New York's UFL team announces 19 players

On the same day that one of New York’s NFL teams entered into a fairly lucrative financial arrangement with its starting quarterback, New York’s UFL franchise announced that agreements entailing far fewer dollars and cents have been struck with 19 players.

Notable names include tight end T.J. Cottrell (the son of head coach Ted Cottrell), former NFL quarterback Quinn Gray, former Utah quarterback Brian Johnson, and former NFL running back Cecil Sapp.

Missing from the list is former NFL defensive end Simeon Rice, who reportedly has been negotiating with the team that will begin playing games in October 2009.

10 responses to “New York's UFL team announces 19 players

  1. Fan_of_Four,
    You wouldn’t know talent if it bit you in the ass. I actually am surprised at the names that I am recognizing. It makes you realize that there is a lot of talent out there and not enough NFL roster spots for all of that talent. It looked like Gray was going to be given the keys to the Jags a few years ago and maybe he should have been.
    And Simeon Rice… I can’t believe he can’t get a deal done in the NFL.
    Oh yeah, don’t forget the intriguing QB that may be added by the UFL soon… a Mr. Vick.

  2. the NFL NEEDS the UFL. they have no other minor league system. I think the NFL should put money into the UFL. the World League was a failure because it was in Europe. The NCAA is a joke and is not perparing players to play in the NFL on a lot cases.
    some players need reps to develop and this is just the thing the NFL needs. I hope for the NFL’s sake that the UFL succeeds.

  3. CdnMike:
    Talent is there…. but not NFL talent. 96% of these players cant and wont be in the NFL for a reason. Do you plan on watching these games, being a fan of a team, going to the games…. Calling your boys and hold down a convo on how “X” player had that super sweet play, No… no you wont.
    NFL & College is all we need

  4. I agree with Jackson’s comments above.
    The NFL should have a minor league development deal in the future with the UFL.
    Assign NFL teams to help stock rosters with those last “training camp cut” players.
    Also put UFL teams in cities that don’t have NFL teams. Like Austin, San Antonio, Birmingham, Portland, Colorado Springs, Wichita, Memphis, Louisville, Albuquerque, Dayton, Richmond and Tucson.
    Any others ?
    Wow do I have too much time on my hands.

  5. MitchAlbom’sEars:
    On that note, wouldn’t the NFL just dump money into the CFL. It would be alot cheaper then to start a new league that no one in America will care about

  6. I, for one, will be watching UFL games. I can’t get enough football.
    I just hope that the UFL will abandon playing in the fall and start up in the spring. And play late spring and summer until Sept. That way, I can have year-round football.

  7. KingDonkoPunchr I think more people would care in America if players from their NFL team were on these UFL teams.
    Plus the NFL doesn’t have to dump money just players. Heck with their marketing power alone they could make money off the UFL. After failures of the Europe/Arena I think the NFL would know how to use the UFL for their advantage.
    Canada ?
    Come on.
    We’re talking about Canada ?

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