Roethlisberger says his arm isn't strong

Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger has been misfiring on plenty of his passes in the early days of training camp.

He says that his arm simply isn’t as strong as it will be after he gets some more work.

“It’s frustrating at times, I think I have a pick every day in practice
because my arm is not where I want it to be yet,” Roethlisberger said, according to Ed Bouchette of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
“Trying to make the throws I can make later in the year that I try to
do now, my arm is not ready for it.”

And like we’ve seen on various occasions when Roethlisberger cites some type of injury or malady as an explanation (excuse) for subpar play, his head coach offers a different version of reality. 

“We misconnected on a couple of deep balls today but it didn’t look
like it had anything to do with arm strength,” Mike Tomlin said.

So while Ben’s arm might not be quite ready, his propensity to conjure a little drama is in midseason form.

75 responses to “Roethlisberger says his arm isn't strong

  1. Once again taking nothing and blowing things up… Stick to news and not the rumor gossip crap Florio…

  2. Hasn’t he conjured up enough drama to tide himself over for awhile. Rape or not, he should feel the need to make excuses for putting his Rothlisberger in that gross casino girl. If anything, the kids that look up to him should realize that being a pro athlete isn’t all fame and glory and the college guys with beer goggles just got a free pass from their buddies.

  3. I hope his arm is still strong enough to hold down nubile ladies while he has his way with them.

  4. He’s said his arm isn’t ready… damn this guy is trying to start up the drama alright!
    Florio – your a joke. This guy can’t do anything without you throwing him under the bus. It’s retarded. He said during the summer that he doesn’t throw often because it helps him have his arm strength later in the year. If Brady or McNabb said that you would praise them and be at their feet for being so damn smart, but since it’s Roethlisberger, you have to turn it into something negative.
    You are amazing.

  5. Turd Watch has returned.
    How long til you get around to restoring the old ID’s and comments ratings?

  6. Its amazing how big a hard on you have for Roethlisberger.. dude.. so he never returned your calls.. let it go.

  7. Ben is a drama queen, but this isn’t a good example of it. In the “real” article, it also says:
    Tomlin said “that’s a safe assumption” that it normally takes Roethlisberger a week to get his arm to mid-season form. The quarterback said he moves at a slower pace now to preserve his arm late in the season.
    “I don’t throw a lot before I come into this for that reason, I don’t want to get worn down late in the year,” Roethlisberger said. “It just takes a couple of days to get into it. I hope by Wednesday I’ll be getting better and by the weekend I’ll be in pretty good form.”

  8. “I don’t throw a lot before I come into this for that reason, I don’t want to get worn down late in the year,” Roethlisberger said. “It just takes a couple of days to get into it. I hope by Wednesday I’ll be getting better and by the weekend I’ll be in pretty good form.”
    Way to not report everything the Ben said.
    Florio is an idiot. And that’s the absolute truth.

  9. Glad to see he has his priorities in order this offseason.
    Good to see that sex drive stronger than your arm.

  10. Big Ben is all about the drama. Who else calls a press conference to dispute “false” accusation…. He needed and loved the attention. Bad news is better than no news at all.

  11. Maybe his arm is fine and he just isn’t throwing the ball to the right place because he’s a moron.

  12. Mborz…I agree to an extent. The DQ element is the part where Tomlin contradicts him, IMO.
    That said, I agree that there are tons of better examples than that one.

  13. It’s August 3rd! You’re a tard Florio. I live in Pittsburgh and you pulled that out of context. Also, his WR’s were dropping balls (“17” – Mike Wallace) not missconnecting. That was all over the Pittsburgh radio stations this morning. Stick to Favre postings..

  14. You couldn’t write a more dramatic story than this! A quarterback takes five months off and his arm isn’t in midseason form at the beginning of camp…to quote Florio, “WOW!”
    And furthermore, he admitted that his arm wasn’t up to full strength when a reporter asked him a direct question.
    Somebody get freaking Marty Scorcese on the phone. This is pure drama!

  15. Why is it a QB needs training camp to get his arm ready to make certain throws? Do they not throw during their off time? Don’t they throw at OTA? Why is it that off?
    Kind of a weak excuse. He’ll be alright, but a QB shouldn’t blame his interceptions or bad throws on his arm not being ready in training camp. It’s not like he’s been holding out or anything.

