Adam Terry out for the year

Our own Aaron Wilson (primarily of the Carroll County Times) advises us that Ravens offensive lineman Adam Terry will miss the entire 2009 season.

Per Wilson, Terry needs further knee surgery.

He appeared in twelve games last year, starting seven of them.  He played in each postseason game.

11 responses to “Adam Terry out for the year

  1. andy reid is losing his team. This media rant he had is so uncalled for that the players have to see what an ego maniac he is. He wants to control the media and he can’t even control his own house. wouldn’t surprise me if his wife is cheating on his he is so clueless.

  2. Steve,
    What the hell are you talking about? This post isn’t about Andy Reid, or his “thug kids.” Go complain somewhere, not on a post that is really about football and not TMZ type drama. Please stay out of the good posts and stay in the Twitter BS on here.
    This sucks for Adam Terry. He played in the same section as I did in HS Football in NY so I always try to keep up with him. I think this is the second season ending injury he’s sustained, could be wrong though. Here’s hoping for a full recovery for next year.

  3. Adam Terry is a nobody and so are u Xander, your nothing but an Al Bundy, you know how many records I broke in HS. No one cares about your HS football section, u doosh

  4. Don’t feed the troll, Xander. This asshat does this in every thread trying to get a rise out of eagles fans.
    Summer break ends next month, so we won’t hear much from him after that if we starve him of attention now.

  5. crackheadsteve, you may want to consider suing your High School for letting your coaches do your homework for you and robbing you of an education.

  6. I am sorry to see Adam go down again this year he is a good player and an even better person.

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