Zorn not concerned about Haynesworth's knee

Whenever a guy who has received a $100 million contract (actually, four years and $48 million) is also receiving injections into a knee that, in the early days of camp, should be as good and rested as it’s ever going to be, it’s a legitimate cause for concern.

Redskins coach Jim Zorn, however, says he isn’t worried about the potential impact of a balky knee on the ability of defensive tackle Albert Haynesworth to continue to dominate offensive linemen in his first year after getting the payday that fueled his strong performances in 2007 and 2008.

“He has had this before,” Zorn told reporters Monday regarding the injection Haynesworth received into his knee on Sunday.  “This is something that we did from the start when we got here, right when we started training camp.  It could’ve been done before but he hasn’t been around and it is something that is very normal.”

Wait, so the fact that Sunday wasn’t the first time in the recent past that Haynesworth had something shot into his knee so that it properly could function counts as good news?

“One of the reason you get these injections, I’ve had them myself, in a training camp this is a great little product because it is like a brace, it is like a cushion,” Zorn said.  “It gets you through two-a-days basically; it doesn’t stay in there forever.  It helps cushion your knee if you have any abrasions or any kind of grinding going on, it cushions that, it gets you through.  During the season, the battle is on Sunday but we’re not hitting during the week like we are now we’re hitting every day.  It takes its toll.”

Here’s my concern, for the benefit of those whose daily agenda now includes trying to exaggerate anything I write about the team into some sort of anti-Redskins bias.  I’ve been following the NFL pretty damn closely, every single day, for more than nine years now.  Having something shot into a knee to provide artificial cushion so that a guy can get through practice in the first week of training camp doesn’t sound like the kind of thing that should be inducing a head coach to shrug his shoulders.

As Zorn points out, Haynesworth weighs 340 pounds.  And Haynesworth carries that weight around every single day.  If the knee is bothering him in the first days of camp, it’s going to bother him all year long. 

So the real question becomes whether it gets to the point that it keeps him from playing, and eventually whether it limits the number of years that he can add to the seven seasons he already has spent in the NFL.

Though some would suggest that we’re required to take whatever an NFL coach or a player says at face value (perhaps since they have such a strong track record of always telling the truth), think of it this way:  With Redskins fans basking in the promise of a 0-0 record and with plenty of reasons to feel genuinely positive about the team’s chances (and, for the Redskins this year, there truly are), would Zorn admit in early August to being genuinely concerned about Haynesworth’s knee even if Zorn had such concerns?

Hell no, he wouldn’t.

So unless and until needles aren’t routinely invading the knee of D.C.’s $100 million $48 million man, those inclined to set aside the rose-colored and/our half-full glasses and view the situation objectively should at least be mildly concerned that a bunch of money might have been invested in a very large man with a chronically bad wheel.

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  1. as long as he is healthy when he plays the eagles I am fine. I hope he stoms every eagle in the head like they deserve!

  2. Come on Florio, aren’t we a miserable enough bunch as it is. I mean having a shitty owner is bad enough but we’ve had him for 10 years already, when he’s not screwing up the team he’s selling us obstructed view seats and charging us to see training camp. Worst of all he’s in his early 40’s and in great health.
    How about some rose (burgandy) colored glasses for us?

  3. “Having something shot into a knee to provide artificial cushion so that a guy can get through practice in the first week of training camp doesn’t sound like the kind of thing that should be inducing a head coach to shrug his shoulders.”
    He has no choice. Everybody knows that little Danny Snyder is running the show. Stay tuned for the next episode of the 100 Million Dollar Man and his two-bit knee.

  4. Well no wonder he drives around at over 100 mph. His knee hurts to ease off the gas pedal.

  5. “Zorn not concerned about Haynesworth’s knee” is not a headline.
    “Snyder concerned about Haynesworth’s knee” IS a headline.
    Maybe Dana Stubblefield is ready to make a comeback? Big fatty Dan Wilkinson? Dave Butz?
    Chris Cooley’s crank, allegedly…
    Almost ironic that the team that represents the Nation’s Capital spends as stoopidly as, well…..

