Check us out this season on Sports USA Radio

If NBC still had a radio network, I’d probably be appearing on it from time to time.  Instead, I still do drive-by spots on various stations and networks each week.

There’s a new radio relationship about which we’re particularly pleased.  Starting in Week One of the 2009 regular season, I’ll be contributing to Sports USA Radio’s weekly NFL coverage.  (Hell, they even did a press release, complete with my cheesy Sporting News mug shot that I’ve been too lazy to update — and a timeless Fred Edelstein reference.)

Each Sunday during the regular season, Sports USA Radio broadcasts two NFL games via a nationwide network of more than 250 affiliates.

Sports USA Radio president Larry Kahn and Tom McCarthy will handle the play-by-play for the weekly games.  Former Rams and USC coach John Robinson and Ross Tucker of and Sirius NFL Radio will provide the in-game analysis.

We’re very happy to be joining this high-end radio operation with a small-shop feel, even though as it continues to grow and thrive it won’t be a small shop much longer.