Jason Campell takes charge

As he commences a season that was preceded by multiple attempts to bring in the man who would replace him, Redskins quarterback Jason Campbell is embracing his role as a team leader.

We’re told that he’s taking charge like never before in practice, yelling at teammates and grabbing them in the huddle, when the need arises.

And his attitude came through when Campbell spoke to the media on Wednesday.

“We all have to be focused,” he said.  “Being a leader of a football team, practice goes the way you come out here and participate.  You play upbeat.  I’m coming out here, we’re having fun and guys are paying attention to detail.  Of course we make mistakes out here at the same time, but there are things you do to correct it.  It’s all about how you bounce back and continue to move forward.”

Campbell also has landed on the cover of the training-camp edition Sports Illustrated, next to the caption “Pressure Points And Pivotal Players.”

In the last year of his rookie contract, Campbell is definitely under pressure.  But he’s also going to be pivotal to the Redskins’ chances in 2009.  (Maybe that’s why they put his picture next to those words.)

So in a conference that’s flatter than a runny pancake, we think the Redskins’ chances are better than most people realize, as pointed out in our latest offering for SportingNews.com.

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  1. that’s so awesome… what the next article on Campbell? Team tunes out below-average QB who’s bossing everyone around…

  2. Words mean almost nothing when it comes to leadership and in fact have an adverse effect when not backed up by action.
    If Campbell starts out this season like he ended last year all the “yelling at teammates and grabbing them in the huddle, when the need arises.” will get him is a bunch of STFUs.
    Remember “We’ll take the ball, and we’re gonna score!” by the monumentally mediocre Matt Hasselbeck?

  3. It sounds like insecurity, which makes sense the way he’s been treated by the skins. There’s no nexus between being a leader and yelling at people or slapping them on the helmets. It’s not his fault that his team is owned by the Danny and he’s had, what, five – six different coordinators since he’s been around. Maybe he is a leader, but whenever someone refers to themself as one, they probably aren’t.

  4. 1st, the topic directly:
    If Haynesworth & Portis are healthy, Skins could surprise.
    Now, about that “latest offering” on Sporting News…that has GOT to be the biggest steaming pile of gloriously misinformed regurgitated pig-spit I have ever had the disgust, misfortune and shame to lay eyes on….
    Anyone who thinks the Bears offense is, or has been, a bigger issue than their defense, is simply wrong.
    It’s clear you hardly watched them last year, if at all.
    Scoring was NOT the problem. Preventing teams from scoring WAS. My 2.5 year old daughter knows this.
    No pass rush, leading to break-downs in the secondary. Every game.
    Giving up 4th quarter leads to TB, Carolina, Atlanta, Houston.
    According to the Aikman ratings (a much more accurate ranking than the NFL’s inane yardage-barometer), they still weren’t THAT bad on defense (did okay on 3rd downs, turnovers, etc.), but the defense (and coaching) were definitely a greater liability than offense was.
    P.S. The Giants may be the one of only 2-3 teams with bigger question marks at WR than the Bears, but they’re ranked 1st?
    And that dysfunctional-fractured-poorly-coached-No QB-overhyped sh!tpile up in Minny is 2nd?
    No wonder I hate all the meaningless, uninformed rankings that go on every year.
    Paper champion propaganda.
    No wonder the House always wins–it’s thanks to the average dupes/hype-mongers like you.

  5. he will take charge and we will win the nfc east surprising everyone but us, now go ahead and let the redskins bashing begin

  6. Colt ? My first advice is to lose the Heath Shuler jersey number.
    I so wish Culter would have been a Skin.

  7. Is that headline a joke?
    It sounds like a joke.
    It is a Joke, right?
    Has the team been told that joke?
    Has Colt heard it?

