Nielsen expert T.O. is miffed at Jim Rome

Though they’ve yet to get into a full-blown Twitter catfight (or an in-studio wrestling match), a feud is brewing between Jim Rome and Bills receiver Terrell Owens.

Rome ripped Owens’ unreality show in legendary fashion during Tuesday’s Jim Rome Is Burning on ESPN, based on the recent report from John Ourand of SportsBusiness Journal that the much-hyped debut of The T.O. Show landed at No. 798 in the cable television ratings for the week, tied with a 5:00 a.m. showing of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.

Rome concluded his take by saying to Owens, “Smell ya later.”

Owens took to Twitter to respond, in a three-part attack.

Part 1:  “FYI: jim rome talks bad about me b/c i wn’t do his show!! lmpo!! let him keep talkin, still wn’t do it, we’ll c whn i hv season 2!!”

(Translation:  “Jim Rome talks bad about me because I won’t do his show!  Let him keep talking, I still won’t do it.  We’ll see when I have season two!”)

Part 2:  hey jimmy romeo! sorry u cn’t discouraged me or my show, i’m 2 strong 4 u & plus grandmama told me there r people n the world like u! ;-)”

(Translation:  “Hey, Jimmy Romeo!  Sorry you can’t discourage me or my show.  I’m too strong for you and plus grandmama told me there are people in the world like you!”)

Part 3:  “so jimmy romeo! yo homes, smell u ltr!! keep the hatorade coming! 😉

(Translation:  “So Jimmy Romeo!  Yo holmes, smell you later!  Keep the Haterade coming!”)

Meanwhile, Ourand has reported via Twitter that the second episode of The T.O. Show tied for 862nd in the weekly cable ratings, placing it just behind a 3:30 a.m. showing of Brandy and Mr. Whiskers on The Disney Channel.

Owens has offered up a self-serving explanation for the situation, also via Twitter:  “those ratings r misleading, it’s based on a special box tht calculates those ratings n which every household doesn’t have.

Right, not every household has the “special box” used by the Nielsen folks to determine the ratings numbers.  But the Nielsen “special box” is placed in enough houses so that statistically reliable projections can be made about who’s watching a given show.

And who isn’t.

Regardless of whether and to what extent the numbers are accurate, they are universally accepted in the television industry as the tool for determining which shows are successful.

And which ones aren’t.

But in the inherently delusional world that is T.O. Land, the player apparently has been able to convince himself that he has sufficiently saturated the homes that don’t have the “special box.”

Perhaps because people with “special boxes” are “haters.”

55 responses to “Nielsen expert T.O. is miffed at Jim Rome

  1. lmpo? What the hell does THAT mean? From TO, I can only guess it means “Laughing My Pussy Off”.

  2. Hahaha, yeah, the special box. TO belongs in the special box. Does he not realize that it is all relative? All of the shows that are in front of him, and behind him, also really on the special box, so they are all being graded on an even playing field. How does that expression go, “only losers make excuses”
    Last I checked, TO has no rings, and plenty of excuses

  3. Why don’t these two ego’s get married, they deserve each other, any time there’s a spat between drips like these two makes me laugh, can’t stand either one of them

  4. I don’t think Rome would survive if TO came on the show. If he can whip Hugh Douglas I think it’s safe to say he can handle Rome. The producers wouldn’t be able to pull him off like they did Jim Everett.
    Rome is a blowhard. I can’t believe that guy’s had a show this long. I have to change the channel within 3 seconds of hearing his voice.

  5. Part 1: “FYI: jim rome talks bad about me b/c i wn’t do his show!! lmpo!! let him keep talkin, still wn’t do it, we’ll c whn i hv season 2!!”
    I believe the LMPO is Laughing My Pants Off

  6. Florio, is your obsession with T.O. an attempt to hide your man-crush for him? Do not get jealous of Jim Rome. T.O. may be focused on him at the moment, but things change and there is hope for you.

  7. Does anyone care what that sawed off, never played nothing, NBA loving DUMBA$$ Jim Rome thinks anyway?
    Apparently Ter-rell does very much.
    These 2 ID-10-ts having a cat fight may be better TV if they were on an ultimate fighting half time card after the season.

