a new stadium. Also, why haven’t the Vikings have the state make Vikings Licenses Plates?? That could also bring in money for a new stadium. The Gophers have one (which brings them a ton of $$$), the Green Bay (Fudge)Packers have them too.
    Instead of looking at the goverenment to get you the funds, how about some of the ‘smart’ people at Winter Park think outside of their little marketing box. the Wilf’s could pony up some $$$ too!!!!

  6. “So maybe the Vikes prefer that any discretionary fan income be devoted not to buying lottery tickets, but to buying game tickets.

    Poor logic on the Vikings part – the people who buy lottery tickets will buy them whether it says Vikings on them or not. They’re just missing out on a percentage. And even if people didn’t buy lottery tickets, there’s no guarantee that the extra money would go for football tickets instead.

  7. No QB, no WR, bad coach, etc etc…and the rest of the division can’t hang with us. Yup, it’s the Vikings that should be embarrassed. Seriously. Really. Yup.

  8. StartTarvaris says
    “No QB, no WR, bad coach, etc etc…and the rest of the division can’t hang with us. Yup, it’s the Vikings that should be embarrassed. Seriously. Really. Yup.”
    Looks like another 8 and 8 season for this underacheiving bunch. This team disgusts me. I am embarrassed.

  9. The entire queen fanbase grabs their ankles for Lord Brett…but he pulls out on them and leaves his gooey man mess behind.
    You fools sold out on whatever dignity you thought you had, by embracing the biggest Judas in the history of the game–and then he doesn’t even deliver!! AHAHAHA!!
    “Embarrassing” to say the least.
    Childo as your coach. A QB controversy among two guys that would be lucky to be #2 QBs on most teams. Two fat sisters facing suspension. Loveboat. Wizzinator. Scalped Tickets. Tice. Harvin’s hot urine. Empty seats in the homodome. L.A. calling. 4 lost Super Bowls.
    Need I go on?
    Yes, “embarrassing” seems like an appropriate word…
    Now, let’s talk about what you guys love to hang your hats on: a few pretty statistics and last year–the first division title in a decade–one you won by luck and by default, or, at best, by a slim margin:
    Beat Lions by 2 points, after refs GAVRE you a crappy P.I. call to put you in FG range. Refs gave you that game, and robbed the Lions of 1-15.
    Beat Saints by 3, Pack by 1, Lions by 4.
    Hardly “dominant”.
    Then, week 17, division on the line, you get to play the Giants’ RESERVES, 2nd & 3rd stringers, YET YOU ONLY THE GAME BY ONE POINT.
    But the division “can’t hang” with you??
    The freaking LIONS hung with you to the tune of 6 total points win differential.
    You split your games with the Bears and Pack, and the Bears were one game behind you in the division chase.
    Then, predictably, one and done in the playoffs.
    So do us all a favor and STFU with these delusions about how “dominant” you were and how “dominant” you think you’re GOING to be…
    Is there any fanbase that talks more off-season trash and hype, about team that has done ultimately done NOTHING?
    You delusional Brett-ball lickers will be lucky to win 8 games this year.

  10. QB situation from last year: improvement
    WR position with Harvin: improvement
    RB: can’t get much better
    O line with Loadholt: improvement
    D line: wait & see for Williams’ outcome
    Linebackers with Henderson back: improvement
    D backfield with over the hill Sharper gone: improvement
    Schedule compared to last year much easier
    Other division teams treading water at best
    Prediction: win division & playoffs, so Vikings fans will take our chances.

  11. Dewey be a man and let us know what team you cheer for. We could spend hours (because you obviously have nothing better to do) digging up all the negative on your team, they all have it. And write it down on a blog because the only way you feel empowering is hiding behind your keyboard going on a blog for a team you dont even cheer for and print the negative, GET A LIFE! Everybody knows that team is a QB away from getting to the promise land, so they try to get a QB thats still better than half of the QB’s in the league now, and you say their stupid for that? Doesnt matter what they do you will spin it. GO VIKES…….BOOOOOOTY

  12. StartTavaris says: “No QB, no WR, bad coach, etc etc…and the rest of the division can’t hang with us. Yup, it’s the Vikings that should be embarrassed. Seriously. Really. Yup.”
    Can’t hang???? you’re kidding right. The Viking have won a grand total of 1 (one) uno NFC North Division crown compared to 4 for the Packers and two for the Bears. Granted, you are one ahead of the Lions, but hardly a record that you should be boasting about!

