Fins already hiding injuries?

One of the most curious things we witnessed last season was the uncanny run of good health for the Miami Dolphins, with few players showing up on the weekly injury report, despite the widely-accepted reality that every team will have multiple players who have some sort of bruise or strain or sprain that meets the official definition of “probable” (i.e., virtual certainty to be available for normal duty).

This year, the eyebrow-raising has begun even earlier.

As Armando Salguero of the Miami Herald recently pointed out, Dolphins linebacker Matt Roth failed the camp-opening conditioning test because, according to the team, he was “feeling under the weather.”

The only problem?  Agent Drew Rosenhaus has publicly said that Roth has a groin injury, and that Roth was expected to have more testing on the condition on Monday.

But coach Tony Sparano claimed that he had no knowledge of any groin injury.  “I believe Matt Roth when he’s telling you he’s sick,” Sparano said Monday, per Edgar Thompson of the Palm Beach Post.  “This groin thing,
it’s the first I’ve heard it came up, and we’re going to investigate
it, but I’ve been told it’s an illness.”

So what’s going on here?  The easy explanation, given the team’s recent history, is that they’re trying to conceal the fact that the groin that bothered Roth “much of last season” (even though his name never appeared on any injury report last season — yeah, I just looked at every freaking one of them) and that ultimately required offseason surgery still isn’t back to 100 percent.

But there’s another possibility that we’d be remiss not to point out.

Consider this Rosenhaus tweet from May:  “Matt Roth is also in the last year of his contract and would like to
sign a long term extension with the Dolphins before the season

Roth still hasn’t gotten that extension.  So in lieu of holding out and risking daily fines in the neighborhood of $17,000, Roth possibly showed up and claimed he wasn’t able to perform.

And Roth and Rosenhaus possibly didn’t have their stories straight as to the reason the player was providing to the team as to why he couldn’t practice yet.

At this point, we don’t know what the truth on this one is.  But it’s got the potential to become pretty damn interesting.

17 responses to “Fins already hiding injuries?

  1. Roth better get his stuff figured out if he wants to play this year. Jason Taylor’s getting all of his reps at practice, and impressing the coaches. Cameron Wake is not far behind, either. If Roth is holding out for a new contract, he might want to get on the field and prove he’s worth one.

  2. Yawn….
    What makes this so interesting? So Matt Roth is trying to get a contract done. That has nothing to do with injury reports.

  3. Hey Florio
    You’re a dick. How about watching a press conference before jumping to conclusions.

  4. Salguero is an idiot. I would rather have Sparano hiding injuries than Salguero reporting anything at all. He takes months off and doesn’t report anything on his so called “insider” blog, then he comes back from vacation, finally posts and starts blasting Sparano for hiding injuries.

  5. I really dont think that the Phins brass would hide a injury in training camp do you Florio? Sparano said int he statement that you supplied that Roth said he was sick and couldnt pass his initial conditioning test. Then RosenHOMO says its a groin injury. I really dont see whats the purpose of “conceling and injury at this stage in the game!
    As for last year and the “healthy” run the Phins had, if a player can play then why should you have to put them on the report. I guess what Im saying is if a player has a strained groin or whatever Roth had, but you know hes going to play then why list it. Im not to certain of the injury list rules but thats my take

  6. There’s rumors flying that the story behind the story is that Roth lied to Sparano TWICE about the nature of this injury.
    Can anyone say Jason Taylor won’t eat this opportunity up?

  7. I like you guys and what you do here, but this article is junk. Have you ever considered that Roth is just tough, and not a big wimp like some of the other players in the NFL who want to take the week off because of a blister.
    Roth has a history of these groin injuries and Roth not telling Sparano is simply because he wanted to push through like last year.
    I applaud Roth for his mental toughness, even though he lied to his coaches, he still is not looking for more money by faking an injury.

  8. I don’t remember there being any controversy with the ‘Phins over unreported injuries. I do remember there being quite the concern over a different AFC East team throughout the years, though.

  9. FYI – when Roth said he was sick, the team ordered blood tests (Monday). All of which, Sparano said, came back negative.
    We may indeed have a holdout. Or it could be a groin. He injured it in 2007, played all thru 2008 with it, and had surgery on it in January. Would be disappointing if it were the former. Would be out of character.

  10. “Roth would like to sign a long term extension with the Dolphins.” Well then he should show
    up ready to play. Roth did not distinguish
    himself last season. The Dolphins did not address the linebacker position until the
    7th round. They will certainly be going LB
    early next draft. Jason Taylor plays strong
    side outside linebacker in the 3-4 defense.
    The same position that Matt Roth plays….
    So if Roth does not show up ready to play,
    it will be counter productive for getting a
    long term deal done. Roth may not be able
    to beat out Jason Taylor for the position &
    Jason now says that he wants to play more
    years after this season.

  11. It’s probably the player rather than the team. Everybody knows that Parcells players are not allowed to get injured. People like to bring up the fact that the Cowboys haven’t won a playoff game in so long, you need to remember that Parcells is a big part of that, and that the last time a Parcells-affiliated team won a playoff game was over 10 years ago.

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