  16. “misfiring on plenty of passes”… How many days of camp did you attend to make that observation Foolio? I spent 3 days there and Roethlisberger looked very sharp. As stated, it usually takes an NFL QB a week or two to get their arm into shape for the season, but the “misfiring on plenty of passes” is an inaccurate comment made by some internet hack.

  17. Florio doesn’t report everything that is said about Ben. Because that would totally screw his whole approach to covering the player. Period.

  18. Florio do you not read what all of Ben says or do you just say hey if I cut this part out it will look like he is complaining? Why don’t you do your job and report what he actually says and instead of leaving probably the most key paragraph “I don’t throw a lot before I come in because I don’t want it to get worn down at the end of the season,” said Roethlisberger. “I just have to ease into. I hope by Wednesday I will get better and by the weekend be in good form.”
    And pleasssssssee stop celebrating everytime you report something faster than ESPN! They report a lot of things faster than you. I would love for ESPN for a week everytime they report soemthing if “breaking news you heard it hear first uuuhhhh Pro Football Talk hasn’t even broke this news yet” Oh yeah that will never happen because they don’t care about the little people.

  19. “Once again taking nothing and blowing things up… Stick to news and not the rumor gossip crap Florio…”
    What part of “latest news and rumors” do you not understand?

  20. “Raider fans are thankful for Steeler fans so we have someone to look down on.”’re in a league all your own bro

  21. r u kiddin me????? its the 3rd day of camp…no one is where they should be it takes them a while to get use to the timing again
    funny how you left out the rest of the quote where he explains that after the season is over he watches what he does to no over work his arm and does not touch a football until camp start up.
    good one florio

  22. Hes a terrible QB… always has been. Not too tough to be decent to hand a ball off and sit behind the best D in the league. He will be exposed as the crap QB that he is.

  23. Ben’s biggest problem is his abundant honesty with the media. It’s got to drive his coaches crazy. I thought he had learned how to dodge a question (the way that the other 99.999% of NFL does), but apparently old habits die hard. It’s gotten so bad that now reporters will fish for a DQ moment. It’s a dumb reputation though. Anybody who can play 19 games behind that OL by definition can’t be a drama queen.

  24. I’m sure he’s the only player that’s not in shape a few days into training camp. His arm is just like a receiver not being as fast or conditioned as they want to be right now. Get over it, Florio. You’re bringing up nothing solely to get people riled up.

  25. @ BlackLass-
    I’m waiting……nobody in Jersey will say anything to your face? I spend alot of time at my house on the Jersey Shore. All I need are some GPS coordinates!

  26. of course he has an arm. he sure used to.
    maybe his motion is all off due to some other problem. someone should check to see if he sat on a fusilli rapistberger.

  27. @ Jonsey-
    yet he still doesn’t have the throwing motion of a girl, but your boy Phily (with ONLY1 L in his name, but MANY more on his record) sure does!

  28. RedskinPeter says:
    “he really never had a strong arm”
    As a Dedskin fan I’m sure you’re as well versed as any on the subject!

  29. Florio, looks like you learned from Fox News how to only report part of the story and leave important information that changes your spin.
    Here’s the rest of the sotry:
    That, said Roethlisberger, is pretty standard as he mostly rests his right arm during the offseason so it is strong at the end of the season as opposed to the beginning of training camp.
    “I don’t throw a lot before camp for that reason,” Roethlisberger said, “so it takes a couple of days to get into it. I hope by Wednesday it will be getting better and then by the weekend it will be in pretty good form.”

  30. @ RaiderMight & Silver&Black666-
    riiight…now go put on your halloween costumes, TOOLS, the season is nearly upon us!

  31. RedskinPete:
    He managed the winning TD drive with 2:30 left in SB43. At least the Steelers are considering signing Vick to replace their QB like your sorry team is.
    The Steelers had one of the worst running games last year. Started their 3rd string RB in week 5. And according to many analysts, had the worst O line of all the post-season teams. Watch SB43 again and see how many times he extends the play/avoids sacks for large gains. He wins. That’s all that matters, regadless of your hate.

  32. empty13:
    You feel better? Does calling him a rapist make you feel like a big man? One question: What country are you from? In this country, people are innocent until proven guilty. I’m sure you don’t like that, but it’s the law of the land.

  33. Silver&Black666:
    Please. This is a Pro-Football message board. Please go find a minor league football message board to discuss your team.

