Mike Williams is "painful to watch"

The return of Redskins tackle Mike Williams to the NFL was a story perfectly constructed for a Sunday morning newspaper feature. 

The pitch: Former top-five pick returns to the NFL after three seasons off, shedding more than 100 pounds and a “bust” label, all for the love of the game.

There’s only one problem: the guy still can’t cut it at the pro level.

The Washington Post‘s  Jason Reid writes, “It has been painful to watch tackle Mike Williams in pass protection
since camp opened . . . you don’t need to be a player, scout or coach to know he doesn’t belong
on a football field right now in a competitive environment.”

(Taking out PFT Style Book . . .)

Boom. Roasted.

The news isn’t surprising; Williams is playing in a new body after missing so much time. 

And while the Redskins haven’t invested money in him yet, they are sorely needing some good news on their paper-thin offensive line.

Line coach Joe Bugel says he’s “concerned” with right guard Randy Thomas, who is struggling to return from knee surgery.  (He also had a serious neck injury last year.)

“Randy’s had some problems,” Bugel said. 

He’s not the only one.  The Redskins aging line has suffered an assortment of injuries, and struggled throughout camp.

If the Redskins are to live up to Mr. Florio’s optimistic prediction for them, they are going to need to solve some problems up front.

Mike Williams, for one, doesn’t look like the answer. 

24 responses to “Mike Williams is "painful to watch"

  1. It looks like the Giants and Eagles D lines will be saying HAIL to Jason Campbell a lot this season!

  2. So the line is old and paper thin. Why didn’t they draft some depth. Oh thats right they have been giving away picks for players no longer with the team. So who will pay for the consequences of bad decisions made before Jim Zorn came to the team. My guess is Jim Zorn. What is being done to an inovative young coach is even more painful to watch. My prediction is that the skins will go for a big name coach after the season who will tarnish their HOF resume with three poor seasons while an astute team will pick up Zorn and laugh all the way to the playoffs. Ditto for Jason Campbell as the skins shell off more picks to draft his replacement and kill his career too.

  3. botchedextrapoint pretty much says it all.
    This team is screwed up from the top down. Jim Zorn will go on to better things…eventually.

  4. “It looks like the Giants and Eagles D lines will be saying HAIL to Jason Campbell a lot this season!”
    i guess d.ware, a.spencer and j.ratliff will just take it easy on them since the cowboys and redskins are such good buddies.

  5. ^^
    This is what we hear every year my friend, and it NEVER yields results. The Skins suck. Period.

  6. No one should be surprised that the Redskins O-line sucks. They are trying to improve with Derrick Dockery and Mike Williams. These are players who were not good enough to keep their jobs with the Buffalo Bills.

  7. botched,
    Zorn isn’t young, he’s old. He just looks young
    Judging by your comments I’m going to say 60% chance your an eagles fan, 30% ‘girls and 10% gmen. You’re a classy guy. Have a budweiser and bratwurst for me. Oh and say hi to your 200+ lbs wife.
    I hope my use of big words like “comment” didn’t confuse you. Comment is an statement of observation for instance when someone says to you, “The toilet is leaking, not sure if its in the bowl or the base of the toilet. Thanks for showing up so quickly”

  8. Gweez-
    I am not a fan of any NFC East team. Just live in the DC area and can’t stand the skins or their fans. I guess you could say I root for whoever they are playing.
    Thanks for teaching me about comments though!!

  9. Dware is going to break the sack record in 2 game thanks to the weak ass line of the Deadskins, Jason Cambell is ging to look like David Carr this season, always on his back!

  10. Mike Reid was covering the Clippers last year so don’t take this too seriously Skins fans. Its like asking a garbageman to analyze open heart surgery, I hate the Washington Posts coverage, always some new nerd or out of town jerkoff shooting his mouth off and trying to sell some papers.
    Williams is not going to be put in a position this year to make or break the Skins season, if Buges doesn’t like what he sees big Mike wont be playing. Either way its training camp and everyone knows the defense is going to come out strong early. Give the guy a little time to get his game back and Buges will turn him into a producer.

  11. “It looks like the Giants and Eagles D lines will be saying HAIL to Jason Campbell a lot this season!”
    Don’t forget the team that led the league in sacks last year with 59, the Dallas Cowboys.

  12. 1st: For fans in the DC area who are Skins haters, rather than fans of a team. That must be a miserable life you live. Hate on, Hater. I’m sure that’s not a glimpse into your F’ed up psyche.
    2nd: Don’t forget the team that hasn’t won a playoff game in forever, the Dallas Cowboys.

  13. Good to see all these football experts on here gauging a team’s talent via what other sources “report” on a blog. I guess the fact that Mike Williams looking bad in training camp translates to the entire O-line sucking. Excellent logic. Clearly these genius insights are the work of Sheagles and Brokeback fans. Not that those teams have ANY questions themselves. As a Skins fan, I am oh so envious of a team that hasn’t won a playoff game since Jerry Jones was still a novice at cosmetic surgery and another team that was swept by those “garbage” Skins in ’09.

  14. Wow, Cowboys fans are such primadonnas they hate to be ignored.
    Lets not forget when talking about the Cowboys… 44-6, and their glorious St. Romo collapsed in the shower crying.

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