Boldin: 15 teams willing to trade for me

Anquan Boldin didn’t get traded this offseason, but he says it wasn’t for lack of interest.

The Cardinals receiver claims that nearly half the league was ready to acquire him.

“Honest, I know of 15 teams – this is a league where everyone communicates.  So you have players everywhere – guys that I work out with in Florida, guys that I’m friends with – and they talk to their GMs, and they relay messages back and forth,” Boldin said in an interview with XTRA Sports 910.

“So, I know of 15 teams that were willing to do exactly what it took to get me and make a trade happen.”

While it’s easy to question Boldin’s sources and accuracy, his knowledge of Arizona’s inner workings is interesting.

“The Cardinals were never specific about what they wanted.  They only said if the right deal came along.  But what is the right deal if you’ve never said it.”

That account meshes with multiple offseason reports that the Cardinals were never particularly interested in dealing Boldin in the first place.  

And why would have they been?  He’s one of the top players at his position and he’s under contract cheaply for two more years.

If it sounds like Boldin is griping, the interview doesn’t come off that way.  He answered the questions asked.

It sounds like Boldin knew how his offseason drama would likely end all along.

“I never thought once that I’d be traded and I wasn’t disappointed that it didn’t happen.”

24 responses to “Boldin: 15 teams willing to trade for me

  1. “If it sounds like Boldin is griping, the interview doesn’t come off that way. He answered the questions asked.
    It sounds like Boldin knew how his offseason drama would likely end all along.”
    Now if Florio had written this, those two statements would not have been in there.

  2. Hey, the Raiders will send the Cardinals Burgess, a 1st rounder, and a thank you note for Anquan.

  3. all those who are holding out are weak. this is a player with a true passion for the game. put aside the squabbles and play ball. but seriously remember that hit he took last year? only missed 2 games?! pay the man.

  4. The above story is incorrect. The interview you have linked to and reference is not from KTAR. They have not spoken with Anqian Boldin. The interview is from “Bickley and MJ” on XTRA Sports 910. Anquan’s interview was exclusive with KGME.

  5. The Raiders wouldn’t want him because he is a football player not a track star. Jeez he can catch the ball….not the type of player Al is interterested in.

  6. @madm100
    you said it man. he is one of the few wideouts in this league that doesnt breakup the locker with selfish motivation. he fractured his sinus with that hit, had surgery and came back in a couple games. the guy is a gamer. the cardinals are the least likely destination of many top free agents due to this example right here.

  7. Speaking of ALan Davis, he is the NFL equivelant of that one guy in your fantasy league that always drafts the number one kicker way too early, maybe in the 3rd. He then follows that pick by crossing his arms, nods his head, and has that “I know something you don’t, and now I own this league” smirk on his face. At the end of the season when he takes last place, it inevitably somehow was the fault of Lane Kiffin. And of course next year will be different.

  8. and this is the main reason that arizona will fail this year.
    Boldin is one of the few players who has earned the right to hold out, and do it with the support of the fans.

  9. we’d love to have him wear purple and black in Baltimore. I doubt Ozzie would trade a 1st for him, but with Derrick Mason we would odds on favorites to compete for the Lombardi. Alas, the point is moot. He stays a Cardinal working for perhaps the worst owner in football.

  10. Watch how quick he gets stuck with a franchise tender when his deal is up, anquan is going no where

  11. How much is this putz making a year go work or get fired
    These over paid pukes are making the tickets cost to much and with these paydays soon the games will all be pay for view and the fan base will go away

  12. 15 teams think highly of boldin. i don’t think there is even 15 people who think highly of florio.

  13. Boldin,
    I don’t think they trade for cows or corn or other staples like they did back in the day. You missed the joke from the 15 teams. You play in sand with Kurt Warner. Careful they don’t bury you with the other catshit.

  14. Boldin, you make more in a week than some people make in a year, or even a lifetime or that matter. QUIT COMPLAINNG ABOUT YOUR SALARY!

  15. Big Stretch
    and this is the main reason that arizona will fail this year.
    Boldin is one of the few players who has earned the right to hold out, and do it with the support of the fans.
    What the hell kinda of sense does that make? Arizona will fail because Boldin isnt holding out? Don’t kid yourself if Boldin were to hold out he wouldn’t have the support of Arizona fans. He signed a contract that his agent and him agreed on at the time. The cardinals offered him a new deal before they offered Larry one and he turned it down because he wanted to see what Larry got. The deal he turned down was for around 7.5 8 million a year. I love Boldin as a player but he had his chance to cash in but decided to gamble and he lost at the moment. Why do the Cardinals have to give him a new deal. They can lose him in 2011 when he is 30 or 31 and got his best years for cheap. Business wise its a great move by the Cardinals and when they give Dockett his new deal in the up coming years people wont say “oh look at those cheap Cardinals.” They are smart for not giving Boldin big money…hell the guy only plays 10 12 games a year.

  16. C’mon guys, lay off Boldin. He’s one of the best in the league, and he’s showing up to work. He is unhappy with his salary, this is true. He makes more than probably all of us combined, this is true. But let’s not forget, he could get injured tomorrow and never make another dime in the NFL. On top of that, he was probably “assisted” through college and has no real life skill. The money he makes now may be the only real money he makes for the rest of his life, so let him bitch. He is showing up to work, which is more than most unhappy players would do. I give him credit for honoring what he is supposed to do.

  17. @Banvard316
    Arizona will fail because they continue to hold their best players hostage with the exception of the monster contract given to Fitz. They will fail because even though Boldin is a true Pro he is unhappy and to expect him to swallow that shit-sandwich 2 years in a row is to much to ask, especially when he knows the Cardinals are gonna give it to him for a 3rd year.
    so many football fans cry out when their teams suck, and yet they always blame the “greedy” players and never hold the filthy rich owners to the flame. When a player’s production far exceeds his contract, and when that player has proven tima and again that he will go balls out for his team, he should be rewarded for his sacrifice with the loyalty of his team.

  18. send him this way!!!! We’d be GLAD to have him, too bad angelo didn’t have enough ammo to snatch him at the draft….just imagine the bears D, their special teams, and new offense with hester, cutler, forte, boldin, and a fresher o-line? i smell NFC Champions…o well, we’ll see how it all pans out.

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