  34. Hate to defend a squeeler but saying he never had a strong arm is silly… Never seems to have a problem beating c mac deep.

  35. Ben’s arm is so tired because he has been lifting his 2 Lombardi trophies and two huge Super Bowl rings all summer.

  36. Every person who is a regular on this site has seen this before:
    1) Pull out quotes that support the headline, but don’t give the whole story
    2) Post said link in the story knowing that hardly anyone is going to click on the link and read the article in its entirety
    3) Create the perception that Big Ben’s off-field issue is already affecting his play
    4) Use this story as a reference point to show how Big Ben has been distracted by his off the field issue in a post down the line
    5) When called out for writing such nonsense, use the defense that it was posted in the rumor mill (which is basically a disclaimer for everything on the site given you can’t tell what is fact/rumor because the section is called headlines/rumor mill) and have some readers back it up because of the words rumor mill.
    What I don’t get is that some people seem to forget that the success of this site was derived from Florio being able to use his credible sources to get information. Not pull things out of context and create stories. A rumor is something you hear from someone else, whereas this post is basically creative writing built on hyperbole.

  37. blackass says:
    “I also find it funny that people can get on here and talk shit all day. Yet I drive around New Jersey with a Patriots graphic on my back windshield and have not heard one peep from someone talking shit to my face. Stick to your message board, Internet Tough Guy.”
    I’m very prouda you! & I spend alot of time at my house on the Jersey Shore, so anytime you wanna stop wandering aimlessly, lmk sport, I’ll tell you to your face…got COORDINATES???

  38. He did say it was a little difficult to fist that ho—you know sportin’ the 2 HUGE SUPER BOWL RINGS didn’t make it easy!!!———

  39. This from the guy who threw 23 picks in ’06?
    This from the guy who has thrown 69 picks in 72 games?
    This from the guy who is #83 all-time in INT%?
    Same old from this clown and alleged rapist.
    He does hold the record for statements made that his coaches shoot down though.

  40. c’mon florio, you are getting slow, its going on 6 hours since your last roethlisberger profundity. aren’t you due for the post that talks about how ben threw well and some observers(never mind they are jr high art teachers, summer off, sitting on coolers) think maybe ben may be “peaking to soon”
    that is if you even bother taking the wild hairs up other people’s rectums as truth anymore. have you gotten too narcisistic florio? are the only wild rectum hairs good enough for you, your own?

  41. Jbrider,
    So your defense of the mans arm strength is “hey, everybody knows he doesn’t work out in the off season”. Interesting logic. Some people might think that working out would make you stronger, not weaker.

  42. Why is Florio picking on Big Ben so much? Isn’t there another NFL player who isn’t “up to par’ from the off season he can rag? Isn’t that why we have PRESEASON games and practice? Did this idiot Florio even play football or is he one of those ‘experts” that was lucky enough to con a sports exec into a job? Even I know off season is down time (and I’m a Blonde female) and no one is up to SB43 standards. And to the guys who are slandering Big Ben’s name I believe you have done the same thing to a woman in your years (past or present) and either you are jealous you didn’t get the hype he is on this issue or you got away with it. Lay off. How can you cast a stone at Big ben when you are not w/out sin. It’s comical to read this blog at times. And the reason I do isn’t because I love football it’s mainly to see which one of you guys have something else stupid to say. makes my day alot better at work!! By the end of October he’s arm or this issue or something else will have taken place of this. LET IT GO and wait to see what happens in regular season. Hey like one guy said.. M.Vick may be coming to pitt so all this trash talk maybe just a waste of hot air. Keep posting I love to read this thing on a daily basis. And to the person asking if someone has/wants GPS info are you seriously going to give someone on the internet your location? Think about it. you may be the next posting we discuss how some idiot gave out thier location info and some wiedro took advantage of it…

    Six Burgh Dude. Funny stuff.
    Rivers throws like a girl.
    I am laughing so hard right now.
    But then again, what’s your “defense” to this?
    Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah. I know.
    You guys have six rings.
    We get it.
    Good comeback.

  44. Florio,
    You sound like a jilted lover w/these ‘articles’. How about a little objectivity sans your ugly bias con Steelers.
    Go Steelers!!!