  8. Yup……..let all the kool-aid drinkin’ Redskin fans come out (as usual)
    Bottom line is……….this year will be ugly.
    Haynesworth is the worst signing in the Snyder era (and that is saying a lot). He wont play in 8 games this year. Portis is old and Campbell is below-average and their offensive-line (as even the DC media is reporting) is beyond pathetic.
    6-10 will be a good season.
    Sorry guys

  9. Spot on Romad, “…whenever someone refers to themself as one, they probably aren’t.”
    I think that he is better than what the fans give him credit for being but time will tell.

  10. The title is misleading. Jason Campbell takes charge… he also takes cash or checks.
    Seriously, if you want to give him money, please do! He’s going to need it next year on the unemployment line.

  11. I have to comment on the ridiculous Sporting News article.
    It appears to be written by someone who reads a lot about football but hasn’t really watched any games in a few years.

  12. I love all you haters!!! You oxymorons always hate on the skins.The bottom line is if the o line stays healthy (and thats a big if)the nfc runs through DC!!! they already have the best D in the division if not conference.Devin Thomas as #2 reciever puts Randle el back in the slot where he belongs,and the last time I checked theres a guy named Portis whos pretty good!!Not to mention cooley and santana.Id like to see any other QB in the league go through what Campbell has gone through and still be positive and really not that bad of numbers when the coach has handcuffs on him half the time!!! But all you haters hate and bash the skins and give me a reason to check this site every so often.HAIL!!!!!

  13. TOMK06 = typical dellusional skins fan!
    …..just keep telling yourself you have a top defense with Carlos Rogers (who flat out cannot play), DeAngelo Hall (who is ridiculously over-rated) and Fred Smoot (who just doesn’t have it anymore.
    Get a grip on reality!!!!!!!!!

  14. golongboyee – you’re an idiot.
    Haynesworth will only play 8 games this year? i take it you’re taking Florio’s article on Haynesworth’s knee to heart! too bad he’s practiced since then every time he’s been asked too. him, along with other vets, don’t practice in the afternoon session. Haynesworth is the best DT in the game, and is in his prime. if you think that will be the worst signing in Snyder’s era…you’re crazy.
    Also, the skins don’t have a top defense? #4 overall last year….without a pass rush! Skins couldn’t get a turnover or sack to save their lives….then they added D-hall (3 picks in 5 games), Haynesworth (best DT in football) and Brian Orakpo (best DE in the draft). yea, somebody is delusional…but it’s not the skins fan.
    i’m not one of those skins fans who thinks we’ll win the SB every year, but if (big IF) they can keep the o-line intact (or maybe get some good play out of their backups) then this team can do big things.

  15. just keep telling yourself you have a top defense with Carlos Rogers (who flat out cannot play), DeAngelo Hall (who is ridiculously over-rated)…………………….uh, not really, Carlos Rogers is actually really good when healthy and DeAngelo Hall may be overrated, but not ridiculoulsy because he played so well last year with Washington that he got a new contract, the Redskins defense will be scary scary, but their offense will look horrible because of Campbell and his inability to throw touchdowns.

  16. Love all the idiot Redskins haters on here. Yeah, they’re in for a bad year…double digit loses lol. Let’s see, they had the No. 4 defense in the NFL and added Haynesworth (the best d-linemen in the league) so that couldn’t improve that already stout defense. No way! For a team with a rookie head coach and QB in his first year under a new offense, 8-8 is actually not bad. Fast forward a year with more experience for Zorn/Campbell along with guys like Devin Thomas, Malcolm Kelly and Fred Davis playing a larger role in the offense…there’s absolutely NO way in hell they could possibly be better!
    Yeah, it’s the Skins fans on here that are delusional. I hope the rest of the NFC East completely disregards them the same way these jackasses do. Morons…

  17. # RedskinPete says: August 5, 2009 5:37 PM
    he will take charge and we will win the nfc east surprising everyone but us, now go ahead and let the redskins bashing begin
    He’s a bum.. Nothing but a bum, you may win a regular season game or two but that’s all.. 2-14 is what they will be..

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