  13. Hey hachetwound,
    Woww! You should be so proud of yourself for knowing all of the Vikings stats and or what ever you put in in your dumbass twat on your shoulders. What a brainiac!
    First off twat on shoulders ( tos ) a win is a win,
    One point or 20. I bet your STILL anry about us kicking your teams ass tos. Your such a tos that your afraid to mention what team you root for but considering your manner I would say The fudge packers. How did I figure it out?
    1) Your lips move (tos ) and nothing comes out
    2) All ass
    And the best reason is: Your still crying about last year!!!!!
    Go take a nap tos!

  14. Can’t wait for the season to start so this dumb shit will have sit around with his boyfriends sack in his mouth while the vikes, take the division again….the pack is moving to a new D, the bears have no WRs (terrible D), and the lions are the lions..vikes win the north again, hands down and take a shot at the playoffs again….

  15. for all you “stats” guys who say vikings receivers are weak: Yes bernard berrian had sub 50 catches, he also had a 20+ ypc average and nearly 1000 yards on a team that runs 70% of the time. Bobby wade is solid in the slot and chester taylor is a nightmare out of the backfield on 3rd down. Packers remember the move chesty T. put on one of your worthless overated LB’s? on 3rd and 8? that he took to the house? get ready for deja vu…and this year sydney rice will make us forget about randy moss haha

  16. The profound expanse of your capacity for logical thought is awe-inspiring, truly.
    Okay, I concede–the Packers suck.
    I must also admit, though, that the off-season Dikes fans are the loudest and the dumbest, that’s for sure.
    Rock on, Paper Champions! Power-ranking warriors!
    Media darlings and hypesters extraordinaire! Hooray! You go, girls!
    The truth is, any self-respecting Hypequeen fan has long since bowed out, and will remain on strike until the Childo-era nightmare is over.
    It’s only you blind, dumb boastful skol-holes that keep hanging on through these years of futility.

  17. I wonder if the decision not to do a lottery deal has anything to do with the lack of a new stadium on the immediate horizon?
    @Dave Miller-
    Year before last. And in dominant fashion too.

    I’m sick of the anti-Viking shit spewed everywhere on this site. What exactly do we boast about? Please explain this to me, I’d love know.

  19. Dave Miller says: “Hey Mac
    When was your last division championship?
    Ours was last year dick head!”
    2007 season. What are you 14 years old? You better get off the computer before your mommy finds out what you’ve been up to.

  20. @rcunningham et al
    Here’s the TRUTH:
    “the anti-viking sh1t spewed everywhere on this site” is a DIRECT result of the constant barrage/sh1t-storm of phrases such as the following:
    “a lock to win the division”
    “a QB away from the Super Bowl”
    “bound to go deep in the playoffs”
    “clear favorites in the North”
    “a team ready to contend for the Super Bowl”
    …and other variations thereof ad f*cking nauseum.
    You don’t hear other fans talking this way–CONSTANTLY.
    Even Steelers/Pats fans, who have a bit of a RIGHT to talk some arrogant presumptuous sh1t like this, aren’t THIS bad.
    You see, it’s all THAT sh1t that brings out MY sh1t–my seemingly unprovoked jabs are the direct by-product of all that braggadocious B.S.
    Maybe you guys get it from the media?
    I don’t know…I don’t know WHERE this delusional chest-thumping comes from…but you couple that with the fact that PFT puts up like 98764 Queens stories every other day (94798765986767 for the summer), and what do you expect?
    You guys fling sh1t all summer, I’m flinging some of it back.
    Sh1t you guys have pretty much asked for.
    So it’s righteous sh1t, flung in the hopes that after all that anger, you might find a little freakin’ humility, for once.

  21. Poor little hachetwound rubbing your boo boos from the ass kicking the VIKINGs gave you! Cry a river. You are SO impressive with your Other brother Daryl mentality.