  8. Jim Rome runs an insult show. And if you don’t let him interview you then you’re on his s’hit list. TO may be a jerk… but in this case he’s right.

  9. I just want to say I appreciate your “translations”
    TO’s not quite as bad as Chris Johnson but god damn didn’t these guys go to college?

  10. Someone PLEASE find out what kind of viewing numbers Jim “Everett kicked my ass” Rome’s show gets. The guy is a no-talent hack with a mono-tone voice, so Im sure his viewing numbers arent too far away from Owens show. What an idiot.

  11. So tired of Tweeter news. Who gives a rats ass what these guys put on their page. We had enough of TO, we don’t need more of him. This stuff is for teenage girls.
    Also Florio, fix the log in for this site. You have to do it like 4 times to get in.

  12. During that whole “translation” I pictured Florio raising his hand in the airplane and saying “I speak jive.”

  13. I really did give the T.O. show a chance. I thought that it could be reality show entertaining since he seems like such a car wreck.
    But frankly, it is really dull. I mean REALLY DULL. almost unwatchable. He really should watch a few other celb-reality shows and see how it is done. There is nothing remotely interesting about what TO does during the day. Not at all.

  14. I think T.O. has a point about the ratings being misleading, but not because not everyone has a “special box.” The ratings only count DVR viewings after a certain period of time, and the ratings don’t include anyone watching/recording the show on any of VH1s many reruns. It also doesn’t count anyone watching his show online at VH1’s website. I don’t think his show is doing as badly as you make it out to be (regardless of how good his show actually is).

  15. twitter = the dumbing down of English
    Soon War and Piece will be “twittered” down to an half full of pages

  16. mr. florio,
    the posting of verbatim vowel movement twitters from players with IQ s that match their jersey numbers must cease, unless you get something like “yo at halftime ill be beatin up my coach in the locker room again”or “hey, terry bradshaw here, i’m not dead”.
    your job should be to sift through this crap for something useful, instead of throwing up anything that fills a few lines of print.

  17. Actually, it would be interesting to know the Nielsen numbers for the Buffalo market. The NFL is an entertainment business. If there are good numbers in Buffalo, then T.O. is doing a good job for his employer.
    I wonder if Florio’s book is ranked as high as 800 on Amazon? Did I win a free copy for that?

  18. # SteelCurtnDee says: August 5, 2009 10:02 AM
    I just want to say I appreciate your “translations”
    TO’s not quite as bad as Chris Johnson but god damn didn’t these guys go to college?
    That’s funny, but the sad thing is that you need a translator when Chris Johnson speaks. That guy is f*ing retarded. At least when T.O. talks, you can understand what he is saying.

  19. 1) There’s no shame to losing the ratings game to The Fresh Prince. That show is the bomb.
    2) I think its undeniable that TOs very fake “reality” show is terrible.
    3) As different as TO Land is from reality, “Jimmy Romeo” is funny in both.

  20. Jeez, a lot of people on twitter and even who text write like that. It’s not an indication of their intelligence level because they use “c” instead of “see” when you only have 140 chracters to get stuff out. They become accustomed to it and would probably write “see you later” as “c u l8r”. Do us non-professional athletes really have to pick on them because they’re writing in shorthand? Glad to see that people are using “don’t,” “aren’t,” and “can’t” instead of “do not,” “are not,” and “cannot, respectively.

  21. I guess we should not expect another NFL star to rise to a state Supreme Court in the near future, a la Alan Page.

  22. you can head over to and re-watch the episodes if you want… I couldn’t after about 45 secs
    It doesn’t matter what the ratings of TO vs Rome are… Rome is on radio and tv all day long ranting about everything and nothing. TO’s show was launched at the start of football training camps and an alleged star, and yet it’s an Epic Fail.

  23. I hate T.O. just as much as everyone, but no one cares what Jim Rome has to say, he’s a total douche.

  24. Florio,
    Your Twitter translations are priceless. What a riot. Some real journalism going on there.

  25. jaxBill says:
    August 5, 2009 10:15 AM
    During that whole “translation” I pictured Florio raising his hand in the airplane and saying “I speak jive.”