  6. We know this guy isn’t going to play 16 games this year……..I’ll take the 12 games he does play over most in the league that will play 16. But it has to be concerning that it’s 3 days into camp and they’re already shooting his knee up. It’s a loooong season…..we just have to get em’ to the finish line. Hail!

  7. Even without the knee the Redskins should be worried. They overpaid. I don’t think he is the answer they want him to be. You are right to point out all the flaws involving Haynesworth. It is not Anti-Redskin it is real truth. I hated that they signed him. I honestly believe they way overpaid. I would have rather seen a reciever with some size and ability traded for or picked up, than some fat slob that likes to cripple people because he can’t see the speedometer over his fat rolls.

  8. Redskin Pete:
    Hopefully this tub of fat is healthy for the season.
    I wouldn’t wish an injury on my worst enemy.

  9. The other concern is what exactly was injected? It doesn’t sound like it was cortizone (tho that would be troublesome enough) it sounds more like it was that new injection that is intended to take the place of cartilage in the knee, folks generally get it when they want to try to stave off knee replacement because there is no cartilage left in the knee. If this is what Haynesworth is getting, that’s a REALLY bad sign. It means Haynesworth has REAL cartilage problems in that knee and they will be with him for the rest of his career. They most likely keep him from playing for long stretches, eventually (in 2-3 years) it will become impossible for him to play at all (you can’t get those injections over a long period of time).
    I think ‘The Danny’ has once again paid big bucks for a ‘name’ and will not get value for his money. Fun to play fantasy football, but only as a game.

  10. Zorn has to be fuming at the front office for blowing such a huge chunk of coin on this dude when there are such needs at the offensive skill positions.

  11. So what you’re saying is that your headline is really BS. It should read “Florio is concerned about Haynesworth’s knee”

  12. Steve-O has it completely right lol…the only reason this is a story is because Florio screwed up and is now trying to cover his a**.
    Funny how the original article was about the alledged conspiracy by the Skins to keep Zorn’s comment about Haynesworth getting a shot in his knee out of the press quotes they send out. When it was EASILY explained why that occurred (Zorn had not even made the comments when the Skins sent out the press quotes), Florio and PFT rightly get blasted for seeing something that wasn’t there…a common trait in many of Florio’s articles about the Redskins.
    So what does Florio do? Does he let readers know that his earlier article wrongly speculated about the missing Zorn quotes? No. Instead he tries to drum up even MORE imagined worst-case scenarios. Anyone with three working brain cells can see the Skins’ bias in his articles. Acting self-righteous doesn’t hide it, trotting out your resume doesn’t hide it, and giving Skins fans back-handed “compliments” only reinforces it (basking in the promise of a 0-0 season?…Wtf does that have to do with ANYTHING? lol).
    Congrats, Florio…you have every Cowboys fan and a handful of Snyder haters willing to pat you on the back. Consider your career goals met. *thumbsup*

  13. Oh Danny boy, the big names, the big names are calling
    From Shanahan to Cowher, and down the mountain side
    The summer’s gone, and all the flowers are dying (Because Ferdinand Haynesworth is lying on them)
    ‘Tis you, ’tis you must go and I must bide.
    But don’t come ye back when summer’s in the meadow
    Or when the valley’s hushed and white with snow
    ‘Tis I’ll be here in sunshine or in shadow
    Oh Danny boy, oh Danny boy, I hate you so.

  14. Skins could have had Canty on the cheap in consideration of what they paid Fat Albert.
    I project Canty starts more games and has a better year.

  15. “Anyone with three working brain cells can see the Skins’ bias in his articles.”
    Can’t help but see it in yours, too. What’s your point?

  16. Does Haynesworth’s psychotherapist do knees too?
    I really hope his falls on his fat ass don’t ruin his season. Doesn’t Zorn have band-aids and binky’s?
    Maybe a relaxant or laxative or somethin’?

