Report: Chiefs "leaning" towards signing Toomer

After trying out Amani Toomer, D.J. Hackett, and David Terrell in a workout Monday, the Chiefs may be nearing a decision on who to sign.

ESPN’s Bill Williamson writes that Toomer will be the pick as “early as Tuesday if the Chiefs follow through their current thinking.”

Toomer is one of the best veteran receivers available, but the signing is an indictment on Kansas City’s young receiver depth.

The Chiefs apparently don’t love what they see on the depth chart after Dwayne Bowe, Mark Bradley, and 36-year-old free agent signee Bobby Engram.

Toomer could challenge Bradley for snaps, which would ruin his burgeoning status as a deep fantasy football sleeper.

Any veteran signing could also push a player like Devard Darling or Jeff Webb off the roster.

Unlike other rebuilding teams, the Chiefs continue to load up on veteran players to provide an example for the young players that actually have a future with the organization.

The strategy is not so different from what Scott Pioli and Bill Belichick did with the Patriots in 2000.

12 responses to “Report: Chiefs "leaning" towards signing Toomer

  1. The Raiders should be a lock for 4th place afc west. I’m guessing 2 wins, maybe with a lot of luck 5 wins at the most.

  2. I agree with goirish.
    They keep talking about how Manning has to wonder what his receivers will do this season.
    Toomer may not have been a #1, but at least you could expect him to contribute and knew what you were getting.

  3. toomer will make a good addition to the locker room,he’s not what he was,but he is a solid citizen.

  4. David Terrell is still trying huh? Gotta appreciate the effort, but the man was awful when he got to the NFL. One of many awful first round picks us Bears fans had to endure!!

  5. I know it’s a business, but Armani deserved a better sendoff. He made the great catch that ended the Broncos’ run at the consecutive win record, and his catch and run v Dallas in the Super Bowl season changed the game. Those + the many tough catches he made through the years from a variety of qbs — not all of them stellar. The Giants should retire his number.

  6. Toomer wont produce great numbers but every Giants fan knows that he has good hands, runs reliable routes and knows how to get both feet in bounds to make a catch. I dont think there was anyone better at controlling his body then Toomer was. For ten years Toomer was our number 1 receiver. Thanks for all the great memories Amani. I wish you the best of luck in K.C.

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