  22. To Cunningham,
    It looks like we are LOCK TO WIN THE DIVISION this year. We could GO DEEP INTO THE PLAYOFFS ( if not hachetwounds ass ) this year. We are CLEARLY THE FAVORITES IN THE NORTH AGAIN since we have NO competition.

  23. Dave Miller = even without meaning to be, Exhibit A in my argument.
    Of course, you could have also just said:
    “We’re good enough, we’re smart enough, and–doggone it–people like us…” couldn’t you?
    Isn’t that the new Minnesota state motto?
    And Davey?
    Do us all a favor and keep your faggy fantasies to yourself, okay?
    Not all of us love polishing purple helmets and blowin’ horns the way you do…

  24. Hey hachet wounded ( TOS )
    my exibit A, sorry, thats what she said.
    Exibit b- your mention of blowin horns, in MINNESOTA we call it smokin pole.
    Are you still practicing butt piracy in fudge packin
    land –Duh, that there isin the way we talk inpissconsin

  25. @rcunningham–
    The day I “LOL” myself is the same day I eat a gun for lunch.
    I’m accused of a lot, but being some dim-witted meat-headed trash-spewing all-caps neanderthal “U SUK VIKS ROCK AP ALL DAY BABY!! YER MOM” kind of cheerleader dolt (like Dave Miller) is just not my style.
    Sorry, but in the much the same way as Vikes market their pre-season tickets, the 0-4 jab is standard trash-talk fare–it comes as a package deal with all the good, creative stuff.
    And ANY forum can serve as the canvas for my “art”.

  26. Time for little dewey to buy himself a strapon so he can feel like a real man.
    Who do you call your team little dewey or are you to embarresed. Talk talk talk but nothing to say.
    wittle dewy afraid?

  27. “govikings27 says:
    August 3, 2009 10:04 AM
    So much embarrassment in one year? What’s embarrassing? The best RB in the game, a NFC north title, and a shot to repeat this year?? What’s embarrasing is the bears, packers, and lions fans that keep thinking they have a shot this year. Have fun bending over for your boyfriend…”
    Maybe you can use the money you were saving for a purple #4 jersey and get an education. Or did you spend it all on tissue when Favre screwed your team over? Have fun with TJ and Rosenblows leading your team! ROTFL

  28. Dave Miller says: “I was riding your mom and by the way she sucks like you do.”
    My mom’s dead you freak!

  29. Most people want to believe they have a chance to win the “big one” in regards to lotto. How many people are going to want to take their chances with the Vikings or Bills across their scratchers?
    Smart/wellthought out option by management.
    Side note: It seems that a few teams have got over the hurdle to win the superbowl by changing their uniforms, maybe the Vikings can get rid of that jackass “viking guy” who runs around looking like cromagnion man and bring in a blond with ponytails and giant “horns”.
    Superbowl or bust?

  30. QB: Sage Rosenfels seems just what the vikings need at QB, a veteran, who can manage the game and make the good throws, step over jackson and gus.
    WR: Bernard Berrian had 71 catches for 951 yards with the bears in 07, in 08 with minnesota who ran the ball 70% of the time he had only 48 catches but for 964 yards and 2 more tds than the year before, 5 to 7, and had 20.1 yards per catch, sideny rice who if he can stay healthy is due for a breakout year in my opinion, and especially since hes working out with Fitz and PERCY HARVIN the kid seems like he can do it all and take a load off AP with the 8 man fronts, oh and wade whos been consistent and a young kid i like Jaymar Johnson.
    RB: AP nuff said.
    TE: Schiancoe, breakout year ready for another breakout year.
    OLINE: If Loadholt starts and is a quick learner along with sullivan we can have a beast line, all up the newbys.
    FB: Tahi, good blocker, hate when they throw him the ball though gets one yard every time.
    DLINE: Kev, Pat, Jared, Edwards/Robison NUFF SAID.
    LB: Henderson if healthy, another big year, Greenway a beast, and a real football player Leber.
    CB: Winfield, new contract, first pro bowl, top 5 cb, griffin, new extension as well, hard hitter great tackler.
    S: Johnson and Williams, very excited for those ball hawkers to be on the field.
    K/P: Longwell is very accurate and a veteran, and Kluwe’s gotta boot.
    SPT: Hope the new pick ups and rookies, oh and the extra practie for it is paying off.

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