Braylon Edwards is cleared to practice

After a week on the non-football injury list with a mystery ailment that prompted some to think it was related to George Costanza’s involuntary arm spasms, receiver Braylon Edwards is back.

According to Tony Grossi of the Cleveland Plain Dealer, Edwards has taken the field at Browns training camp.

This means that Edwards has passed a physical, and that he has been cleared to practice.

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  1. 3d best receiver on the Brownies – this guy lost his hands some where along the line. He’s still looking for them along with “Clay Hands” Clayton on the Bucs.

  2. Who are the ‘some’ prompted to think he was faking? Because last anyone on the Internet knew the only site saying that was PFT.
    At least own up when you’re wrong.

  3. Any chance you’re going to retract your insanely irresponsible suggestion that Edwards is faking?
    You say “some” thought it was Constanza-esque.
    No, Florio. YOU thought.

  4. @RK –
    Florio wasn’t the only one to think Edwards was faking. In fact, we still don’t know that he wasn’t faking. All we know from this is that he’s been cleared to go out and drop some passes.

  5. Likley Edwards was not allowed to practice because of some obscure message that Mangini was trying to send to Edwards and the team. A message which of course only Mangini understands. Witht he Jets he routinely put players on the PuP list at the start of camp. Players he wanted to make an example of for whatever reason.
    A better question is how long will it be before Mangini loses the team. It took about a week into his first camp with the Jets before he lost his team. It was only Belichick’s ill thought out remark’s attacking Mangini in the week 9 off week that allowed him to regain his team. With the Browns I doubt anyone else will come rescue Mangini from the hole he will dig between himself and his players.

  6. Florio was the only one. Only he would actually take a rumor from an NFL source (not even a Cleveland source) without any inside knowledege and publish it without understanding that an NFL team isn’t about to let a player miss out on practice without having their medical staff examine him. It’s not like this was ‘depression’ or some hard-to-determine medical condition. It was an ankle that they’d already looked at in minicamps.
    It was a stupid rumor. No problem with PFT publishing stupid rumors but Florio needs to emphasize how dumb it was and not have a problem admitting it was stupid.
    And he needs to cut off sources that feed him crap like this.

  7. Zinn said, “It took about a week into his first camp with the Jets before he lost his team.”
    Yeah, things were in such shambles that three players followed him to Cleveland (Mosley, Bowens, Poteat) and another three went via trade with no qualms (Ratliff, Elam, Coleman). Meanwhile, Tannenbaum’s knight in shining armor imposed yet another off-season distraction on Minnesota’s squad just as he did with the Jets a year priopr.
    As of now, all local media reports suggest Magini’s training camp toughness is welcomed, and it is exactly what this organization needed after these pansy players sailed through Club Crennell’s training camps the last few years.
    You have a bad snap? Run a lap.
    You’re in improper formation? Run a lap.
    You committed a stupid penalty? Run a lap.
    The offense is out of sync? The whole offense runs a lap.
    I was not a fan of brining Mangini into Cleveland to begin with, but I like what I’ve seen thus far.

  8. Toughness is ok but alienating players is a bad thing. Mangini has some good qualities but his personal skills are horrible. The days of inspiring football players to perform by threats are long gone. Using praise and a carrot generally works much better than a stick. The tougher coaches usually have some other exceptional quality that helps them get by. Parcells has humor and exceptional interpersonal skills. Belichick has Brady and a reputation he has earned. Mangini came in treating people badly but with no earned reputation which is why his team revolted against him and why so many players have said they were so happy to leave the Jets.
    But Mangini’s madness does not end with his treatment of players. It goes to his secrecy total control problem. Where he treats the press poorly. Has to control every aspect of whats going on the team such as what he has done in Cleveland with painting over the Jim Brown mural, forcing the rookies to ride 20 hours on a bus to work for free at the camp he runs in CT, and other things. It also goes further into his problems with telling the truth and giving out right lies. Taking shortcuts and cheating. How many times he has been busted for small minor stupid rule infractions. Then don’t forget how he cheated with substitutions against the Colts inspiring Tony Dungy to call Magini unethical and a cheater.
    Then we can go further into his problems with his desire to pick up every waived Patriot to send a message to Belichick, his incredibly stupid playcalling and game plans. The man is smart there is no question here. But he attempts to prove it all the time with his playcalling. Using gadget and trick plays at the worst oppurtunites to prove how smart he is. Making gameplans to outrick the opposition which usually end up outofoxxingt he Jets. Of the Jets play the worst rushing defense in the league Mangini will design a gameplan to trick them that is all passing. Simply idiotic moves like thisall designed to bring attention to himself.
    In regards to Favre, I don’t think the move was bad as it gave the jets a chance to win. But I disagree with you on blaming it on Tannemdumb. It was Mangini and Tannendumb. After all it was Mangini who promised to name his child after Brett which he did. In regards to players following him. yes there a couple that came for an opportunity at a job. But no one of any worth or who had any legitimate options elsewhere.
    The problem with Mangini is not his football knowledge or his intelligence. It is his insecurity, youth and lack of character. He constantly takes shortcuts, he is not trustworthy and he is not likeable. Is he the worst guy in the world? No but in a business as small as the NFL where reputation matters his lack of character really sticks out.

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