  17. Point is….if you had Big Al on your team you would be defending the signing. He’s not on your team, so stop hatin’. That’s the point. Hail!

  18. By the way…Coach Z does have a point…they’re hitting twice a day right now….regular season it’s once a week. HAIL bitches.

  19. Gotta love the smart comments by some people here. “Dan Snyder sucks”…wow, great insight there.
    What’s more laughable are Florio’s attempt to sound as though there is no agenda behind his story (or stories) about the Redskins. Really Mike? This coming from the same person that got all bent out of shape (even using foul language) when Clinton Portis went public and trumped your “story” about his rift with Zorn. If you want to scare us Skins’ fans using some half-truth, why don’t you talk about Rogers’ calf injury during the second day of camp? Oh wait, I guess that doesn’t bring out enough of the people here that use the same tired anti-Redskins phrases.
    Oh and for you Florio apologists just remember that he might do the same biased covering about your team too. And while I’m some making a biased statement on the internet, this guy is supposed to be an online sports journalist (or at least that’s what he told NBC).

  20. Zorn is more concerned with his job! If he gets let go in Wash. will he get another chance elsewhere? Seattle, nah.

  21. I could type a whole bunch off this nonsense article but califan007 hit the nail right on the head

  22. Actually the stuff he’s getting injected into his knee will probably be standard issue for any and all pro football players within the next 5-10 years. It’s hyaluronic acid, which increases the synovial fluid and nourishes the cartilage. It can make someone with full blown arthritis functional and help spare the cartilage for people prone to cartilage damage.

  23. Uh-oh, the Schnider fantasy team has blown this deal. Good job playing these fools, Albert.
    P.S. when is “the Dan” going change that racist name anyways? Just wondern’

  24. The REDSKINS are gonna be a silent sleeper this season . The O-LINE will become much better . In the off season of 2010 Bugel will retire and 46 percent thats (%) of the problem with the O-LINe will be resolved . a new face , new tech will be welcome . Welcome home Russ Grim

  25. Funny to see all the deadskins fans on here rush to defend their team despite another stupid Dan Snyder fantasy football type deal.
    Haynesworth wasn’t a good signing at that 48 mil / 100 mil pricetag. Period.
    Now we know he has knee problems.
    #1) if I were Zorn, sit him down on PUP. Why are you putting a guy through 2 a days when his knee is probably shot already?
    #2) its obvious Haynesworth played the Redskins as he knew his knee was messed up, but probably didn’t want to get the needed surgery on it because it’d ruin his payday.
    Now my guess is Haynesworth might play 8 games, then go on IR and do microfracture.
    Then the Slur-skins fans get to wait another year to see if Snyder flushed another 48 million down the drain.

  26. wow, some of you commenters are even more ridiculous than Florio.
    yea, he’s so hurt that he has participated every day in training camp. he, along with other veterans, are only practicing ONCE a day to keep them fresh for the season.
    the knee injection is a new type of treatment. if his knee is so messed up, don’t you think they would have found that in a physical before they gave the man $48 mil? but no, it’s the redskins, so obviously they don’t do their due diligence, right Florio?

  27. Cleric John Preston says: August 4, 2009 9:46 AM
    Funny to see all the deadskins fans on here rush to defend their team despite another stupid Dan Snyder fantasy football type deal.
    Haynesworth wasn’t a good signing at that 48 mil / 100 mil pricetag. Period.
    Now we know he has knee problems.
    So you are probably one of those people that would call a paper cut a blood-gushing would right? And boy are you smart in calling for a team to put a franchise player on the PUP list and maybe even IR for a mild knee issue?
    I don’t see anyone here defending the Redskins, just calling out a biased “reporter” on a story he is blowing out of proportion.

  28. florio is going to step on one too many toes before it’s all said and done. comments like this: “I’ve been following the NFL pretty damn closely, every single day, for more than nine years now.” are going to blow up in his face one day. no one cares about your self-proclaimed credibility.
    it also gives me promise that i too could become a sports writer one day b/c this guy writes like an 8th grader.

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