Cribbs still considering a regular season holdout

Despite the fact that Browns receiver Josh Cribbs has showed up for training camp, he might not be there for long.

”I tried to make a stand during OTAs so I
could get it all handled before camp’s over,” Cribbs recently said, according to Marla Ridenour of the Akron Beacon Journal.  ”I won’t
have to miss any more practice time, learning the playbook and
everything like that.  I want to be out here on this field; I don’t want
to miss a step.  It’s real competitive out here; I’m trying to get my
spot on offense and work my way on defense, as well.  But I can’t make
any predictions on what I’m going to do when the season starts

Cribbs realizes now that he shouldn’t have signed a long-term deal so early in his career, and he also realizes that being under contract through 2012 gives him little leverage, and few options.

”My only leverage is what I’ve been giving to this team,” he said.

Cribbs claims that the Browns promised before the 2009 coaching and G.M. change to address his contract.  Though the team claims that the new regime is not bound by those promises, Cribbs says that owner Randy Lerner conveyed the same senitment. 

The organization has denied that Lerner made such a promise.

And so Eric Mangini is now dealing with his fourth veteran player in two years who claims that promises were made but not honored by the team that Mangini is coaching. 

Previously, Pete Kendall, Laveranues Coles, and Chris Baker made similar allegations when Mangini was the coach of the Jets.

9 responses to “Cribbs still considering a regular season holdout

  1. This dude’s agent needs to remind him that he’s just a kick returner.
    Sure, he’s one of the better kick returners in the game right now but he’s still just a kick returner. What kind of contract does he expect?

  2. seriously i dare him to holdout like a moron in the regular season. his skill set would quickly begin to diminish

  3. Don’t sign on the line unless you can do the time. Or something like that.
    The best thing he can do is get out there and play. Oh yeah, and quit whining about the contract he signed.

  4. I’m sick of this crap. Don’t sign such a long term deal that looked stupid when you signed it.

  5. Funny how you tried to tie together a fourth disgruntled promised/lied to player under Mangini, while your previous statement says that the promises were made by the former staff. If Mangini isn’t the GM, he shouldn’t have anything to do with anybody’s contract. It’s that simple.

  6. Making any reference at all to Mangini is a cheap shot, Florio. Why does Mangini have to honor promises that were made by a prior regime?

  7. reminds me of disputes in oakland, where neither franchises are going nowhere….look at teams like Baltimore who have consistently good seasons year after year, they take care of their players and reward them with a nice paycheck, Cleveland will just lie to you, Al Davis will just give you a 200 Billion dollar contract and cut you the next year. As far as the contract….How many years has Hester been in this league? look at his contract as a Kick-returner, last season was his first real season as trying to learn a new position, and look at the impact he has made to the team, you say special teams is useless then look at the 07′ bears, that is what they had, NO OFFENSE at all and look where it got them, all the way to the Super bowl. Whatever you say, Cribbs is talented and is a game changing figure and especially if “Promised” should be rewarded as so. I’m not saying this will pan out like that, but ethically it should, too bad its all a “business” and money talks and they can do what they want with the guy.

  8. as a browns fan struggling to decide where i stand on this issue, there’s one piece of info that would help immensely: at this point, HOW MUCH more $$ does he (not the agent) truly want?!
    generally, i can appreciate the guy wanting a modest raise due to his now being groomed/asked/expected to potentially play several additional positions, but he if still wants/expects hester $$, or wants to remove years, screw him.

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