  45. @ swepsgirl18:
    The GPS comment was in reply to BlackLass, who posted claiming that all Steeler fans calling his Cheatriots out are just “Internet Tough Guys” who won’t say it to his face, went on to say he drives around New Jersey in his Flying Elvis mobile & nobody says a word. I proceeded to let him know that I spend alot of time at my house on the Jersey Shore & if he really needed someone to tell him to his face all he needed to do was give me his coordinates, Jersey ain’t big afterall.
    Anyway I’m still waiting…ironic wouldn’t you say?
    @ Jonsey-
    Dude, everytime I post FACTS that EXPOSE you as the Fantasy League Fool that you are, you go on to the next post & start all over again…we get it, WINS & TITLES mean nothing to you, only stats do to the self-proclaimed StatMan…”Hello! they play to WIN the game!!!”

  46. I wouldn’t say that posting things like “swing your balls if you win” and “Rivers throws like a girl” is posting facts.
    If anything, we’ve jarred for a while now and I see nobody but you telling me that they’d take Ben over Philip. Not one person.
    Oh well. If nothing else you’re entertaining and passionate about your team and QB.

  47. Jonesy,
    I don’t post here to get people to agree with me, nor do I need them to. However, you seem to need the support, maybe to covince yourself? I’ll take a proven Champion over a stat compiler who has done NOTHING in the post-season to date, everyday of the week & most importantly on gameday!

  48. “Big Ben” isn’t really a “good” qb anyways, why does he deserve all this attention? It’s not very hard to do as well as he has, with quite average qb stats and maybe some above average hand-off skills. His only bonus is his ability to stay upright which even I will admit is pretty awesome, but doesn’t make him great.
    In other words, leave the mediocre be and give us news about players people actually want to hear about.

  49. I guess SixBurghDude is the Pissburgh version of Vox, replying to each and every post that says anything negative about your beloved team, what pussy….. Vox gets a pass, because he generally says some shit that is sooo asinine that it makes me chuckle, but you arent funny, you are just bitter and stupid

  50. spanky36 says:
    “leave the mediocre be and give us news about players people actually want to hear about”
    Yet you can’t!
    Yet you amuse me, go figure!
    btw, righteous username…what was it last month?

  51. Look SixBurghDude, don’t bother trashing screen names… what was yours last season, FiveBurghDude?
    Funny how we’re posting in a Pitt-related article, which should have far more Steelers fans drawn to it.
    The article trashes Ben, which should lead to more support from your fanbase.
    There isn’t any. No support. The only people responding to us on the Rivers-Ben debate choose Rivers.
    This whole thing started because I posted that the majority of owners would pick Rivers over Big Ben.
    I’ll contend that issue all day, all day, all day.
    Ben is a great great great “football player”. He’s a baller. But he is not a better QB.
    I guess the question is… if you took both guys and put them on the Lions, who would get more wins?
    I’ll take Rivers. Everybody out there would take Rivers. Except you.
    You call me stat boy… when this thing started all you could say was that Big Ben won two rings. He won two rings. It was your whole defense. Because numbers don’t lie.
    The reason people say “you’re a stat boy” is because NUMBERS are the only “facts” to present that eliminates the HOMER factor.
    Like having bragging rights in your SN. Talk about HOMER.
    What was that SN last year? Thought so…
    And WHERE ARE YOUR SUPPORTERS in a Pittsburgh-themed column???

  52. Jonesy says:
    “And WHERE ARE YOUR SUPPORTERS in a Pittsburgh-themed column???”
    Sorry, I can’t answer for them, but one thing I do know is that the next time the Steelers play in S.D. we’ll be there to take over your stadium again…same as it ever was!

  53. Well thats really gonna suck when Hines Ward is wide open 65 yards downfield and Roethlisberger has an entire front seven charging at him… Oh wait it won’t make a difference cause he’ll hold onto it for 20 seconds anyway….

  54. First of all, that comeback made zero sense. Just like pickign Ben over Rivers. Something only you seem to agree with on this board.
    Secondly, the Steelers have the biggest fan base in the NFL. We all know that. So they all go on StubHub and buy other people’s season tickets.
    Big deal. It happens all the time with them. Don;t see your point. Nobody is defending you.

  55. Ben is simply the quarterback for The Pittsburgh Steelers. No more, no less.
    Oh, and he’s won two Super Bowls in three years!!

  56. # rainbowdemon says: August 6, 2009 11:25 AM
    Ben is simply the quarterback for The Pittsburgh Steelers. No more, no less.
    Oh, and he’s won two Super Bowls in three years!!
    In four years, in terms of his career 5 years.

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