  26. The best reality show that could ever be made would be the one that takes the person from each of the 3 majors sports the most embodies living in a non-reality existance and putting them all in a house together for a month and see what shakes loose. My top 3 most delusional and non-reality-existing athletes would be NFL: T.O. – MLB: Manny – NBA: Artest. Then also toss in D-List reality mainstays like Vanilla Ice and Gary Coleman and the possibilities are endless.

  27. “Soon War and Piece will be “twittered” down to an half full of pages”
    You are an idiot.

  28. In buffalo new york waiting for praise, dropping passes is how i spend most of my days. Chilling out max and relaxing all cool, tossing my ex teammates head first into an empty pool. But then a couple of qb’s who i thought really good, invited me to their houses in their neighborhoods. I got in 3 little fights and the teams got scared and said your gonna workout in your driveway in your underwear.
    Sorry guys that’s all I got. Finish it off for me someone!

  29. The only “special box” T.O. should be worried about is the one between his legs. Only a little girl has a damned Twitter fight about the ratings of a VH-1 “reality” show?

  30. “Hater” is the absolute dumbest word thrown out by people who can’t take criticism, or want to justify bizarre behavior.

  31. my wife has a special box, that’s why I married her!
    hah…no seriously though, I do have a Nielsen Box and I don’t watch TO. TO, I’ll watch you play football because you are tremendously skilled at your profession, without a doubt….but, beyond that you’re a total moron!!!

  32. might i mention to all the anti rome people in here: yes, hes a moron and nobody likes him. yes, his show and his tv personality sucks. thats true, you get that much.
    but you seem to be forgetting the point here. jim rome is completely right, much as it pains me to say. 798 is absolutely terrible, and yet ter-rell seems to think that ‘theres just a problem with the boxes.’ can we please stop making fun of rome (hard as it may be) and please start making fun of owens’ failed attempt at a show and his excuses for why
    after all, i am an eagles fan and love to see him suffer when he does stupid shi.

  33. To Homeo and Florio,
    Who cares if the shoe isnt popular? Should he not have done it? Would you not do something of that nature if someone was going to hand you a million dollars? Fortunately for T.O. he makes more money in one season than Florio and Rome will see in their lives. Mike, agian, stick to reporting and quit hating.

  34. Hey TO ust for writing incomprehensible tweets, I’m gonna watch Brandy and Mr. Whiskers every day.

  35. JBell76, Nikes are very popular…wait which “shoe” are you talking about?
    And is money really the ultimate measure of success?

  36. Thank you for the “Translation” cause’ otherwise i would have no friggin’ clue what the guy is saying. Wow.

  37. Every Jim Rome show has the same format: He tells ya what he’s gonna tell ya.Goes to commercial. Then he tells ya.Goes to commercial. Then he tells ya what he just told ya.Goes to commercial
    As for T.O., he’s not a team player & he has no ring, nor will he ever get one.
    As for his show, I’ve never watched it for one reason: T.O.’s in it.
    Tough call on which one of these guys sucks more.
    Lets ask the clones.

  38. “”Hater” is the absolute dumbest word thrown out by people who can’t take criticism, or want to justify bizarre behavior.”
    I agree.

  39. wvugradoo says, “Soon War and Piece will be “twittered” down to an half full of pages”
    War and PIECE!!! From a proud UWV grad, how classic… that there’s a FINE edgercashun y’all get there at UWV… lmpo with TO at that one

  40. Good to see Florio is where he belongs, doing criticism on reality television, rather than sports writing.

  41. “War and PIECE”!!!???
    I am truly laughing my penis off at that one. Nice West Virginia education you’re showing off there pal! Florio, you must be SO proud!
    What a MAROON(sic)!!!

  42. roar, sounds like his brain was already twittered down…
    hater is a bogus word. people who toss it around are bogus people incapable of doing anything but parroting the bs they hear.

  43. Florio, you have to admit that JaxBill and Claudio both deserve a copy of that damn book you’re always pushing on everyone like the neighborhood meth dealer.
    I’m glad to see people starting to revolt against the word “hater.” Wasn’t it about a year ago when that word started to appear in almost EVERY comment on PFT?

  44. Jim Rome and T.O.? Who says only opposites attract? Only in this case, T.O. has demonstrable

  45. “Rome concluded his take by saying to Owens, “Smell ya later.””
    T.O. missed a rare opportunity to whip out the old “Not if I smell you first” classic.
    Are these guys junior high kids?

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