Saints, Jenkins still at odds

Despite the fact that the ceiling and the floor for his deal has been set via contracts negotiated by his CAA agents for the 13th and 15th overall picks (Brian Orakpo and Brian Cushing, respectively) with the Redskins and Texans, respectively, Saints cornerback Malcolm Jenkins remains a holdout at the No. 14 overall slot.

Though we recently speculated that CAA might be trying to get for Jenkins the same unique structure (six-year deal that voids easily to four with a pricey two-year buy back) that the Jets gave to cornerback Darrelle Revis in the same position two years ago, we’re told that the team and the player are both operating under the assumption that it’ll be a straight five-year deal. 

So either the agents who negotiated the 13th overall pick don’t want to outdo themselves, or the team doesn’t want to respect the slotting system.

Frankly, we doubt that CAA is trying to leapfrog their own deal for Orakpo, since to do so would not only piss off Orakpo but also would be used against CAA on the coming recruiting trail.

Thus, we’re going to assume for now that this one is on the team.

Cue the “Florio hates Reggie Bush” crowd.

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  1. Cue the “Florio hates Reggie Bush” crowd
    I remember being at a Daytona 500 race (Selling beer for charity not watching the race), and hearing the crowd when the late Dale Earnhardt was announced (A year before his deadly crash).
    When his name was announced everyone either cheered or boo’ed. There wasn’t one person in the stadium that kept quite.
    Moral of the story, embrace the hate Florio. Because the haters as much as the supporters keep coming back to your site to read your stories.

  2. Maybe if you didn’t make disparaging remarks every single time Reggie Bush is mentioned, people wouldn’t call you a hater, comments like “‘Explosive’ Bush”. From all appearances, he’s a good guy who stays out of trouble, is a team player, and does what is asked of him yet because he didn’t live up to the unbelievable hype which NO ONE could live up to, you dog him. He was hyped to be the next Gale Sayers, but Gale Sayers himself couldn’t be Gale Sayers in today’s game. He’s still a dynamic player who, before he was injured last year, led the NFL in TDs.

  3. Doesn’t a player have to be great before you hate them? Florio doesn’t hate Reggie, he just points out his deficiencies…an awful lot…and relates that to him being the number 2 overall pick.
    Anyway, Florio’s right. No one should draft a punt returner and an occasional offensive player with the number 2 overall pick, Not to mention the gigantic salary that goes with that pick.
    Now Brady, Merriman, etc. THOSE are players you can hate and enjoy see doing poorly.

  4. “So either the agents who negotiated the 13th overall pick don’t want to outdo themselves, or the team doesn’t want to respect the slotting system.”
    When are you guys going to get a real editor?

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